Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Princess MiMi Crybaby About To Get Second Spanking

A nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa before being briefly and controversially quarantined in New Jersey could be the focus of a new battle over state health policy as she returns to her home state of Maine.
Kaci Hickox left a Newark hospital on Monday and was expected to arrive in the northern Maine town of Fort Kent early Tuesday. Maine health officials have already announced that Hickox is expected to comply with a 21-day voluntary in-home quarantine put in place by the state's governor, Paul LePage.
However, one of Hickox's lawyers, Steve Hyman, said he expected her to remain in seclusion for only the "next day or so" while he works with Maine health officials. He said he believes the state should follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that require only monitoring, not quarantine, for health care workers who show no symptoms after treating Ebola patients.

LePage defended the quarantine in a news release Monday, saying that state officials must be "vigilant in our duty to protect the health and safety of all Mainers." Adrienne Bennett, a spokeswoman for the governor, told the Portland Press Herald that authorities would take "appropriate action" if Hickox does not comply with the quarantine, though she did not specify what that action might be.
Word to your mother, MiMi: Maine isn't Joisy. That governor doesn't sound like you're getting his lunch money, and is about to jump on your stupid ass with both feet. And this time, it sounds like they won't send a spokeshole, they'll send armed deputies, and your ass will be nailed inside the damn house.
STFU and take your medicine, or your next quarantine may well be the new isolation bed in the county lockup.
State nursing licensure boards tend to view those sorts of legal entanglements as the sort of thing that has a direct bearing on your ongoing fitness and suitably for "the continued practice of nursing", in a professionally influential way.

And if friend-boy cohabitates with Hickox during her enforced quarantine, U. Maine-Fort Kent, where he's a nursing student, has announced they will refuse him access to campus, which will have a teensy affect on his continued nursing school education there. Like get him suspended and then dropped from the program, and have to ask for re-admission next semester, typically. He may not get back in for some time, given how impacted such programs are.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, kids.
And nota bene that despite screwing up the execution, the tally is now 9 states using the Q-word, while D.C. has dithered.


idahobob said...

Send the bitch back to West Africa. On another note, send Obama with her.


Ken said...

Beyond the CDC connection, I suspect they are setting Nurse Kaci up as a #WarOnWomen cudgel against Gubnor Krispykreme in '16.

Boon Vickerson is out there said...

This is the hope and change so many suicidal fools voted for, twice.
Politicize everything, even if it means the death of millions. It is the statists preferred method of population reduction. No need for arms confiscation, rounding up enemies of the state for liquidation, even comprehensive Marshal law, just let the Big E do your genocide. Bill Ayers must be rubbing his hands together in glee. And all the fucking psychopath and his fellow red diaper megalomaniacs need to do is let the useful dupes kill themselves off through suicidal utter stupidity. Special snowflakes indeed.

This shit is on like Donkey Kong.

WiseCaveOwl said...

"nurse" nancy hasn't got it. She's just another CDC apparatchick, cashing 6-figures for doing nothing, and during her sojourn in W. Africa was nowhere near the Ebola'd

Grouch, MD said...

I think I would hesitate in sending her to jail. Jail is already a hotbed of infection; it's THE place to be if you want tuberculosis, for example. I'd say you were setting up a disaster to send her to jail.

Now a hard lockdown on her house, that's better. And then she can pay for the hazmat cleanup when she comes down with the disease.

I am intrigued by the suggestion of repatriating folks with the virus back to their country of origin. I see some good and bad coming out of that, but still, worth reflecting on...

Aesop said...

I'm figuring that the Port Kent ME hoosegow is probably an Andy-Griffith style three hole cellbay, that could be deconed with ease with a Hudson sprayer full of 10% bleach solution after her sojourn.

Of course, they could always put her in a tent behind barbed wire, and pump in warmed air, and I wouldn't holler.

Emily Disraeli said...

The PTB really think we are ALL morons and can be fed BS controlled information and think it's gospel. Whinny bitch is working for the CDC, http://gotnews.com/ebola-nurse-complaining-quarantine-left-wing-democrat-cdc-employee/.

We know they really want to be able to put us all under medical marital law at sometime in the future. They are just trying to make us chase our own tails and become completely confused.

Please, please Mr. .Gov give us quarantine, it's for the children don'tcha know.

Anonymous said...

Aesop or Grouch,

I hate to jump topic, but would you guys be willing to post on what we might expect as far as non-human vectors once this thing goes native in North America?

I've seen written that horses and dogs can be asymptomatic carriers, and I was left uncertain about whether rodents and swine would show symptoms or not, but I gather that they are all carriers. Do you guys expect that there may be a need to revise the term, "bushmeat" to our locale? Are we doomed to veganism?

How about insects? Houseflies land on everything, particularly the nastiest of the nasty. From what I understand, a fraction of a drop of shit or vomit would carry millions of virus units, and that it doesn't take many units to cause infection. I am thinking flies on the eyes of animals (domestic or otherwise), food and food prep areas, doorknobs, and the whole shebang. How about ticks and mosquitoes? I'd imagine this has been studied, but I have yet to see it definitively addressed with authority of the non-fuckpuppet sort.

I'd like to wrap my head around this, and either write it off or add it to the "aww shit" list now, while communications and research are still possible with the ease of a few keystrokes and a click.

Thanks for all you guys are doing. Stay safe and please keep up the good work.

Very respectfully,


Aesop said...

We don't even know the non-human vectors now, for Africa, after 48 years of research.

We don't know where the virus lives in Africa between outbreaks; we have only some educated guesses.

We don't know how it gets from the Loch Ness Ebola Monster host or whatever it is, and into humans, anywhere, ever.

And we really don't know exactly how it gets transmitted between humans, except deductively, and from non-human primate studies. We just have a lot of empirical evidence and clinically-based suspicions.

Guessing about those other answers here, after 9 patients only in clinical settings, would be like printing travel brochures about the climate and geography of planets in other solar systems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nurse Filthy Scum should have her nursing license revoked and then be tossed in a small jail cell for the entirety of her 21 day quarantine. She couldn't hack it in W. Africa and from the looks of it about have a nervous breakdown there. Looks like she has gone full blown nuts here in the states. I hope Maine revokes her license, arrests her and throws her in jail. I hope her parents are proud of the fucking selfish asshole they raised. I'd be ashamed of her if she were my daughter!

Swanie said...

That picture just cracks me up.