Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thought For The Day

Allowing for the fudge factor of "official" Ebola numbers, and the 8-day lag between numbers from Oct. 8th:

There are more people dead from Ebola in Liberia alone right now, than the total number of people who even had it worldwide one month ago.


Anonymous said...

So this just dawned on me and I'm not a tin foil hat wearer, but I certainly do scrutinize the MSM.

With the midterms coming up in 3 weeks and every poll showing the Dems on the verge of losing the Senate, I can't help but wonder if the MSM Ebola frenzy isn't a way to get people to avoid crowds like say voting booths. We all know it's a more involved/educated/wealthier/whiter crowd of citizens that vote during midterms and these are the exact sorts of people that would purposely lessen their risks of exposure in crowded public places. The exact sort of people that let the media talk them into invading Iraq with a smile.

Do I believe this? Hell if I know, but it is curious timing. Might explain letting Vinson fly across the country to spread fear.

A Texan said...

But, but, but...only 1 person died here, and the 2 more that have it are being treated. What are you worried about? (/dripping, morbid sarcasm)

Normalcy bias is going to kill many thousands of people BEFORE the government even begins to get serious. Then we'll see if it is too late (and given the record of government in general, let alone these fucktarded assclowns, I'm not holding my breath waiting for a miracle).

Percy said...

Just hazarding a guess, there's no indication that public concern about Ebola has reached the hysterical level necessary to keep people out of voting booths (or grocery stores,. movie theaters, or any other damned place they care to go) -- even "more involved/educated/wealthier/white" people. Sure, the latter are the most likely to lessen risks by reducing exposure to crowds when they think that such exposure is or might be dangerous, but that is not the case right now. I'm unduly fixated on what's happening with this thing compared with others around me, but even I am not deterred from going anywhere -- except, say, West Africa -- and mixing with anyone, and have a hard time even imagining that this might change. (I confess, though, that I had reservations about a fiend continuing a stay in Dallas right now because I have no idea what might be done to interfere with public free movement there if a blotch of new Dallas cases were to show up -- not yet an impossibility.) Will concern rise to such a level by voting day in November? Not unless we come up with lots of new American Ebola cases in various places by then. New cases in Liberia, even thousands of them, won't do it.

Percy said...

(Sorry! Meant "friend.")

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not worried and seem to be a bit more focused than those around me. I do not watch TV news, so it caught me by surprise to see them blowing it so out of proportion. Well... Not really for advertising's sake, but yeah.

Anyways, 21 days is right when the next crop of cases should be popping up after the "the flight". Even if not real, they could certainly come up with mass suspected cases all thru the Midwest the day before the polls open. Sinister for sure, but why let this much disaster and fear go to waste? They really only need 12hrs of people pissing their pants on the 5th.

Time to put a reminder on my calendar to see what news pops up on the 3rd & 4th. I'll make sure and have some popcorn on hand just in case. :)

Anonymous said...


Is anyone concerned that a lot of Ebola-laden vomit, pee and poop were flushed into the Dallas sewer system? I ask, because of a concern that the rats down there could become a natural reservior for it, like the fruit bats in Africa.