Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What It's All About

Who cares what happened 36 years ago?
And why bother sticking up for Brett Kavanaugh, since he's really just another Deep State Bush-era freedom raping @$$hole?
TINVOWOOT: There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This
FUSA: Former USA
Muh Constitution: that worthless scrap of parchment that's a total failure

These are the whines and whinges of nominally the "good" side, anywhere you go online.
The "bad" side is even more delusional.
People who think they've got their heads on straight seriously spew exactly what I opened with, and somewhere, in the tiny inner sanctum of their minds, they think they really believe it, and that it's all true.

Wake up call, ladies: you're wrong, and that's all a pantload of rubbish. Get your butthurt crème - the BIG tub - handy if this battalion time-on-target just X-ringed your CP.

(And BTW, the fact that on these grounds, you find yourself in perfect alignment with the whims and wants of the Leftard zombie hordes should have been reason enough to re-think your clever philosophizing. But many of you aren't that smart. You might want to put some ice on that, it's going to swell otherwise.)

If you've never travelled, seldom read, and have no sweet f**king clue, you currently live in the freest country on the planet. In Britain, Tommy Robinson was jailed for simply pissing the government off. France has decreed that the head of the opposition conservative nationalist party must undergo a psychological evaluation for her opinions on the government's insane policies. In Sweden, where I'd be the James/Younger Gang, Machinegun Kelly, the Clyde Barrow Gang, and the Capone mob, single-handedly, they've outlawed offensive memes. That's right, the country that hosts the rape capitol of Europe, the birthplace of Abba, great meatballs, and a number of Nobel prize-winning scientists back in their long-extinct glory years, has declared their entire country a safe space, because their snowflakes can't handle a goddam picture that pisses someone off! Genius, right there.

And those are the pinnacle states of the rest of the world. It descends from there, through Turd World Shitholias and Trashcanistans. In Mexico, immediately south, for nearly a century you could vote for anyone you liked, as long as they were in the PRI party. Now, they have additional choices, including the cartels, and the system is so corrupt, the citizens have illegally armed themselves to fend off both the drug cartels, who cut peoples' heads off for sport, and the government "officials" who rob them all blind with both hands, and have since...oh, wait, ever in Mexico.

Before that, the ruling class would simply pick a certain number of folks to donate their beating heart in regular ritual sacrifices. Much like the IRS does now, here, minus the lawyers or pretense of a fair court.

(And BTW, we should be smuggling weapons to arm those pueblitos, and sending in ODAs to teach them how to shove a running chainsaw up both the cartels' and the government's @$$. Ditto for shitholes like Venezuela and Cuba. Our job is to see that freedom breaks out, there and anywhere, and it isn't going to happen there any different than it did here, nor ever has in recorded history. But that's another topic for another time.)

Anywhere else you go, in ways you cannot begin to fathom unless you've either been there, and seen it firsthand, or informed yourself adequately, is some degree of shithole, and they always have been.

You can peddle any amount of gainsaying bullshit in opposition to that reality, but facts are stubborn things. While some people ascend from the deeper shitholes to some of shallower rank, everyone with the option tries to come one place: here.

For money, or greater economic freedom, but life, liberty and property were always the entire point of this experiment. If that's news to you, go back and punch your civics teachers in the throat for lying to you, or failing to mention that fact. (If they concealed that truth because they were the usual socialist commie bastards, kick them in the junk too; they've got it coming.)

Asinine immigration policies aside, we annually accept more legal immigrants than the rest of the world does combined, and we have since forever. There's no equivalent to Ellis Island anywhere else on the planet, for a reason. In the words of Neil Diamond, They comin' to America! Granted, with the additional burden of unhindered illegal immigration, that's far more of a bug than a feature, but it is nonetheless an undeniable fact.

And it was true for three centuries before you could blame coming here on the giant suckling teat of the Welfare State, because that didn't exist before 1932. There's certainly welfare teats elsewhere (2M Muslims in Europe can't be wrong) but they aren't going there because they're refugees, they're going there to freeload. They're not going to France or Germany to become French or Germans (which they couldn't, ever, anyways) they're going there to conquer, and they're not even bothering to hide the fact. They are, literally, raping, killing, pillaging, and burning, just like every Vandal and Visigoth and Mongol and Muslim Horde ever has, back to time out of mind.

