Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

CNN - Five Ways The CDC Got It Wrong (So Far)

1. The CDC is telling possible Ebola patients to "call a doctor."
2. The CDC director says any hospital can care for Ebola patients.
3. The CDC didn't encourage the "buddy system" for doctors and nurses.
4. CDC didn't encourage doctors to develop Ebola treatment guidelines.
5. The CDC put too much trust in protective gear.

So many of the details at the story sound so familiar...
It's like deja vu all over again.

Hey, CNN, welcome to the party! It's a big story, maybe you should cover it.

Seriously, it's nice of them to start to get on this. It could even catch on and become a thing.

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Anonymous said...

Like so many in the media, they are essentially clueless on a wide variety of subjects...and the more technical, the more stupid they are.

They universally discount warnings from anyone with whom they disagree, mainly because they simply cannot face the facts and because some "trusted source" (like the White House press secretary - he doesn't have much of an agenda in ANY administration, does he?) says, "Nah, nothing to worry about here, we know all about it and are handling it."

Then, finally, the morons wake up at some point (kind of like the kid who's told countless times to look both ways when crossing the street (and never does), who wakes up when the Mack truck is 30 feet away bearing down at him going 50 mph with the airhorn blowing)...IOW, too damned late. Then they think that they're the world's greatest geniuses (genii?) and sit around either criticizing someone and/or lamenting the terrible state we're in because of X problem.

This is why I firmly believe that those who go to journalism school are almost universally the bottom-of-the-class, pot-smoking morons who can't figure out anything else to do besides digging ditches, and they don't want to do manual labor.

FYI, I cut my teeth on press stupidity/dishonesty on the issues of automobiles and guns, 2 subjects about which I know a fair amount (without being any kind of expert), and issues about which the press routinely screws up (at best) or has an agenda to stuff down Joe and Jane Sixpack's throats. Screw them all.

On the Ebola issue, while I feel badly for the cameraman with Ebola and his family (though I question his motivations and the "convenient) fact that he became an NBC employee one day before the infection was "discovered"), in a way I'm glad - ONLY because maybe this disease affecting one of their own will make the morons actually INVESTIGATE what is happening (and question why certain actions were not, and will not, ordered). In short, now they have some skin in the game.