Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Here You Are

Popp's funnier than I am, on a topic that's not funny at all:

Here's how your culture went down in flames, in 10 easy steps.
Which was enabled by Socialism Lite from 1932-1980. 
What started that was Progressivism, just after the Turn Of The Century, 1900-1920.
Particularly Amendments XVI-XIX, inclusive.

And what enabled them was the serial nonsense espoused by Darwin, Marx, Dewey, et al.

Brought to you by the leading lights of materialist and anti-theistic philosophy circa the French Revolution. IOW we were on a collision course with disaster almost from our founding, and the chickens have come home to roost.

So the Baby Ducks of revisionism trying as hard as they can to blame this on Baby Boomers have another thing coming. Starting with the fact that history didn't begin five minutes before you started paying attention.

You want civilization, you've got to burn an awful lot of nonsense down.
Almost nothing dominant currently is anything you want.

And nobody alive now has much experience with the way things oughta be, because they never were, for your entire life.

Just something for you to ponder in your idle moments.


1chota said...

A really good read is: Our Oldest Enemy" by John H. Miller and Mark Molesky.

Anonymous said...

Don't lump Darwin in with the rest of those liars. If faith is such a good way to find truth, why don't you practice faith-based medicine? Oh, in medicine you want evidence, but when you wonder what those little twinkling lights are in the sky, you will just believe any old thing somebody dreamed up. What is the world's oldest multinational corporation? The physicists at CERN don't need their own walled city and Swiss mercenaries to promote new cosmology ideas, why does the Pope? The extraterrestrial alien dictator in the sky idea is just Santa Claus for adults, it keeps them running scared because the boogieman is watching and keeping a list. Obey...some human...and this magical being kept permanently offstage will reward a way you can never us.

Aesop said...

Darwin was an ignorant boob, wholly uninformed about things average biology students are taught in middle school, which undermine the central tenets of Darwinism from the get-go. Handwaving, gainsaying, and building up strawmen and false dichotomies won't get your ball over the goal line, but it's all you've got, so work it, baby.
His theories were proposed wholly to salve his own personal butthurt about religion, and have themselves acquired a religious following, bereft of any supporting evidence beyond gainsaying, and unable to be disproven.

That's a religion, not science.

And you're clearly wholly ignorant yourself of the obvious truth that Darwin can be as full of shit as a stuffed Christmas goose without that reality necessarily arguing in any way, shape, or form for any precept of any organized religion, none of which have anything whatsoever to do with whether or not his theories are full of so much horseshit.

If you're point was to pull in nonsense because your god was attacked, you succeeded in proving the original point beyond anyone's wildest hopes.

No one said Darwin must be wrong because God.
I said Darwin must be wrong because he's wrong, and his error was both aimed at undermining the dominant culture, particularly religion, and successful at doing exactly that.

If you have such a burning butthurt yourself with religion, you should jettison the religious fervor you display in following a man who was a patent moron on the very subject he's most famous for espousing.

My argument is that the tires are flat because they hold no air.
Your argument is that they can't be flat because ducks fly south for the winter.

So maybe pull your head out of your ass and see if you can spot the logical flaw in your position.

Science without Darwinism is like a fish without a bicycle.

Sim1776 said...

Darwinism is a bad hypothesis that has metastasized into, as Aesop put it, a religion of its own.

Jim Scrummy said...

"Science without Darwinism is like a fish without a bicycle." Nice... Sometimes I wonder what I like more? The posts or the beatdowns? I vote both.

True, Darwin was a midwit on his best day. His "theory", over time has been shot to hell with holes.

norwood said...

"So the Baby Ducks of revisionism trying as hard as they can to blame this on Baby Boomers have another thing coming."

Thank you for that. Some sites are proposing hunting down Baby Boomers like dogs after TSHTF because we somehow deliberately created the economic mess the FUSA is in with malice and aforethought. Oh...and greed. Can't forget our greed.

Funny, I cannot remember being a member of the CFR, The Bilderberger Group,or attending any festivities at Bohemian Grove. Guess I'm getting a little dotty in my ancient old age.

I only remember driving a truck OTR for 40 years and taking care of my family.