Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Backpedalling

The Centers for Disease Control and Not-So-Much Prevention on Wednesday announced that all travelers arriving in the U.S. from the three Ebola-stricken African countries will be subject to a 21-day monitoring program.
The expansive new rules apply to anyone returning from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea -- not just those who hold passports from those nations. This would include American journalists, health care workers and travelers.
Returning travelers will have to give authorities an address, two phone numbers and two email addresses, as well as the address and contact of a personal contact. They will get kits and be required to take their temperatures once per day and report to public health authorities, for 21 days. 
The program will start Monday in six states: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Georgia.
So if you live in the other 44 states, or for anyone who comes here before next Monday, well, too bad, bitches.
But there's still more!

The Centers for Disease Control and Not-So-Much Prevention on Wednesday announced new measures to monitor for Ebola anyone entering the United States from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea for a 21-day period. Under the measures starting Monday, travelers from the three West African countries will be expected to check in with health officials every day and report their temperatures and any Ebola symptoms through the 21-day period, the CDC said.

Because that plan has worked so well when we ask illegal aliens to come back for their deportation hearings in six months.

In other news, the CDC has said that it would also like world peace, and a pony.

I'm betting one more active Ebola case here, and the gate slams down for good, and full isolation quarantines go into effect before anyone is allowed to enter the U.S.
Just like 20-30 other countries have figured out already, and like everyone used to do this here before we got all PC-stupid, endangering the public health and safety of the entire nation.


Percy said...

More self-reporting. Always a good idea when saying the wrong thing is going to have consequences you don't want. Another great thing about our new airline passenger checking scheme is that it seems to ignore all the other passengers who were on the plane with one who turns out to have had Ebola all along. When that turns up, what about them and those who've been in contact with them? More self-reporting? Or have I missed something?

Sherm said...

The CDC's a fairly normal government agency that only grows and accrues power and funding through finding or making additional work for themselves. Therefore, any solution they field has to involve the CDC. Better it is involved in new and more expensive ways. Best in new and expensive ways that give them control over more people.

A quarantine outside the country does none of these things. Turning sick people loose around the country, potentially, does them all. Win!

(Well, except for those fools not part of the CDC. Suckers!)

Aesop said...

And that it might kill a few (or thousands of) unlucky souls never enters the equation.

GamegetterII said...

The gate needs to be slammed now-before imported Ebola man or woman #2 arrives,infects staff at another unprepared hospital,and more nurses decide it's a good idea to spend the weekend in NE Ohio-and there's more people sweating out the 21 days-or someone shows with Ebola after the 21 days have passed.

It's beyond stupid to continue to allow anyone who has been in W. Africa to enter the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Just for a laugh, as a form of protest performance journalism at the next CDC press conference participants could cough a lot, stagger around a bit, self-induce a little projectile vomiting and watch CDC heads explode.

Anonymous said...

@gamegetter, Agree wholeheartedly on slamming the gate shut. Unfortunately I don't think the "folks" on top of the American Sheeple want that.

"It's beyond stupid to continue to allow anyone who has been in W. Africa to enter the U.S."

Why yes, yes it is. In fact a thinking man might suspect foul play as I think you do here. It's hard to imagine someone being that foul, that evil. Imagine it because they are and they mean to kill a slew of us.