Whereas, for those who want to, you can come here and become an American. You can even have ancestors dragged here in chains, and still be an American 200 years later - if you want to.

That's why a list of actual Americans includes John Paul Jones, , Casimir Pulaski, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Horatio Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ted Cruz, Craig Ferguson, Luther Powell (Colin's father), or bloggers like Peter Grant, Kim DuToit, and LawDog: not one of whom was born here.

It's why slaves, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are just as American as anyone else: Frederic Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Thomas Sowell, or Larry Elder.
It's why a first generation American kid could graduate high school as valedictorian, then get imprisoned in an internment camp, pilot the ship that ran over the PT-109 in the eponymous movie, fight VC alongside John Wayne, and helm the starship Enterprise for 30 years, even though he's gay as fuck.

And none of that, not one single effing thing, is because of some PC horsesh rose fertilizer codswallop about "Diversity Is Our Strength".
Those people aren't American, let alone more  American, because they're different.
They're American because they're all the same.
And because this is the only country on the planet, now, or anytime in world history, where they could be  the same.

And that's true for one, fundamental reason:
The Constitution of the United States.
The forerunner to it, the Declaration of Independence, and the codicils appended to secure its adoption, the Bill of Rights, are the only thing that make that so.

Because alone, of every country on the planet, the most important thing here, and the entire object of forming a government, and specifically the one we have, is to protect the individual, and the rights of the individual. Rights that are inherent in being born at all, existing prior to this form of government, and superior to its wishes and designs.

If somebody tells me I can't publish a meme, I can tell them to go fuck themselves, and make it stick, and they can't throw me in jail for doing it. They may scrub my website, but I can go get another one, or host it myself. I can print it on billboards, and splatter it right in the very noses of those whom it offends the most. Ask Sabo. (While he should be theoretically liable for vandalism or damages to property, AFAIK, he's never been so much as fined or cited, in the most blue-hivey knee-jerk progtard bastion on the planet, Hollywood, CA. Ponder on that reality for a damned minute or three, then imagine what would happen if he tried that schtick in Beijing, Moscow, Pyongyang, Singapore, Riyadh, Pretoria, Kabul, Mogadischu, Mexico City, or even London or Berlin. They'd run his ass to prison so fast it'd leave skidmarks all the way to the gates, at least in the cities where they wouldn't just shoot him on the spot, and bill his family for the bullet. So come on, tell me again how the Constitution is toothless.
I'll wait while you marshal your arguments; you'll only have been wrong for 221 years and counting.

Or ask the Earl of Taint. Or Stilton Jarlsberg. Or Dianny. Or Sal the Agorist. Or The People's Cube. (They're too busy trying to influence the republic to burn it down. Take a hint there.)

And even 170M @$$holes wanting to take my gun(s) away can sod right off with that idea too, even here in Califrutopia, because I, one man, one lone individual, have the God-given right to tell them where to head in with that clever plan. Sideways, with a rusty chainsaw even.

So now, I'm going to tell you a short story, to tell you why that's so.

Courtesy of Uncle, I spent a fanfold of seasons in the Land Of The Morning Calm. And even visited the lunocracy immediately north. Really.

The Norks really want to unite with South Korea. In the worst way. Literally.

They even tried it once, and damn near succeeded, until the leftover Army, a raggedy rump division of cobbled together Marines, and another dozen countries' stray cats and dogs gave them a reason to reassess their territorial ambitions. Then Mao and his tennis-shoe clad minions entered the fray, and then left it, much the worse for wear at the experience.

Consequently, when I visited there, and camped in a dry rice paddy a couple of miles south of the DMZ, with HAWK SAM batteries atop the surrounding hills serving as compass pointers to divine which way north was, I got to see how things work under a country in open conflict, as yet unresolved after 68 years.

