Sunday, October 28, 2018

Well, That's A Problem...

Sorry about sharing this:

Since our last 21-day Ebola checkup, things have gone rather sh*t-sandwichy.
Recall then that things were basically flat-lined: no growth, just maintenance of the outbreak.
It's now started growing again.

Cases: 252
Deaths: 159
Contacts: 5,723!

IOW, the kill rate is still running 82% over three weeks time, and the number of people exposed and being tracked doubled in the last two weeks. 15 more people have survived and been discharged, and false alarms of possible EVD were reported in five neighboring countries.

Oh, and those numbers are a few days old.

The only good news is they managed to vaccinate another 3300 people last week. Over 22,000 total. But in a region with 1M people, mostly refugees, that's nothing much to be proud about.

So this has officially gone around the bend, and violence in the region has made that worse.

This is now probably going to skyrocket presently, because it's going to keep spreading exposure faster than they can contain it and vaccinate around it, not least of which because they had over 40 burials that were not done properly, which exposes family members to the virus from contaminated corpses.

That's how you get an outbreak that won't taper off.


bobbookworm said...

On Friday they were reporting 257 cases...on Saturday the number jumped to 266. This thing keeps slowly building momentum. Third category of 'possible' keeps getting bigger too...also, new report of three people with symptoms jumping quarantine and disappearing from a hospital. I keep waiting for it to pop out somewhere exciting outside the current boundaries.

bobbookworm said...

Sorry... that should have been 'suspected' not 'probable'.

horsewithnonick said...

Ouch - 170 now...

stormsailor1981 said...

10/30/18 276 cases and they say 175 deaths. infection numbers spiking, no new reports since then with quantifiable numbers. also the report from 10/29 listed 3 of the last 4 deaths aas healthcare workers.