Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Duelling Blogs: Cage Match


"i'M nOrmaLiziNg gUns!"
"No, you're making gun owners look abnormal."

Topic: Open Carry

Exhibit A: McThag

"Open Carry Events Are Helpful"

Exhibit B: Tam

"It's Possible To Take Things Beyond Stupid"

Winner: Sorry Angus, but Tam, by a country mile.

The Open Carry activists (as opposed to people who simply open-carry, minus fanfare and TV cameras, or YouTube selfies) are, by and large, overqualified morons, with a mere 1000 or so events to document that appraisal. Stupid People Doing Stupid Things By Stupid Ways In Stupid Places are not, ipso facto , my brothers from another mother. They are in general and in detail, mostly fucktards of the worst sort, i.e. the type who take their crazy out in public, for a walk. Like people walking their human pet in head-to-toe leather on a leash at the mall.

If anyone is that batcrap nutso, please have the decency to wear a Hillary t-shirt when you do it.

I can be against oppressive metastatic government without dressing in camo down to my underpants, taking along 50 FBI CIs, and taking over an unoccupied wildlife refuge office until someone gets killed, because a fucktard is a fucktard is a fucktard, and I'm not morally or logically obligated to support Team Stupid, no matter the cause, under any rational philosophy.

As Tam notes, it's all well and good if guys who fish anyways strap on a Glock in a hip holster and head for the pier like they do every Saturday, to inoculate the normies to the sight of guns, and obviate public freakouts by both them and asshat douchebadges taught that they're Only Ones. That's moving the ball up the field.

But exactly as could be predicted from 3000 miles away in a basement, what shows up is Junior Birdbrain with his Cosplay Commando Airsoft Loadout #5, and eleventy-seven rifles in a Tactical Wheelbarrow, 300 pounds of ammo cans, dummy grenades on his chest harness, and a rusty Zebco 33 he last used in 1967. This is not Open Carry, it's attempted jihad in a public place, and egregious public dipshittery. Every time one of those assholes goes full retard, and then gets a chestful of protect and serve in a Darwin Award-winning manner from some undereducated beat cop, the collective IQ of surviving gun owners goes up 10%.

It's possible to do a good idea smartly, or stupidly.

Choose wisely.

Open carry is legal many places, and generally neutral.

But being a jackass is always stupid, no matter the cause you're trying to represent.
If you're not smart enough to know that, you're not on my team.
You're on Team Fucktard.
They are over-subscribed; please rethink your choices.
(Or far more likely, think about them for the first time in your entire life before ratcheting to Stupid position in a spring-loaded manner.)

Either stay home, or else put on an Antifa t-shirt.
You're doing as much for gun rights as the KKK did for freedom of speech by marching through Skokie:

*Proving its existence,
*informing people of your massive overweening stupidity, and
*making them regret the governmental and liberty choices of the Founding Fathers.

Last I looked, scoring a 33% on any exam was still a solid F.
So is a 66%.

Either get it all right, or stay home.


Tactless Wookie said...

Sigh. Not this again!

Thankfully here in Texas we have open carry as an option (with permit of course). We also went through the same ding-dong shows like that one in FL. It's not helping the cause. In spite of these shitshows we got open carry. Barely.

Thankfully other than seeing Peace Officers with exposed arms I've seen exactly 1, yes 1, person in public open carrying since the laws went into effect. Mind you I live in Dallas. I see tons of people every day and so far just one OC person. And for the record that dude was, in my opinion, a ding-dong too. Little cheapo 380 pistol in a soft Uncle Mike's holster. Sorry if that sounds gear-snobbish but that is a lot of fail there.

Open carry laws are really designed to protect permit holders from exposure charges if you for some reason uncover your carry piece in public. For me I'll keep my Walther under the cover of concealment. No point in advertising yourself to an evil doer and find yourself as the first person shot in a terrorist attack of robbery while buying a Slurpee.

Jim Scrummy said...

Never been a fan of open carry, even though I've lived in two states where it is legal. Too many variables with open carry. The only place I've noticed open carry has been at few gun shops I frequent, where the owner and workers will open carry. Understandable, I guess. Other than that, I cannot think of a situation where it would be beneficial for me to open carry under current conditions. If conditions change, I will adapt. I like to limit my risk and keep it simple, which is why I legally conceal carry (bigger fan of Constitutional Carry, but where I live currently I have a better chance of a Unicorn crapping skittles to me). Besides, do a little public people watching and you will notice everybody has their noses in their phones. That's the current bread & circus climate, nobody has situational awareness in public.

