Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spina Deliquus

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has loosened restrictions for the mandatory, 21-day quarantining of medical workers returning from West Africa that he and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered Friday.
Cuomo said Sunday night that the health care workers will be quarantined at home and receive twice-daily monitoring from medical professionals. The state will also pay for any lost compensation, if they are not paid by a volunteer organization. On Friday, Cuomo had said the workers would be held in a government-regulated facility.
The governor had criticized Dr. Craig Spencer, who tested positive for Ebola on Thursday, for not obeying a 21-day voluntary quarantine.
On Sunday, he struck a more conciliatory tone, calling the health care workers "heroes" and saying his administration would encourage more medical workers to volunteer to fight Ebola.
In other words, any relation between earlier statements and actual policy was entirely unintentional. And BTW, if you live in NY, the governor just agreed to subsidize every do-gooder who flies to Africa to treat Ebola, on your behalf. Evidently there's no such thing as a legislature or due process in NY State, either.

No word on when Cuomo will be inviting those probably-maybe-we-hope-not-so-much-contagious heroic returning healthcare workers to sleepover in the Governor's mansion, but betting on "When Hell freezes over" is probably a safe bet. After all, he's important; the rest of New York, not so much.

One more whiny-ass crybaby nurse, and his next announcement will probably be that NY will be adopting an entire town of Ebola patients, and bringing them back to the Empire State for some of that free healthcare too. Perhaps the governor could take them for dining and some bowling.

When I said Cuomo was a moron, I was clearly misunderestimating his utter lack of common sense. If you're looking for something to get for him this Christmas, perhaps an English dictionary, with the word "QUARANTINE" underlined wouldn't go amiss.

I'm assuming he can find someone in Albany literate enough to read it to him.


Miles said...

The partai is of more import than anything else.
The snews was all about Cuomo and Christie getting blowback from Obama's lapdogs.
I (sorta) wondered who would cave first. It was no surprise.

Anonymous said...

New York quarantine rules described at the NYT

"Family members will be allowed to stay, and friends may visit with the approval of health officials."

Also, parties will be strictly limited to 100 people, all of whom must reside within 10 miles of the home of the suspected Ebola carrier.

In addition...

Aesop said...

Like the Pirates' Code, they're really more just guidelines...

Robin Datta said...


Able said...

Any word on who will fund the rehoming of all the neighbours of said angelic health workers who decide living next door (remember, these aren't going to be in a nice detached mansion, but in apartments in the main) to 'potential' Ebola central is not to their liking?


I thought so.

People are not rational at the best of times let alone if forced to live next door to such a potential risk. It's almost as if they 'want' the mob to be unleashed.