There were no traffic cops there, and few stop lights. (It may have changed subsequently, but what it was then is as I describe). Traffic control was simple. You had an 18-year-old Korean kid waving traffic in all directions to stop, or proceed. And cleverly, everyone obeyed them, in all cases. The front-slung M-16, still including the Stoner-original Happy Switch for firing rate, as well as the loaded and locked 30-rd. magazines, and the two to four live fragmentation hand grenades hanging on the lads' load bearing webbing may have had some wee effect on inducing scrupulous compliance to stop-and-go orders. The prospect of getting not a ticket, but instead a burst of assault rifle fire into your windshield will do that, even for races of people who tend to lack the driving gene.

This method of traffic control was so, because the Norks had a peculiarly nasty habit of sending two or five or ten commandos into the South Korean territory, especially near the DMZ, and then shooting up anyone and blowing up anything they could find. So Barney Fife with white gloves and a ticket book wasn't the best approach to dealing with that contingency.

Also, the Norks, like our neighbors to the south here in USA, had a predilection for visiting the neighbors by way of tunnels over the years. Dozens had been found, but it was always assumed more had not been. This is why we've never signed the land mine protocol beloved of Princess Di, because we've got tens of thousands of the little things scattered from the China Sea to the Sea of Japan along the DMZ, and are only now starting to remove a few of them, as international relations there thaw somewhat.

Lastly, the Norks rather conspicuously have a good deal more tanks poised for another go at a shotgun wedding with the South. They can't afford to feed their people, but they can evidently afford thousands of tanks. Much like the Dutch taming the North Sea, South Korea has a plan for that.

At every railroad trestle, underpass, overpass, bridge, dam, road cut, etc., there are sets of niches built in on both sides, and in any supports next to them, in English and Hangul, is inscribed the precise type and amount of explosives, in pounds and kg, which are to be placed there in order to blow the bridge, or underpass, or overpass, or trestle, or dam, or hillside cut with alacrity, thus turning the entire country into a patchwork of little kill-boxes, to staunch any penetration by armored forces, and allow the SKAF and USAF, plus anti-armor units, to pick off the trapped Nork armor in convenient dead-end (literally) kill zones, from Panmunjon to Pusan. They've gone further than that, and also had concrete "logs", telephone pole size, in stacks above passes, with similar demolition plans, to instantly create an impenetrable barrier of tank- and vehicle-proof "pick-up sticks" to prevent further passage.

Living on a peninsula in a state of war for nearly 70 years means that, much like Israel, you stop an advance cold, and fast, or you lose...everything. So they've made it damned near impossible for anyone to get anywhere fast, or far, or to any good effect, should they be attacked again.

Funny thing, that's exactly what the Founders did in 1787. And for the same reason: the prospect of dictatorial overreach and being overrun.

John Adams famously wrote,

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Benjamin Franklin, when asked what form of government we had enacted in Philadelphia, after the inadequacy and manifest failure of the Articles of Confederation were obvious to all thirteen colonies, replied,

"A republic, if you can keep it."
Bear that well in mind at all times; those are guidelines for the Owner's Manual, and not to be disregarded, ever, for any reason.

Because the roomful of ordinary geniuses (actually two roomfuls, once for the Declaration in 1776, and another for the Constitution in 1787) were both lettered men, and hard-nosed men of industry, trade, and commerce. They had thought and studied and argued and written and lectured and debated the best form of government, before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. They had rather a bit of interest in the matter.

They'd seen the failings of monarchy first-hand; they had no desire for the mob rule of democracy (and if you think you're in one, or ever have been, beat yourself about the head and shoulders with a stout piece of rebar, since I can't do it for you. Stop only when your ignorant delusion leaves you once and for all time. No, I'm not kidding, I meant that in all seriousness.) But a republic had promise.

If any people were populated solely by absolute saints, a theocracy would suffice, and no written laws necessary at all. Such has existed never, nowhere, in recorded human history, and the Founders knew this. They also knew that laws only ever work for the law-abiding, no matter what form of government. And lastly, they knew that government itself was the biggest problem in the equation. Even if George Washington never uttered the famous lines, they are self-evidently true nonetheless:

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

So what was needed was a government that would prevent a tyranny from arising.
Without becoming one itself.