Aesop said...

The only thing the dipwads accomplished hereabouts was to get CA to act to pro-actively ban all open carry except while hunting or shooting at a range or on private property, which will likely force the entire state in every county, including L.A. and S.F., to adopt mandatory must-issue CCWs, once the courts break that choice off in the legislature's tailpipe.

Falling off a cliff and accidentally dislodging your head from your back end during the fall is not the same thing as a win, in my book.

billrla said...

I'm not so sure. Some of those farmed Atlantic salmon can get pretty big. And, don't forget killer talapia.

Mike_C said...

I always think of those two morons who swaggered (as much as a 300-lb, boonie hat wearing neckbeard and a stumpy-legged pot dealer [or whatever he was]) into that Chipotle with long guns slung up front.

And +1 to Tactless Wookie's last paragraph.

Bobbookworm said...

Living in AZ, open carry is fairly common and nobody seems to pay much attention. Walmart, Taco Bell, Home Depot...pretty much anytime I go out I see at least one or two OC and in the last year maybe only a couple that needed a slap up side of the head in a bad way. I've tried to watch a few times to see if it made the local natives restless, but seemed like what few looks there were probably fell into the "Is that a ...?" category.

Anonymous said...

Open carry does not, in any way, benefit 2nd Amendment rights.

It is mostly enjoyed by a fringe element. It is rarely complementary. It calls into question the mentality of most who do so.

I once owned one of the largest gun shops in my state.
Life member of the NRA since 1969
Former Ghetto-city PD

Open carry is, in most situations, counter productive.

Unknownsailor said...

Texas Open Carry was infamous for grade A douchebaggery like that. WA has its shares of idiots, too. Like most, I want to trout-slap the douche tards upside the head when they show up to things like that in outfits designed to scare people.

There should be a mandatory dress code for events like that:

Polo shirt with a collar
Pistol only in a retention holster, preferably one like the local cops use
No tee shirts, no tactical gear, and most importantly no fucking rifles

Anonymous said...

Funny, just saw this sketch today actually. Try not to take it too personally, it was pretty funny and fits well here

- BAP45

Anonymous said...

Sorry, gotta swim against the current on this one; with a couple of caveats/questions;
1. What's the purpose?
2. Who's organizing (see #1)?
and yes, there should be a "dress code"
IMO said code is dress nicely and carry sane pieces in good holsters. My own rule for OC is nice-looking gun in GOOD leather - with retention.
Some years ago Virginia had a "restaurant ban"; you couldn't carry concealed in a place that served alcohol - any, ever. You could however carry openly. Our nitwit Delegate said "No one could ever carry openly in a restaurant in my district; they'd be thrown out immediately" or words to that effect. VCDL (as good a gun rights organization as has ever existed - better than nearly any one I can think of) organized open-carry luncheons throughout the district. Photos of neatly dressed, non-moronic carriers in front of said establishments with smiling owners were taken and circulated.
The restaurant ban was overturned, which was the object of the exercise.
My $.02
Boat Guy

Pat H. said...

We don't, yet, have open carry in South Carolina. The only time I want to open carry is in the summer when I'm wearing a T-shirt. Here, I must pull the shirt tail out of my pants and cover the side arm with it to be legal. That places the holster or firearm on my unprotected skin. Not comfortable at all.

Here, at the bunker, I can open carry all I want on my property or any neighbor's property that has given permission.

I have no interest in open carrying to make a statement, even though I have sympathies in that direction. I do think getting people used to seeing normal people with a side arm is a positive thing.

Anonymous said...

Good points. I think that if everyone went about it like that we would never hear about it, but what ee get are tactical neckbeards giving both sides a headache


Reltney McFee said...

I like open carry, only due to the fact that, if my cover garment gets caught up and I inadvertently display my sidearm, that provision of the law protects me from some pearl clutcher going all "EEK!" on me, and providing me the opportunity to explain, slowly and calmly to some nervous officer the breadth/depth/width of my benevolent intentions.

But, to open carry by design? Naw, not for me.

Anonymous said...

Lots of pros to open carry, and it seems to me the only cons involve situations in libturd jurisdictions.
I think the people promoting open carry in some areas are going about it in the wrong way for the most part, but they have the best intentions.
Here in WY, it's not uncommon to see people open carry. No one bats an eye. But we have a culture here that has got past the "horror, my god, he's got a gun" mentality.
It does upset the occasional tourist, but hopefully enlightens them too.
If we are to promote gun rights, our first job is to make guns "not scary" This involves familiarising people with them, and you don't do that until you expose them to guns.

