Friday, October 12, 2018

LARPing Isn't Military Training

h/t Mike @ Cold Fury

This is not a squad. It is an enemy-funded resupply point
to level-up your unarmed teammates.

Antifa has finally crossed the line from thuggish to outright terrorist — and now, as a new bombshell report finds, members of the protest groups are actually crossing into Syria to receive training from ISIS terrorists.
The link for that bit of nonsense should be The Onion.
LARPing isn't "military" training. Neither is AirSoft, or paintball.

As Tom Hanks said in "Sully", "Can we get serious?"

I've told people, on these very pages, to get militarily basically trained (i.e. individual skills), and then go get their family/tribe/small group to actual live hands-on Small Unit Training (SUT in mil-speak) from the folks in the right column. That's for defending their community in the event of SHTF eventualities.

That might even go so far as rural patrolling to a range of a couple/few miles, or in town to the distance of a couple of blocks, depending on the environment in place at the time.

Just so we're clear, that is not conducting offensive operations on any level above maybe squad-size (about a dozen guys, for the uninitiated). If you think that's small, posit your imaginary platoon of 30-40, then tally up the logistical requirements to transport 30-40 men anywhere not including just their boots, feed them three squares a day indefinitely, supply them with everything they need for a notional 6 month campaign - beans, bullets, bandaids, POL, and everything else 40 or so guys need to operate competently for months on top of months, and come back to me with that number, in US$. (Food alone, at institutional cut-rate prices, let alone acquiring, storing, preparing, and transporting it, is $30K-$60K+, all by itself.) I can count the people who could do that, nationwide, out of their own pocket, who also have the will, inclination, numbers of people, and actual means to do that, on my fingers. Probably, on my thumbs.

It's an enterprise larger than most civilian police forces in the country, i.e. more than half of them are that small, or smaller. 8000-man brigades and 15,000-man division-level police forces take a Los Angeles-, Chicongo-, or NYFC-sized civil budget, in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, annually. And there are only a handful of those, a few dozen, tops, if we count every agency with more than 1000 officers. You, Joe Average, would have trouble just getting a Mayberry Sheriff's Dept.-sized unit, in 99.9999% of all cases.

And the Antifa-tards are worse off than that, and don't know what they don't know. Look what happens when they try to organize anything over a few hours, and what a Somalian hell-hole their group efforts resemble overnight for an urban campout with flush toilets and open Starbucks only yards away, in case after case after case. They lack the organizational skills to manage a successful Cub Scout weekend campout, FFS.

There's a reason Teddy Roosevelt was the last guy to raise a private Army regiment in U.S. history. It's simply no longer practical, by any standard.

The Left is receiving "military" training, but only if you extend that word to include the 0-forever Syrians. Even the Syrian Army has to stoop to ISIS to find someone incompetent enough that they can beat.

And they're getting their training from the current second-place winners in the Syrian Intramural Combat Games? Well-played, Antifa. I'm quaking in my boots. (And I have a several year supply of just those. How about you, leftist LARPers? Got logistics? No, of course you don't.)

It takes three months to make a Marine from scratch, and another month-plus afterwards to make him an apprentice junior infantryman. It can't be done in 6 hours of LARPing at a weekend fantasy combat course, and you can't download the curriculum and then "get" it. It also requires an institutional apparatus - like tens of thousands of conscientious and well-trained and experienced NCOs, just for openers - which adult supervision the Left is sorely and entirely lacking, along with a logistical foundation about which they're wholly ignorant.

The Left is training to go from being targets, to being armed enemy targets.

That's only "military" training if you aspire to be the redcoats on the march home from Concord Bridge.

Bullets fly, and this is what they'll look like, times everywhere:

And once the shooting starts, they may discover to their new-found horror, that the other side won't respect the sovereign sanctity of mommy's basement, and may in fact follow them inside and continue to march, stomp a mudhole in their sunken chests, and then move to the next house.

Actually, "Yes, we can!" But go ahead and call that toss in the air.

They've only ever been tolerable and tolerated, as a peacetime "loyal" opposition.
If this goes hot, they're now a national luxury, and they'll be gone in short order. Partly by mass desertion and/or voluntary self-deportation and exile, and the rest of the way by mass extermination, in perpetuity.

And we've seen that exact response, time after time, going back to Moldylocks taking one good overhand right in the face for the team. She hasn't been to another protest since then.
(Word to the soi bois: this is what happens when you start believing your own PR, and think women = infantry. Major fail.)

Transitioning to an armed rebellion actual enemy combatant force will be an extinction level event for the entire Leftism Inc. cause, and the cleansing that follows is liable to go all the way to their NWO corporate sponsors right from the get-go. With some notable gusto, and there won't be any military or law enforcement response to save them should that bottle become uncorked.

We don't have a military that could take on 1/2 of 1% of the civilians in this country if they armed themselves, short of the unrestricted use of nuclear weapons.

The police are even worse off.

And both would suddenly be minus a safe homebase, were they foolish enough to enter that fray.

