Sunday, October 12, 2014

ER Soundtrack 4.0: Music To Treat Ebola By

I've been cross-posting my Ebola posts from here to my medical bog.
Turn-about is fair play.

Over there, from time to time I've posted a few ER soundtracks of apropos tunes.
So I'm bringing this one over here from there.

Have a happy Sunday.

"I Feel Fine" by the Beatles
"The Waiting" by Tom Petty
"Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) " by Robert Palmer
"I've Got You Under My Skin" by Frank Sinatra
"Toxic"  by Britney Spears
"Leave Me Alone" by Michael Jackson
"Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" by Johnny Rivers
"U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer
"Love Potion Number 9" by the Searchers
"Leave Me Alone" by Helen Reddy
"Your Love Is My Drug" by Ke$ha
"Doctor, Doctor" by the Thompson Twins
"Look But Don't Touch" by Katy Perry
"Feel A Whole Lot Better" by the Byrds
"Contagious" by the Isley Brothers
"You Look Like Something I Killed" by the Tangerines
"DOA" by Foo Fighters
"It's The End Of The World" by R.E.M.
"Run For Your Life" by the Beatles

h/t to Zebra Dun for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

You missed the best: "Poison" by Alice Cooper.

BTW.... Government priorities alert.

KC said...

How about
Here at the End the World - just needs a new verse about ebola.
by David Rovics
Standin' here on a highway turned into a lake
Born on this planet that I didn't make
The ice caps are melting, you can measure the rise
Of the poisoned oceans, hear all the lies
Of the political pundits and corporate crooks
Their accountants and scientists cooking the books
With hardly an inkling of what it's about
Wedded to profit in flood and in drought
I'm talkin' to you from here at the end of the world

Standin' here on the bayou amidst mountains of soil
Washed up farmland covered in oil
One ton every acre lost every year
And along with the pesticides, it ends up right here
Millions of miles of chemical wheat
Challenging all that try to compete
And lay waste to your country like we've done to ours
Let them eat coffee, sugar, coca and flowers
I'm talkin' to you from here at the end of the world

Here in the city shrouded in smoke
Ten million people this morning awoke
To a future of cancer, industrial disease
So let's build some more suburbs and buy SUVs
Cut down the mountains, burn all the coal
And put all the money in a humongous bowl
They'll call it progress and they'll blame it on you
To end life as we know it to enrich the few
I'm talkin' to you from here at the end of the world

Yes I speak to you now from an occupied place
You might call it your home or a terrorist base
They'll send your sons and your daughters to make sure that it's theirs
While they sit in their mansions in plush leather chairs
And everyone's waiting for us to decide
In dust we were born and in dust we reside
Will we realize the commons is to shepherd and share
Here in this war zone called land, water and air?
I'm talkin' to you from here at the end of the world
I'm talkin' to you from here at the end of the world

Anonymous said...

You forgot "Infected" by The The, ca. 1987