That's why as originally enacted, the individual voter elected a total of one man to the federal government directly: his congressman, and no other. You didn't elect your senators, the state's legislature picked them to preserve the interests of the entire state, based on the deliberations of the state's legislature and governor. (This is why the XVIIth Amendment which undermined that concept should be repealed forthwith; it was one of the cornerstones of Progressivism, and has, at last, completely undermined the government, and invested us with a house of millionaire Lords, unaccountable and at odds with the states they nominally represent. But I digress). You didn't vote for the President directly either; the electoral college did, based on your votes, but not immediately subject to it, and the states got electors for the state, just like they got senators to represent the state's interests. For which long-suffering wisdom you may thank a merciful deity or an unconcerned natural universe that Felonia von Pantsuit is still not your president, nor was Albert Gore Jr. when planes began to smash into the World Trade Center. That's two simultaneous proofs that the Founders were far smarter than you think they were, and for the existence of an involved and compassionate deity. Otherwise, it would require Powerball odds to have been so fortuitously saved twice in this century already from the excesses and lunacy of direct democracy.

Then, they constructed the whole so that nothing happens easily, nor fast. Ever. That's a feature, not a bug. You need consensus to do things. No wild swings. No one-man dictatorships, nor even fiefdoms. And you need both houses, the president, and the assent of the courts for anything to happen, and stick. Anyone of them backs out, and it gets a lot harder to do anything at all.

But someone will pipe up that things are awful, and "muh Constitution" failed, and woe is me, and we should burn everything down, because reasons?

Really, Sparky?

We had an illegal alien in the White House for eight years, and for two years he could run the table except for the Supreme Court, and yet the worst he could do was temporarily fuck up health care, and ruin the military. Bad, certainly, though not instantly catastrophic, but even then, the wisdom of a bicameral legislature, and limited powers for each branch, with appropriate checks and balances, severely hampered his unbridled lusts to ruin the nation.

So maybe light a candle to the holy memory of James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, while you're up. They did you a solid, and you owe them debts you can never discharge.

Does that mean the document is perfect?
Hell no.
If for no reason further sought than that there was never, and will never be, perfect people in every, or even any, branch of government. Gypsies, tramps, and thieves may be a Cher song, but it's also the pedigree of nearly every person in every federal position of decision since ever.

And the Founders knew what people were:

True of every president, inclusive, every senator and congressman, and every Supreme Court justice. Including President Trump, and Judge Kavanaugh, and certainly of the two absolute despicable fucktard current senators from Califrutopia (#notmysenators), both of whom currently sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee (thank god, not behind the control levers!), for reasons best known to Satan himself.

The checks and balances inherent in that document kept HopeyDopey from zooming the country right over the cliff all at once. They keep President Trump from going batshit tweety-fingers barking mad, just as they kept Shrillary and Algore out of the Oval Office, except as visitors. They'll restrain Judge Kavanaugh, even if he becomes Mr. Justice Kavanaugh, as they've restrained Satanmayor, Ruth Vader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O'Communist, and their colleagues, and good men and evil ones since generations before you were born.

And the Leftards know this, which is why, if they can't have the levers of power, they collectively went poo-flinging monkeyfuck crazy in 2016. It's why they want to throw the presumption of innocence, and the rules of evidence right down the shredder's maw if they can't hold SCOTUS as their five-member super-legislature, and keep killing babies as they will. "If we can't have something, burn all the things!" is ever their cry.

If they don't get the House or the Senate in a month, they'll be positively unhinged.
Stand by for that nuclear meltdown.

Because they can't trample you.
Because you can vote their bastards down.
You can monkeywrench their guy's plans if you can take a branch or more away from them.
Voting doesn't work? Ask Dubbya about those eight(!) illegal alien amnesty attempts he never passed.
Ask Rapist Clinton how that attempt at HillaryCare went.
Ask HopeyDopey how his Obozocare legacy looked a year or so after he left office forever.

