Wednesday, October 31, 2018


You were going to get carved jack-o-lanterns, but it wasn't scary enough, so I went with witches instead.

Sorry about your lunch, but a little baking soda and seltzer water should get most of that out without needing dry cleaning.

"The horror. The horror..."
Because in fall, the dead arise and prank the living, and frightful undead creatures shriek at and torment innocent bystanders.

For Republicans, that's called Halloween.
For Democrats, it's called Election Day.

Happy Halloween.


June J said...

Three out of four of these scary, crazy democrat women are from California. Felonia Von Pantsuit must be a honorary Californian.

I wish they all could be Venezuela girls. (sing along now) I wish they all could be Venezuela girls.

Moggy said...

Oh, please add Oprah Winfrey to the ghoul list...she is campaiging in Georgia for an anti-American sister.

Aesop said...


Pelosi is from Baltimore MD.
Waters is from St. Louis MO.
They're just congressweasels from California.
The only actual Californian in the picture is Fineswine; the high-functioning one(Shrillary, as always, is a lifelong carpetbagger.)

Nice try.

When I write about all y'all's toothless banjo-playing kinfolk who've fornicated up the Golden State and turned it into a Turd World sh*thole, now you know to whom I'm referring.

Popular Front said...

Every time I see a picture of Maxine Waters she always looks like someone next to her just farted.

Anonymous said...

I know there's something I can take to ease the pain after seeing all those pictures, but I just can't keep anything down right now.
Maybe I'll go to the range.

June J said...

Pelosi is from Baltimore MD.
Waters is from St. Louis MO.

Sorry didn’t have time to do the research for actual origins..

Funny though that both of those cities are on the way to achieving socialist status.

Don’t take my comment wrong,I loved California back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Even the signs in yards that said “Dogs and Sailors keep off the grass”!
Best trip ever was driving the Pacific Coast Highway in my MG Midget from Malibu to San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and around the north bay to Vallejo.

Aesop said...

No harm.
Barbara Boxer and (recalled) Gov. Gray Davis were both from NYFC.
CA takes all the heat for every other state's fuck-ups, just because they came here to screw it up.

I've only said about a thousand times, you own your a-holes, and we'll take the heat for the homegrown 'tards like Moonbeam and Fineswine.

Except for the fact that it's mostly carpetbaggers and illegals who vote our worst offenders into office in the first place.

I always wonder why, if they love the socialism so much, they didn't move to Cuba.

Popular Front said...

Agree JJ. Hwy101 is a great road to ride. I did it in reverse direction years ago on my motorcycle, Sausalito over the Golden Gate, SF on down through San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Solvang, Santa Barbara and in to LA. Sold my bike and jumped on a plane going back to Sydney. A happy time but I'm not so sure I'd want to do it today.

idahobob said...

Noe, those witches are truly scary!

Scott halloween said...

Halloween hides a secret heart.
Inside every tradition is a lesson.
Halloween teaches one of the most important lessons the West ever learned.
Winter is coming.
Capitalists ,snug in their homes, with so many provisions that they can afford to hand out FOOD to tiny threatening communist thugs who hide in cowardly masks .
The costumes used to represent the fate of the unprepared.
Forced to beg and threaten the commies go door to door as the dead, or a person consumed by Satan, or an unknown terror.
Relying on the generosity of the capitalist who had the foresight to plan.
This holiday has Nothing to do with the worship of the dead, or religion, *NOTHING*.
This holiday is the celebration of our discovering how to plan ahead and what happens to those who don’t.
This is the fable of the creation of the West.
We send our unaccompanied children in to the dark to experience this lesson, to be handed a charity that won’t last the winter, to beg from strangers, with all the related freedoms and dangers involved, and to learn to retaliate if they feel cheated.
Chaotically running from place to place to get “enough”.
My generation learned the hidden lesson ,we matured and outgrew the night naturally and became the planers, the givers of charity.
Today, it continues into adulthood as each person forgets the lesson and continues to demand free valueless crap, confident the doors will always open to their threats.
The lesson is forgotten.
Winter is coming.
And death sweeps in on bitter winds.
Halloween has become corrupted, like Christmas, to mean something else, but it’s hidden heart still beats for those who want to hear.