Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Rules

Freedom starts between your ears. If you can’t get free there, the rest is widow dressing.

You’re not “off-grid” until you’re as off the government vote plantation as you can possibly get. Water, food, power, education, and any other cord that can be cut, ought to be. That’s the goal. Yes, the Minions of Stupidity will come after you anyways. Stop making it easy for them. As old-hand PIRA members said of their overlords “We give them nothing.”

The only legitimate purpose of any government, in any amount, is to protect the rights of the individual, not to enforce the rule of the mob. (Which is why labeling anything that happens hereabouts “democracy”, or portraying such a political abomination as any sort of good, is such a vicious slander on reality. Words matter. Stop defining deviancy downwards.)

Laws exist to protect your freedom best, mainly by hindering the exercise of government, not by making demands on your thoughts, words, deeds, and industry. The former is liberty; the latter is slavery.

The greatest common good for the greatest number, is to leave most folks the fuck alone 24/7/365.

Government’s concerns should overwhelmingly be directed at the fucktards over on the left end of the bell curve, at least 50% of whom by any measure are its own minions, and the rest the drones who see you as a resupply point for their stupidity or simple evil, with government existing mainly as the facilitator of the transfer.

In case no one told you before now, that last paragraph is about 99% of your local accountability list, and always has been.

And the only reasons to vote are to either emplace fellow rebels to make the above a reality, and/or to stick both thumbs into the eyes of TPTB, as hard as you can, and as often as possible.


The Freeholder said...

I have to argue the "democracy" label. A democracy is a system where citizens exercise direct power by voting. They can vote in anything as long as a majority approves. It can be innocuous or as vicious as "Resolved, all green-eyed persons shall be put to death". Granted, there are various sub-types, such as a representative democracy, which are meant to reign in such excesses. They never seem to work for long in historical terms.

It's a bit of a quibble, but as you say, words mean things.

Is the United States a democracy, of any sub-type, at this point? I agree with you, the answer is no. We're some bizarre hybrid of kleptocracy, oligarchy and probably some other -ocracies, with just enough "democracy" tossed in to be able to use the term without the audience laughing out loud.

Aesop said...

Democracy is a mob, pure and simple.

It makes no difference whether one guy butt-rapes you, or 51 out of 100 citizens vote to let him do it, it's still tyranny.

We aren't a democracy, never were, nor were ever intended to be.

As designed, the only direct vote you cast for the federal government was for your one, sole, personal congressweasel.

And he (or she) only gets one vote out of the pack.

That's a republic, with representative democratic principles.
Not a democracy.

The Founding Fathers would have cheerfully strangled anyone espousing democracy with their bare hands and walking sticks, on the table of John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, in Liberty Hall, in open congress, for even suggesting the idea, and gone home free men with clear consciences afterwards.

Lee Van Queef II said...

It was an Athenian boy-lover named Themistocles who is regarded as the originator of "democracy."

Mobhomo, velvet mafia, NAZI party, Antifa queers, LBQFreakshow, NAMBLA, the DNC, Catholic priests and Obamafraud all democrats.


The Freeholder said...

Pure democracies are a mob. That's why the original Greek democracy, Athens, eventually died sometime around the Peloponnesian War. In my opinion democracy is a system that can't last long and shouldn't be allowed to. If it were left up to me, the only people who would get a vote would have skin in the game, whether it be public service a la Heinlein, deliberate building and then sacrificing of wealth a la Williamson or the one I've heard a lot, property ownership.

While the US was originally set up, give or take, as a republic, it demonstrably isn't any longer. We can argue the wheres and whens (my personal preference is the 1791 tax on distilled spirits), but the 17th Amendment was a huge step toward the democratization of the Republic, done using the processes of the Republic. If the Communists in the Democrat Party manage to abolish the Electoral College, that will be the final step, and there will be "true" democracy, God save us. As soon as possible after that, I believe it will be "one man, one vote, one time".

As far as tyranny goes, the Constitution as originally written has a number of checks established in it to prevent "the tyranny of the majority". Didn't work so well. Ask those folks in western Pennsylvania who were making whiskey at the time how they felt about the laws passed that effected them. Tyranny rears its ugly head at any opportunity.

As far as what the Founding Fathers may or may not have done, you have more faith in them, as a group, than I do at this point.

Aesop said...

Amendments XVI-XIX boned the republic. What's happening today is purely the fallout from same.

Without that, it'd still be mostly 1900 in America, politically.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Bravo and thanks for writing this! We are a REPUBLIC and no amount of poppycock,fweelings, "right to fairness" or any other BS will change this.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

It's funny how quickly our systems of rule changed after the Fathers were done Founding. When Alexis de Tocqueville came visiting America in 1835, he commented on how Americans voted on just about everything. We couldn't open a bar or raise a freaking barn without putting it to a vote. We even vote for Coroners and Sheriffs! Unheard of to the amused Frenchman.

Anonymous said...

Don't recall who said it, but I think it's genius.

While libertarians believe people ought to be able to do anything they please as long as it doesn't coercively interfere with another's doing what they please, the leftist believes you can do anything you want as long as it's mandatory.