Then tell me voting doesn't do anything.

Y'know what it doesn't do?
It doesn't fix everything overnight. So if you have ADHD and a short attention span, maybe poker's not your game, Ike.
And you might have to even pay attention to stuff more than five seconds every four years, and even stop electing backstabbing m*****f*****s to office over and over and over and over (the entire state of Arizona: call your office!).

So yeah, a constitutional republic, with limits on the powers of the government, and it's branches, and one whose sole legitimate raison d'etre isn't taxes, or welfare, or even national defense, it's protecting the rights, life, liberty, and property of the individual:
but notably, only if you can keep it.

And you didn't get here in one election, so you ain't getting out of this mess in one election.

So qwitcherbitchin' and bellyachin', and buckle in for the long haul.

Unless you've got a better idea, which to date, has never been expressed by anyone.
Burning all the things isn't a viable plan.
Pissing and moaning and flinging your diaper spackle isn't one either.

Any other suggestions, the bar is open.

(And the first schmuck, here or anywhere else, who tries to paint this as "the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again", "More! Harder! Faster!", or any other such horseapples not only missed the entire point, they're also too stupid to play on the Internet without adult supervision, and should try the freeway instead. They're also ugly, were raised on lead paint chips, their mother dresses them funny, and she works in a whorehouse. NTTAWWT. Just saying.)

So if this was too spicy, or your butthurt crème just isn't strong enough to cool the chapping, they sell pink pussyhats on Amazon, and the SJW blog is just down the road to the left.

A lot of people like to opine how, come the day, they may go down, and we may lose this whole thing off a cliff or in walls of fire, but they console themselves and those within earshot that "at least I'll go down in a pile of hot brass and dead bodies before they get me."

Okay, fair enough.

But I'm supposed to think that's true, if you can't follow current events, are too lazy to vote, write letters, and generally raise hell any legal way you can, and in short, do the same amount of effort you're going to expend when it's finally hopeless and the hordes are busting down your door? Which effort, now, might stave that day off for five, ten, fifty years; long enough perhaps for your kids to have a crack at it?

That's a special kind of stupid.
Don't be That Guy.


Jess said...

The biggest problems can be solved with enough people voting in conservatives willing to follow the Constitution. The roadblock to this solution is ignorance, which is promulgated by teacher unions, bureaucrats and foreign enemies, like George Soros. Average folks are downright dumb, when it comes to understanding the principles of liberty. It carries a lot of responsibility, and having a smart phone stuck up your ass doesn't exclude you from being responsible for voting and using research besides what you read on Facebook.

Your essay is better than good, since it doesn't sugar coat how dangerous the rest of the world is, and how those willing to kill millions for power are manipulating our country. Considering the number of invaders crossing the border daily, an informed citizen should be damn near scared shitless.

Aesop said...

"Hate's not real!" - HopeyDopey bicyclists for world peace slogan
"Wtf! Ow! Ow! Ow1 Ow! Ow!" - the bicyclists' last words as they were all run over and then stabbed to death by hate-filled Muslim practitioners in some Turd World Trashcanistan

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm definitely sick of the "we're all doomed and voting does nothing" mindset. You see that a lot at WRSA, among other places.

Screaming Chicken

Aesop said...


"They were abused children." - Goose

Anonymous said...

I work with a number of Russian immigrants, one in particular asks me regularly WHY some Americans seem so fond of Socialism, she having LIVED under Socialism and all it fails to offer. During Obozo's reign she asked me if she left Socialism in Russia just to get it here. Amazing to me that an immigrant gets it while people born, raised and (supposedly) educated here don't.

There's two things I wish people understood: 1) America, while certainly not perfect since nothing involving humans CAN be perfect, is 100% the BEST place on Earth. We're freer, more productive, more prosperous and more kick-ass than ANY other place on Earth and 2) We are the last best hope on Earth. If America goes down there's no place left to go. You can come HERE from any shithole around the world, but leaving here you're going downhill.