And they all both KNOW this, which is why if things go pear-shaped, they're out of the game until it's over. They'll either stand down, or start the chess game with all pawns, and no major pieces, from the outset. (Because it's tough to fight a war when your home is in occupied territory, your airfield is getting sniped before you take off, your perimeter is overrun, and your families are hostage before you even issue weapons at the armory. If you've very prudent, you lock yourselves inside the gates, and stay indoors on post until it's all over.)

As Casey Stengel used to tell people, "you could look it up".

Soros & Co. should consult the bio of Adolph Eichmann for how things end for them, kicking at the end of a rope. Rental security will be nowhere around when the mob arrives, and they're going to die hanging from trees in their front yards.

There is some precedent to how we deal with those who fuck with us, let alone on our home turf. Those unclear should consult no less an authority than Wikipedia, that bastion of historical precision, and see how the second-place side fared in open conflict.

New Orleans
San Jacinto
San Juan Hill
Belleau Wood
Linebacker II

Antifa and the entire Lunatic left wouldn't make the patch on a jacket of the least-competent opponent in any of those contests. They'll barely make it worth the trouble to sharpen the bayonets.

But if they really insist, they'll do, in a pinch, to suffice for "enemy".

And when we piss on your corpses, they'll be no Marquess of Queensbury showtrials afterwards to chide nor punish us for the contempt we'll golden-shower onto your remains, with deep-felt sincerity.

Best would be a sudden dawning of realization before that point, retreat to their videodromes, lick their wounds, and realize they haven't the requisite body parts for such a contest. This will not be David vs. Goliath. It will be Bambi vs. Godzilla.

And some folks on my side of the fence can't wait to get it over with, once and for all.

Antifa, hiding behind their masks, thinks that mobbing old guys and women, and taking pepper spray makes them tough customers. I don't think, deep down, they really want to try their hand at watching their own guts spill out in their hands, or cradling their dead friends with only half a head left.

This isn't a game, leftard jackasses. Dead is forever. For which we will give sincere thanks, and remember not a whit, nor mourn your blustering ex-buffoons for a single moment.
It will be as if you never existed, ever, for all the mark you'll leave behind afterward. We'll simply burn the corpses, hose off the pavement, and get on with our lives and society, suddenly lightened by the permanent removal from civilization of the metric fucktons of the former deadweight you represent.

But I'll give the last words on this to Mike:
"It’s only to be expected that largely comfortable, prosperous, stable people will be reluctant to go to war. As the Left’s provocations become ever more severe, though, that reluctance will likely evaporate. 
The upcoming election, along with 2020 (should we make it that far), might just be the last desperate chance at resolving this conflict peacefully. I have serious doubts about just how good a chance that really is."


MMinWA said...

It's not going to go down that way.

This is probably the path we're on. Big diff is the current version of the FBI has been notably asleep at the wheel A LOT. If recent past fuckups are any indication, infiltrating some of these groups ain't happening.

I've said before, I see lefties taking batons to the head, not us. And it's also not us taking out dem Congressmen with an SKS or Republicans outright calling for violence.

Dan said...

Yep.....Antifa getting "military training" from ISIS is pretty much an exercise in futility. What it WILL do however is feed their defective egos into believing they now have "the right stuff" to go out and start putting the hurt on anyone and everyone that doesn't swallow their brand of kool aid. This means normal every day
citizens with an NRA, Trump or antiabortion bumper sticker may end up being targeted for more than screaming and bad body odor. If you live, work or travel ANYWHERE these antifa assholes congregate you simply MUST be prepared for a fight with little or no warning. Because the longer these amped up children are allowed to get away with their criminal misconduct ( See Portland and the "roadblocks" the left was implementing with NO reaction by Portland PD) the ballsier and stupider they are going to get until we see the next "Concord" moment.

Aesop said...

That's about what I'm figuring on, Dan.

Followed in short order by de facto "shoot on sight" orders for their ilk afterwards, in all 57 states.

Antifa wants to LARP Baader-Meinhoff, that desire can be accommodated in quick time.

Scott halloween said...

The best thing I have read this year.

Anonymous said...

For arguments sake, let's posit that there are some ( not many) trained and experienced veterans on the other team. We can't really "assume" they're all gonna be douches backboard soibois. Soros can find and afford some pros with fungible "morals" (c.f.the "leadership" of the Feeb as an example of fungibility).
I just do not want to lose from arrogance. Confidence is best when tempered by prudence.
Boat Guy

Lee Van Queef II said...

Two questions:

1. Best, commonly available combustibles to stockpile for enemy remains disposal and,

2. Best way to mark your home, vehicle and person with static Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) signatures in the hypothecated sportiness of course?

Thanks in advance.

Van Queef II

Aesop said...

There will be a non-zero number of people with training on all sides in any escapades.
Anyone thinking that the Left is a good fit for their skill-set is de facto retarded, and/or psychotic, with a near 100% certainty.