Aesop said...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

You get that the fucktards are coming out of the wordwork in non-libturd jurisdictions (because the lib areas have already banned open carry outright), and their fucktardery is making things worse in gun-friendly locales, and not better?

If you want to make guns "not scary", start off by not bringing 5 of them and looking like Rambonehead.

Guy wants to pack a pistol whilst out angling, fine and dandy.
Most places, something for snakes or larger critters isn't a bad idea anywhere.

Guys shows up at the pier with a shotgun or an AR, unless he's fishing for Great Whites, or at a pier in a gang neighborhood, he's not a gun rights advocate, he's a fuckhead who needs a ball peen stick of knowledge applied to his "rights".

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya.
My point is we should work to de-scary guns. Doing so in a civilised manner requires at the very least showing our firearms to the general public and helping people understand that they're OK.
How we approach that goal is tricky, as you have illustrated, but we need to try.


Divemedic said...

Florida carry has an OC event every few months because Florida law says the only way to OC is under certain exceptions, and fishing is one of them. Florida Carry has this as a way to illustrate how stupid this law is.

A few months ago, the Florida Carry folks were taken down at gunpoint and held for a few hours, despite the fact the Florida Carry had notified the Miami police by snail mail AND email of their rally, and the members were carrying holstered handguns in complete compliance with the law. At least one man was unlawfully detained and his weapon was confiscated. One fisherman was injured and taken to a hospital. At the time, the Miami Beach Police chief said: "Given the current climate, if six people show up to a pier in South Beach carrying guns, our citizens expect us to respond promptly and address any potential danger. We did so, and I am confident our officers acted appropriately."

In response to this unlawful attack on law abiding gun owners, the members who showed up to the next Miami Beach rally were armed with more than handguns. The police grossly overstepped their authority, and they are being sued for their actions. This “Line in the Sand” event was a RETALIATION, and part of that was that “If you illegally messed with people carrying pistols, FINE we’ll carry rifles!”

Guess what? Florida Carry wasn't messed with this time. Message received. Sometimes you have to be rude in order to safeguard your rights.

Anonymous said...

Again gotta point to the exception, Aesop. I live in OC (except for the capital) territory. I frequently open-carry for convenience sake; don't want to/need to wear what Tam (PBUH) refers to as a " gun burka".I wear to the hardware store lumber yard, grocery; wherever my errands take me. I act with tact and courteousy am aware of my surroundings and am ready to answer questions. I am ALWAYS armed ; sometimes openly other times concealed (it's nice to have the option). Winter is coming; I will conceal more because I have to wear more clothes, NOT because OF is stupid or provocative.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

My favorite OC (not "OF") t-shirt reads " My rights don't end where your feelings begin". I get about as many compliments on the short as I do for my grips and leather, which is to say regular and frequent.

Anonymous said...

Geez... "Short" gorram machine

The Gray Man said...

I have stepped out of the OC debate a while back because it disappointed me how many "conservative gun owners" and "gun rights supporters" had convinced themselves that OC should be illegal because "gas station robbers will shoot you first" and other such stupidity. I don't favor jackwagons walking around acting like jackwagons with rifles slung, but I do fully support OC without a permit in every state. We just happen to have a lot of low IQ gun owners who use fear tactics to attack OC, the same fear tactics the left uses to attack the entire concept of gun ownership itself.

The Gray Man said...

I support the actions taken by Florida OC. I wish they had a presence in my neck of the Florida Pine woods, but I haven't found any right wing group that does. Yet.

The Gray Man said...

It sounds a little bit gear snobbish but your statement on the "fail" is true.

With that said, that guy could have done much worse. Like not carrying anything at all. Unfortunately most "conservatives" choose that route.

The Gray Man said...

There are a lot of instances where OC could be beneficial, especially in the wardrobe department. Either way, I'm willing to agree to disagree on that matter, so long as you're not one of the "gas station robbers will shoot you first" guys. In that case, all bets are off because that kind of shit isn't actually happening.

The Gray Man said...

"Ghetto-city PD".

Yes, I'm sure that you don't think that OC is beneficial for us civilian serfs.

The Gray Man said...

Voting at the problem is not sufficient. Florida has a whole legislature stuffed with Republicans and a Republican Governor (for now). Yet they have not advanced a single pro-gun bill in years. This year they did manage to ram through a nice piece of gun control that bars teachers from ever carrying in schools.