One quibble though, about how we should be arming the folks in Mexico against their own government and the cartels. I'm not sure it would do any good, they wouldn't be fighting to make everyone free but to form their own cartels that would then act the same way toward everyone who wasn't them. Been tried in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, you help the downtrodden and they start treading on the other tribe/sect/color as soon as they're in power. I don't know what it is about the American psyche that we refuse to go into a place to take over, our attempts at Imperialism in the Phillipines being a notable, short-lived,
and singular exception. The rest of the world doesn't seem interested in making anyone else free.

Mark D

Wes Rhinier said...

Can't wait to get your take on this article

Aesop said...

If somebody wants actual freedom, we should send them aid.

If it's just going to be another dictator-of-the-week, pull out, and let them twist in the wind.

Aesop said...

Friedman is a hack writer doing hack analysis, and he decries division, then by the 5th paragraph, accuses Kavanaugh of partisan bickering for having the temerity to not let himself be ass-raped by the Diversity senators for a crime that never happened, on national TV.

Then he digs himself deeper into the hole.
The GOP is insane.
Blah blah blah.

Fuck him. With a piece of pipe across the face.

If I met that elitist piece of cowshit on legs in person after reading that little of his essay, he'd need a nose job and dental surgery, and he'd be on a soft diet for a month.
And that, only because a few facial fractures and a new set of permanent dentures might finally educate him about reality.

He's the exact reason there's a civil war brewing everywhere. He's one of the shitlords that have been pouring gasoline on the flames for decades, while bemoaning that they're getting out of control.

Which is what the NYSlimes does.

And after reading that small piece, I feel the need for a shower.

Sanders said...

I am always entertained by those who say they have a plan to bug out to another country where they can have more freedom.

I only have two questions for them on that plan.

Does their preferred bugout location have Freedom of Speech? and does it have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? The follow up question is, do those rights extend to non-citizens of said country (because that's what you will be)?

Name me one that has both in place, and enshrined in writing.

The USA - it's not perfect, but it's still the best thing out there if you don't want to be a sheep.

Wes Rhinier said...

@Aesop Lol.. I really enjoy your blog and comments. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Mic Drop

June J said...

Excellent post Aesop.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Doomerism sells. You don't have to think, just react out of fear and repeat this month's doomer meme from Mathias & The Family.

Much of it is displaced death anxiety coupled with areligious thinking. Doomers are easily conned. It isn't healthy to live in that mindset.

So I came up with two rules for myself. Feel free to steal and use them.
1. No dystopias without cannibalism.
2. No conspiracies without space aliens.

It's not to humiliate doomers, but to encourage expression and thus critical thought.

Example One, the A.I. Apocalypse. Here's a video of a real robot hanging drywall:

Imagine two of them, one holding a human by the arms, the other pithing him with its nail gun then dropping the limp corpse into a vat of protease/lipase slurry. Man that could be going on right now. The Hell you say? Look at all the schmaat leaders of industry and science warning of an A.I. Apocalypse. Why waste 5.6 billion plus meatsacks or contaminate the land you're invading with fallout? Robots don't have nervous breakdowns and your communist minions have no idea their tofu rations are.....PEOPLE!

Example Two, The Kennedy Assassination.
How many times have you heard otherwise rational people say, "There's no way Oswald killed Kennedy." It's literally everyone. Everyone on the planet at one time has said that stupid shit.

Three 6.5mm rounds (low felt recoil, faster follow up) less than 100 yards at a target quartering smoothly at 11 m.p.h. is child's play for an ex USMC rifleman trained on a real rifle like the M1. Next time you're in Dallas, wait for traffic to clear on Elm and stand on the X painted in the street, that's the third shot.

Where are the aliens?

By 1963 Kennedy was tired of his CIA director Allen Dulles stonewalling him on a joint operation with the Soviets to combat incursions of Trantaloids into Earth's defenses. So Kennedy fired Dulles. Dulles, one of the founders of the CIA did not "retire" in 1961.

