Friday, October 19, 2018

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

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Anonymous said...

We (well most of us anyway) managed to survive eight long years of that feckless dipshit holding the title. Wonderment. That we don't currently have the only worse possibility makes me a believer.

Popular Front said...

Not nearly as relieved as the USMC, USAF, USA, USN & the USCG I'll bet.

MMinWA said...

If the story had said he was itching to be in control once again, I would have called BS but "relived"? No effing doubt in the world. He's the classic dog catching the car and then saying, WTF am I going to do now?

He was a slimy, two faced POS. In public he BOWED to other leaders and lied countless times to our faces and behind the curtain, he worked with Jarrett to undermine our culture & traditions.

What could epitomized more succinctly his vacuous persona than that short clip of him preening in a mirror taking selfies. What a fucking pussy. Unreal. You can talk a lot of smack about President Trump but you will never see crap like that from him.

Glenda T Goode said...

Relieved.....perhaps hoping not to be indicted.

Obama was the 'least American' of a president I have ever heard of. His behavior was far more in keeping with a 3rd world country's dictator than he was an elected president in the USA.

If you look at his heritage and where he grew up, it is easy to understand why he hates America. It is because where he grew up: Indonesia and then with communist grandparents; none of them liked or appreciated America in any way.

We would not elect Putin to be president nor would we elect Teresa May of Britain. They do not reflect our values or heritage. Their credentials obviously eliminate them from consideration.

The democrats managed to hide Obama's heritage until it was too late and we were saddled with the arrogant asshole. The election of Trump following Obama's 2 terms is a blessing and one that we should appreciate to the fullest.

We have a chance to continue the process of taking our nation back from the globalists if we keep electing people who reflect our values and not those of Europe. We as Deplorables need to stay the course.

beau said...

the full cretin ("w") and the full muzzie (b. hussein) had 16 years to do their damage and they both did so spectacularly, as have so many of their predecessors.

those who would put us in chains have been revealed and demonstrate their intent daily. to put them in power is to demonstrate absolute stupidity and/or debauchment and to don chains. unfortunately, that describes too many amerikans.

the center will not hold. it cannot.