Angus McThag said...

Floridians have tried every single thing that all y'all keep telling us works.

None of it does.

But I guess none of you can see that from out of state.

Because all of you do seem to miss that the monthly OC fishing events are dress-code and very understated things. THIS event was because Miami PD went in guns drawn like it was an active shooting when it was just a handful of people with holstered handguns.

As Weer'd says, it was retaliation.

We've been trying stuff that doesn't work, this is, at least something we haven't tried yet.

Something I keep seeing repeated is that the idiots hurt the case, but so very often the idiots are getting what they want.

I will ask again: OK, we're doing it wrong. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?

Nothing? Thought so.

Aesop said...

You're missing the point, and at this point, deliberately:

Clearly, the events are not "dress code and very understated things" if people are toting slung ARs to fucking catch fish.
Game Over.

Is it legal, under FL law?
Hell yes.
Is it dumber than juggling lit road flares in a wading pool full of racing gasoline?
Pretty much.

If you just want to prove something is legal, put on a pair of orange hospital scrubs, have a buddy drop you off on the curb, and sprint away from the Dade County Jail at shift change at your best speed. Videotape it for the class.
Fuck yeah!
Liable to get your ass shot to doll rags, or beaten into the asphalt?
Fuck yeah!
But legal trumps stupid, so go ahead on.

Carry on, and suture self.

Go after the fucktard Miami PD for the prior harassment in court, with IA complaints, and any other means at your disposal; you've got grounds for multiple lawsuits.
But "I got my ass kicked, so I'm going to dare them to kick my ass harder" isn't "retaliation", it's doubling down on stupid.
It's wearing a "Fuck the Pigs!" t-shirt into the cop bar, open-carry toting a shotgun and an AR.
YouTube that one too; comedy gold is where you find it.

Go watch Chris Rock's "How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police", and get back to me when the penny drops.

Just because you haven't tried something doesn't mean you ought to.
Maybe learn a lesson from common sense, and from the example of the 5000 other Open carry fucktards from coast to coast who've BTDT.

So, in answer to WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?, the answer isn't "Nothing", it's "Reminding the OC Crusaders that acting like fucktards is acting like fucktards, and harms gun rights for everyone, everywhere."
So they might wanna put some ice on that before it swells up.

But hey, I could be all wrong, just flipping this kind of shitheadedness off because I secretly hate gun rights, and not because it's simply egregious stupidity in public to no good end whatsoever, so all y'all go ahead and be smarter than everybody else simply suggesting you might want to try doing things that are both legal and smart, instead of legal but horrifically stupid.

And then ask yourself why it is no one's going to give two shits when your fucktards are the next Lavoy Finicum.

Because I'm here to tell you, I'll point and laugh when - not if - it happens.

Not because I'm some kind of Fudd, but because I'm sick of seeing fucktards shit in the pool and ruin the party for everyone.

Now, if after that, you can argue the merits of doing grossly jackassical things because you've exhausted all other possibilities, go on ahead.
I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

Normally I agree with you Aesop but Ned from Wyoming was saying that IN WYOMING, open carry is as normal as breathing. That includes long guns, not just pistols. Why? A TON of hunting goes on there, and there are deer freaking everywhere all over the roads like large land rats. Deer that in sub-zero, windy, low visibility conditions (90% of the time in Wyoming) are a hazard to drivers everywhere. Unlike here in CA, you can't call the local Sheriff to come out and dispatch that deer that just plowed into your car (no joke, they'll jump right in front of moving vehicles), you need to do the deed yourself. In terms of culture, Wyoming and California might as well be on different planets. That state runs on coal, coke (not the sniffing kind), natural gas, ranching, and in Yellowstone, tourism. It's not for the faint-hearted or pussies - they tend to move out. So in Wyoming, if they're open carrying all over creation, nobody bats an eye. That's what Ned was trying to say - if it's NORMAL, it becomes background noise. Most of California is far too city for that though, and we get the import pussies at a fast rate, so it won't ever be normal here.

Unknown said...