Fearful Kennedy was warming to the Soviets and going to spill the beans on our alien technology recovered from crashes in New Mexico, the Majestic 12 Council ordered his erasure under Truman's 1947 National Security Act. Oswald was a CIA triple agent. Dulles ordered the hit which occurred ten days after Kennedy fired him.

Or maybe it was just a PBE, Programmed Biological Entity. We've had those since the 1950s. Ever heard of the Men In Black, they ain't human.

Or maybe they're (((Archquloids))).

Fun times.

G-man said...

@Screaming Chicken

CW2.0 isn't an inevitability, yet. The four boxes are not mutually exclusive. You do not engage via only one box at a time. When the soapbox fails, you add the ballot box. You don't stop standing on stumps and speaking while voting. Neither do you quit voting once the jury box is engaged. Until it goes to guns, all of the other boxes are available.

Everyone needs to stress this: "Vote now, or it MIGHT move into boxes 3 and 4 quickly. However, don't vote and it WILL move into boxes 3 and 4." Kicking the can down the road just to kick it down the road is pointless. But kicking it down the road to give us time to infiltrate academia and stem the tide of progressive influence there, and then again to give those new minds time to get to voting age... that's a legit plan. It isn't going to be an overnight fix, and going to guns doesn't fix it overnight either. It just ensures we're headed down the Venezuela/Argentina/Mexico path.

Anonymous said...

With ya. Unless/until it goes loud we need to do what ever we can to fix things; and be unsurprised and ready if we gotta go hot. I'm mighty tired of the nabobs over at WRSA myself.
I think your colleagues understand the design functions of the country BECAUSE if they were naturalized they got much of what we got in 7th grade "Civics" and in our American History classes before they were hijacked by alinskyite commie bastards.
As to the arm and train program for the campesinos; you find the ones with the stones to defend their barrio against all comers with the single-barrel shotties and .22's they're "allowed" to have and you work from there. We can't do anything as overt as the USMC "CAP" program from Vietnam but we've got a bounty of 18-series pros who can pass in small numbers. It's gonna be an even steeper uphill slog once AMLO gets sworn in, though.
Boat Guy

The Gray Man said...

I came here to respond to the "toothless constitution" part, to say that the teeth of that document of course lie in Amendment 2, IF the People choose to arm themselves adequately enough that it dissuades the government from going FULL retard government.

Currently, our state of armament ("our=the People) is not what it should be, having been degraded by stacks of laws and regulations and generations of reeducation on the Amendment (that label it antiquated and unnecessary), but it is adequate for now. We are adequately armed, for now.

That is the teeth of the document, and if you think about it, it demonstrates the bond between a People and the single greatest document Man has ever written. Where would We be without the document? Where would the document be without our willingness to possess weapons and use them?

Mike Hendrix said...

Wait, wait; Shatner's gay? And was in the Nam too? Dang. Ya think you know a guy...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aesop;

Love the rant. When you were talking about the all the defenses that the South Koreans had against the NORKS, it reminded me of Germany, they did the same thing in case the Soviets came through the Fulda gap like cockroaches on a new york apartment.
Sure America is flawed, but we still are the best country in the world, only here can you be what you want without people asking you "what family you belong to" or "What tribe or caste?". Here you can make it on your own and as long as we still believe that we still have a say in the acts of government, the cartridge box will stay closed. If the left is successful in screwing us out of the say in the country, then people will no longer get involved in the political process, then it is bad because people that no longer have a say will do other things to make their point.

MMinWA said...

That was...beautiful dude.

Anonymous said...

First, you are an artist with words...that was a mic drop. Second, having spent an inordinate amount of time in shitholia over the course of a 30 year military career as an infantryman, you nailed it. Lastly, anyone that is looking forward to, shall we say, sportiness here in the USA is insane - hope for the best, prepare for the worst and pray...a lot. See ya on the high ground.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Well, it looks like the Russian Dystopia is afoot.

Anonymous said...

I can't go to another country so it's this one, period.

