Friday, October 26, 2018

Speech Is Free. But Not Consequence-Free.

I'm given to understand that calling them fucktards may have hurt their feeeeeewings.

That pretty well covers that.

It's a truism that if you don't act in jackassical ways, you're a lot less likely to be pointed out as a jackass.

If this is news to anyone, they should stock up on butthurt crème and ice packs.
And go deep.

UPDATE: Speaking of butthurt creme and ice packs, GFZ makes the point, hilariously.


June J said...

live in Texas, an open carry state. Sensible gun owners here are constantly embarrassed by the antics of the group Open Carry Texas. They fail to understand or don’t care about the affects their acts of stupidity have upon the minds of legislators who are undecided about further loosening of our gun rights. Elected officials see this crap, receive calls from their constituents and get pressure from the gun control groups.
Yeah, some law enforcement agencies act like jacktards too, but openly challenging them in public while heavily armed doesn’t help your cause.
You can be sure the Florida and Texas groups as well as others across the country are influencing people, just not in the positive way they believe they are

Lee Van Queef II said...

I don't like fat fucks. Sweaty, huffing, slow Fatass Fucktards in patrol sling ninja carbines standing around doing nothing, because that is what fat people do instead of running, jogging, weights or yoga, absolutely annoys the living shit out of me.

What would it take for a meth tranny Antifa Queer to blade that weapon off Fat Fucktard and jihad his fellow sweathogs and innocent bystanders? An extra line of crystal courage cranky and a pen knife is all.

Fat people can't even control a fork. They are overpowered by pizza. You will not control two or more deadly weapons in a fight, stupid Fat Fucktard.

Anonymous said...

My thought is that these people are leftist or gubmint stooges who want the open carry while fishing law banned.