So let me get this straight, because we chose to have an open carry event to make our plight known, we are somehow idiots hurting the cause? The Supreme Court has affirmed that the right to bear arms is in open carry. Conceal carry is a privilege and you must apply for permission and pay the state for the permission. So where is the right we're supposed to have? In Florida we don't have that right except for a couple of exceptions to the privilege of concealed carry. So if a shirt blows and exposes our firearm or it's so hot that it's uncomfortable (Florida remember) we are subject to arrest. According to you all we should just suck it up and be quite little serfs not rocking the boat. We've tried that since 1987 when the took open carry right away from us in exchange for the conceal carry privilege (thank you Janet Reno) and we have been fighting ever since to get our right back. So you geniuses tell me, what other options do we have? We have exhausted every other manner and frankly are sick of it. I'm also sick of hearing from people who have the option to open carry if they want (which is all we are asking for) telling us what we are doing is stupid. Why don't you move here and try to deal with concealing a firearm in 100 degree weather, sweating and rusting your defensive firearm and then tell us what we are doing is stupid. Oh yeah and so much for carrying a reasonable sized firearm in shorts and a T-shirt, you get to carry a single stack 9mm or .380... yay! So you all know what you can do with your "opinions"...

Aesop said...

Then in Wyoming, it could be that it makes sense.
Which is not Florida.
Amidst effing beachside communities, on public piers and such.
Which is a metric fuckton of places in Florida.

Which, cleverly, is what I was talking about.

Not Wyoming.
Or California.
Or 57 other states.

You may, perhaps, have heard the ages-old phrase that begins, "When in Rome..."
It always applies.

There are places all over the country with a deer problem like Wyoming's.
Curiously, none of those places are downtown Miami.
Or most of coastal Califrutopia.

By definition, if you couldn't hit a house with a deer rifle from where you're standing at the time, the only person seeing you open carry a long arm is you, and thus open carry of same is normal, and there's no one else with whom to "normalize" the situation.

But when you're on a public pier, with a few thousand boats and passerby in constant view from mere feet away, I would dare to suggest a somewhat different sensibility might apply.

Once upon a time, so I'm told, even the most outrageously flamboyantly gay people understood the ethical precept "Don't scare the straights", i.e. there is some conduct that doesn't belong on the street, no matter how gay you are, not because it's illegal, but simply because you're pissing off the bystanders whose votes you'll be looking for someday, and on that day, such stupidity and obnoxiousness has consequences.

Despite the fact the Gomorrah By The Bay seldom follows that precept nowadays, the greater point that you might want to be smarter than a bag of hammers still applies to a host of other situations, and carrying ARs on single-point slings whilst nominally trying to snag a perch or rock bass within a stone's throw of megayachts and condos might reasonably follow to be considered one such occasion.

If you're on safari in the African or Alaskan bush, having a rifle on your shoulder isn't a political statement, it's a survival strategy.
Doing the same thing when you're going to Taco Bell for a burrito, or grabbing a cuppa at the local greasy spoon, on crowded downtown streets, anyfuckingwhere, is simply being a public jackass, with a pathologic "Look At Me!" complex.

It deserves the assbeating that follows, in ten out of ten cases, simply because being a jackass is being a jackass.

So if a reasonable gun owner, who despite living in Califrutopia owns enough hardware to equip a full company of irregulars or take over any given banana republic most weeks, and who thinks the second amendment applies to crew-served weaponry and field artillery (like they had stowed at Lexington and Concord, btw, and the exact historical context of said constitutional amendment) is telling you you're being a jackass, what do you suppose the average response among the 50% or so of America who doesn't own guns, even in a highly red state, will be?

Nobody's saying pull your pants down, get anally raped without lube, and hand over your firearms.
We're saying stop pulling your pants down and waving your Johnson at the cops in town. Because you're going to get arrested, anally raped with no lube, and have your guns taken away.

If being smart is too hard for some, they should go through life with plenty of lube, because they're going to spend a lot of life getting anally raped.

Choose wisely.

Aesop said...

@Unknown Butthurt:
Nobody's telling you what to do.
We're telling you that being a fucktard is being a fucktard.
It doesn't matter what the outside temperature is.

There's a mechanism for changing your fucking laws.
If trying that until you succeed is too hard, and your panties are to tight, and your diapers too full, to try that approach, to the point that you'd rather be assholes than win, ROWYBS.
And pack plenty of KY for your next GF, named Bubba.

And when being assholes doesn't work either, try setting yourselves on fire.
I'll gladly send you the matches.
(If you'll YouTube it, I'll spring for gasoline money too. People who insist on making their malfunction self-correcting are always my heroes, and I need a laugh as much as the next guy.)

And please, if you're going to be assholes in public, wear a Hillary t-shirt and a Bernie Sanders button.
Not a MAGA hat or an NRA patch.

Just saying.