I vote because:
1) Those who don't have no right to bitch.
2) Heroes died to secure that right for me, and I won't waste their sacrifice.
3) The value of my vote is 1 over infinity, but that's MY infinitesimal.
4) When it comes time to vote @ 3000 fps I can do so in good conscience.

TheAlaskan said...

""Hate's not real!" - HopeyDopey bicyclists for world peace slogan
"Wtf! Ow! Ow! Ow1 Ow! Ow!" - the bicyclists' last words as they were all run over and then stabbed to death by hate-filled Muslim practitioners in some Turd World Trashcanistan"

Reality always wins. Always.

TIVOWOOT-There Is Voting Our Way Out Of This....behold, Trump. Keep up the good work and don't put too much (any) stock in the Haxo's, Al's and now the NG's.

Thanks Aesop. So many cannot find true north.

dmv gringo said...

There is nothing wrong with agreeing
with others.
But being a slavish cultist is not my speed.

Mario V Albano said...

Thanks Aesop; I'm pushing 70 and still cling to my guns and bible. said...

Well Mr. Aesop:

I will give you credit - that is one very spirited rant in favor of voting. As you eloquently laid out for your blog readers, there are "reasons and possible benefits" for voting. I will consider your points and possibly voting in November, but it's still a long shot.

Just to lay out my cards, although I am registered to vote, since turning 18 I have never voted and I am not a youngster anymore. Your "get out the vote" pitch is much better than most I have heard over many years:

1 - It's your civic duty to vote
2 - If you don't vote, you can't complain
3 - vote to keep "xyz" candidate out of office - this is the one I have heard most often - don't vote for the best candidate - vote against the worst candidate.
4 - have to vote repuke-ilcan - they are our only hope??? ( really - dem or repuke - two sides of the same coin that don't give a damn about us )
5 - lather, rinse, repeat some version of 1 - 4.

I will admit to enjoying the Trumpster - not really sure what he really is politically, but he is definitely the king of the ZFG's. He's banged supermodels & pornstars and has a superfine wife/first lady and still has ZFG for the elites & congress - so for those reasons alone - good on him - I will vote in 2020 for his re-election.

That said, let's talk about the upcoming mid-terms.

My home state of FL formerly known as the Gunshine state - now known as the "We want to be just like Venezuela", because let's see: Fed Barney Fifes, State Barney Fifes and local Barney Fifes and gubmint all failed to do their freakin jobs - so some wingnut teenager - goes postal at high school.

The solution to this problem: Gun control of course - supported by: you guessed it kids!! Your current FL Gov - the amazing Rick Scott! Who because he is so amazing - now wants to be your FL senator???

So now there are some freaking great choices for Senator this mid-term!
Let's review:
Incumbent: the slimy, useless weasel: Dem Bill Nelson - career politician that does nothing - except get re-elected by all the common folk in FL (Our east coast version of Feinswine).
Now behind door #2 - we have the amazing challenger:
the slimy, useless weasel - your Gov - the amazing Repuke Rick Scott.

This is a truly compelling dilemma???? Whut whut whut are we to do??? My God - the differences in the quality of the candidates are stunning! I can vote for sh*t pile1 or sh*t pile2 - I am going to be up all night trying to decide.

The Gov race is also interesting: Desantis vs. Gillum. I will agree that the choice there is obvious, but candidly the real concern is a that sh*t ton of FL residents think the socialist f*ckwit Gillum is a good choice? It certainly shows the success that the socialist indoctrination systems we call "public schools" have had on dumbing down the population.

Which is the real reason I take issue with your "you gotta vote" rant.

I have been hearing that for 30+ years. In that time, things have only gotten worse. I am not optimistic that things can/will improve. Schools are not teaching kids about history, the concepts of liberty or simply how to think/use logical thought. At some point the numbers on the prog/socialist side will be to large to overcome.

If I do vote this November it won't be for Scott or Nelson - I will write in your name!

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

The Korea story was wonderful. Thanks for sharing. In the "read opinions you don't agree with" tab I got on my browser, you're one of my favorites. As far as the illegal alien the in White House is concerned... Dubya wasn't all THAT bad ;)