IFF means bupkus.
Anyone coming at you is foe: open fire.
People who are friendly will be the ones minding their own business.

Come The Sportiness, I expect the other side, already noted on local accountability lists, will be in the same position.

There will be no cavalry coming to save you, nor them. There will be like-minded types, studiously minding their own business, and there will be the folks coming to end you.
To a metaphysical certainty.

Nota bene in classic fiction, neither zombies nor normies have any difficulty recognizing each other at any point in the narrative.

If you don't recognize the people manning roadblocks and such, they're not friendlies. Period.
They will operate under the same ROE for people entering same.

This is why, in frisky seasons, things go pear-shaped in the space of milliseconds, and life resembles a bar, late-night, in Dodge City or Deadwood.
It's also why there was seldom much trouble in daylight.

As always, the freaks come out at night.

And the Committees of Vigilance generally cleaned house in towns at high noon.

Aesop said...

Oh, and regarding notional "days of rage":

Unknownsailor said...

I hope everyone knows where their local DNC offices are, and if you are in an area rife with radical leftist "charities" and the like, you know where those are, too.

And who works there. And where they get their money from.

Should things go sporty, that turd on the street with the mask on is just the foot soldier, the guy with the money giving the orders from the office is the one you want.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Not worried bout the tards, the psychotics are the ones I'd like to see at some distance in the proper reticle.

markshere2 said...

Man, you sure can turn a mean phrase, Aesop!

I like to share prepping techniques.

Heres a sweet one.

Anonymous said...

LARP is not military training, but LRRP is.

The Gray Man said...

The dude in the pic with the bow has an arrow-to-shoe ratio of 3-0, the shotgun guy likely has only a few rounds more than that, the pistol man will lose that pistol inside the fatigue pants that he bought instead of being issued, and IIRC, the AR guy actually only has a .22cal weapon, or so I saw someone point out somewhere.

That's the worst fireteam I've ever seen. That includes the four-man group I saw in 'Stan that included one AK with a shot out barrel (no rifiling for the uninitiated), a Mosin with no bolt (?!) and two of the guys carrying garden tools.

You mentioned that people who think a squad is small should show their platoon? Shit, I've got a lot of difficulty even throwing together a fireteam at this point. I simply can not find people in my area who view the world similarly enough to me that they'd even realize that SUT is advisable, let alone join up with me. I've got me, my two brothers-in-law and my dad, who is in his fifties. We all have AR platforms, so that's good, but one BIL (the former FMF Corpsman) is moving away in the next year, and the other BIL is a young cop who is drunk on badge power and values "muh adrenaline rush" as much as he values anything else. He's one of those "is that legal?" types. My dad is obviously not getting any younger.

I'm soon to be down to a one man army living in a town of about 400 people where there are a ton of good ole boys who think that the Jihadis are just going to start running across the open peanut fields so Billy Bob and Cletus can pick 'em off all day with their daddy's deer rifle while they knock back a few Keystones. They're good people, real good people, but they're about as interested in joining a SUT squad as they are in joining a ballet class. They don't see the need, and they certainly don't want to change their ideas of what the threats are and how to defend against them, despite the fact that the threats are evolving on an almost monthly basis.

And I think that's the main rub. People are highly resistant to changing their ideas of what threats are out there. They're stuck in the September 12, 2001 mindset of Johnny Jihadi coming to their house at 1530 on Sunday after church and hush puppies yelling "dirka dirka" because they hate our freedom or something, and you blast him with your double barrel bird gun and everyone cheers and toasts another Keystone.

Their political awareness amounts to "never vote for a democrat" and generally speaking, that's where it ends.

The Gray Man said...

They call it LRS these days. I was attached to a Cav LRS company in 'Stan for a little while. That shit was a ton of fun looking back. Tough work though. Certainly a lot of valueable experience.

The Gray Man said...

They'll send a hundred of those tards and one of them only has to get lucky once. Treat those tards like they're Genghis Khan and you'll enjoy your victories.

The Gray Man said...

I know where the DNC office is, therefore I know exactly where these armed idiots are not going to ever be seen.

The Gray Man said...

Unfortunately, some of those radical leftist charities aren't actually what you'd think radical leftists would be. In my area, it's an Episcopal church outreach center that facilitates the importation of third world savages.

Aesop said...

"Say, that's a nice Episcopal Church you've got there. It would be a real shame if anything happened to it...
"While it was full of people..."

Anonymous said...

Some of the current writings of the street urchins
are encouraging them to act and pose as one of us.
To strike internally when they think they can win.
I believe they'll go full lib tard when they lose
big time the mid terms...The Christian Mercenary
wrote a piece recently of his view of how the fight
will go down. In most rural areas you'll not see them
coming as neighbor will suddenly attack their neighbor,
and so on...know who's who in the zoo so as to stay on
guard from all potential threats. In the large scheme of
things, it won't be "battle field" as seen in our last
war of aggression...but mostly skirmishes and small conflicts.
But still the same, they will be hunted down and stopped.