Otherwise, best wishes with your "You should support us, because fuck you all, that's why!" campaign.
See if you can guess how that polls in focus groups of the people that even listen to you with an open mind, and then extrapolate that to how it comes across to the other 75% of America that won't even go that far.

If Florida really wanted to set an example, Marco ScrewYoubio wouldn't ever have been a US senator. Even as a joke. But I can absolutely promise you that Fineswine and Hairass were elected from here as our way of saying thanks to the other 48 for sending us your toothless, banjo-playing kinfolks.

And your state is purpling up nicely. So let me assure you, from a formerly red state, you have so much more to look forward to, your current antics and situation are going to be looked upon as the good old days, in short order. Keep setting yourselves on fire. That'll show TPTB.

Anonymous said...

I first noticed open carry March 16, 2013 when my friend CJ Grisham was arrested for legally carrying a rifle down a mostly rural road in Temple, Texas. I watched the saga unfold. Texans began carrying rifles inside Walmart, Target, the grocery store, etc to bring awareness to his plight, as rifles were unregulated and open carry of handguns was illegal at that time. Well, the NRA called them kooks and worse. But when grassroots guns rights organizations like Open Carry Texas were able to make the legislature of Texas see that people would most likely stop carrying rifles everywhere if they were allowed to more comfortably carry openly their handguns, a deal was struck and open carry in Texas was reborn. The bill was enacted June 13, 2015, and took effect on January 1, 2016. For almost 3 years... NO PROBLEMS and less rifles.

Back then I didn't just sit on the sidelines here in FL. I searched for an open carry group in my area and found one. I when fishing with some fine patriotic people. During these outings I heard of Florida Carry Inc. I became a sponsoring paid member. I've been fishing with them. I started volunteering my time with them. I went camping with them. I've attended rallies in Tallahassee with them. This year I'm planning on lobbying with them directly with our representatives.

Florida Carry Inc has always limited their events to holstered handguns only UNTIL Rick Scott failed to veto the ill advised SB7026 where politicians decided to enact laws that banned bump stocks, expand Baker Acts and domestic violence injunctions with RED FLAG Risk Protection Orders, and most egregiously stripped the right of 18,19,and 20 year olds to buy shotguns and long guns to defend their homes and families! So, in Ocala we began allowing rifles at all of our events. No issues.

Now, we knew Miami Beach is a liberal haven, so we took pity on the snowflakes and started them off easy with holstered handguns. We care about human life and did not want to give the poor saps heart attacks. Well, apparently 6 guys with holstered handguns and copies of the law printed out for you to read was just too much for the park ranger to process properly. So, HE (not anyone else on the pier) called the police. The Miami Beach PD could have strolled up and had a conversation with my friends on South Pointe Pier just like the Park Ranger had. Instead, they chose to use the aggravated assault guns drawn approach on lawful citizens. Well, for 2 hours in handcuffs in the hot sun, my friends waited for the police department to train themselves in what the law actually was and realized they were trying to enforce something that was not in the law. They were forced to cut my friends loose and returned their firearms.

Well, the police chief said on TV they did nothing wrong and would do it again because they will protect their citizens (who never called the 1st time).

Thus, the Line in the Sand event was planned. Rifles were included. Calmness ensued. Until I read your drivel.

Oh, and it is spelled duelling.


Aesop said...

Gee, thanks for the spelling correction (serves me right for posting in haste; did they cover "arrant pedantry" on your SATs, or will you need to look that one up?), and the calm response to why Stupid Is the New Black, Dennis.
Until I read the "drivel" line.
Because knee-jerk ad hominem always impresses me.

So having established this was just one group's butthurt (however justified), all y'all decided being egregious public assholes was the smart course, and proved the other side's point from way back, that you're simply not bright enough to be allowed in public, lacking any basic appreciation for the consequences of your actions.

Do you have a beef with both the asshole park ranger and the MPD?
Fuck yeah.
Could you have done eleventy things legal and smart, to make your point without looking like butthurt jackasses?
Hell yeah!
But why do that, and where's the fun in silly old legal challenges to illegal conduct, when the Delta House Cake Float approach is so much easier?

Best wishes with the scorn you deserve, and earned.
"Common sense was working, until one time it didn't, so we elected to be bigger shitheads."

Well played.

RSR said...

CJ Grisham is a fraud and a fool. See Michael Yon for more reasons, than just open carry, as to why.

Anonymous said...


Just because an obsessed liar lives and breathes to slander someone doesn’t mean you should believe them.
Michael Yon is an unhinged individual.