Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flick Pick: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
(Warner Bros., 1994)

The first of three films that made 1994 The Year Jim Carrey Owned (one of the others featured yesterday), Carrey went big-time in this breakout hit that made him a comedy superstar, managed to make Sean Young look unattractive (no small achievement at the time), and raked in a paltry $100M for a modest $15M in budget. This is how actors get callbacks. Still works for me, especially today, when I could really use a laugh.

Today marks the 366th Flick Pick, concluding my selection of a year's worth of Movies You Should Watch. (I threw in a bone for future leap years.) It is 100% perfectly correct in describing my 366 favorite films, in no order. Though in no small number, both the general public and the Motion Picture Academy all seem to agree. If you found some new ones you liked, I'm happy to have helped.
If you disagree with any or all of them, the beauty of ice cream is that you get to pick your own flavors.
Rock on with your bad selves with my blessing, because it's still (mostly) a free country.
Future movie reviews will be of more current fare, in the increasingly desert-like environment that feature films have become, assuming I can find one either worth my nickel and yours, or worth the effort to thoroughly skewer to save you a buck.
Feel free to click the Movie Of the Day label to find them all. Maybe in late December/early January I'll post the entire list for reference purposes.
Now I'll have to go back to finding something else to write about every day, which was what made it a great blog-writing discipline to do, but the payoff now is I can watch anything else I like, which wasn't always the case given my time constraints over the past year.

Motion pictures are a uniquely American art form, and IMHO, one of the greatest and most incredible forms of both pure entertainment and cultural expression in human history. Whether you go to see them for high-brow or low-brow reasons, or both, the important thing is that you see them. I don't care if you see them at the Cineplex, on your living room big screen, iPad, smartphone, or have them streamed into your optic nerve, as long as you aren't bootlegging pirated copies from China. (In which latter case, I hope your thieving retinas rot out, and you get dick cancer. Just saying.) People both good and evil work long and hard to make them for you, and the only thanks that's really necessary is that you paid for a ticket, and if it was worth it, maybe told a friend. My small and very ancillary part thus far in the industry has nonetheless managed to feed me and keep a roof over my head for a notable span of my life, due entirely to the kindness of strangers who still enjoy sitting in a room full of other people and seeing what we've created. For that support, and your continued interest in the medium, my sincere thanks.

See you at the theatre, seven rows up from the back row, center.

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RandyGC said...

Thanks for this batch of free ice cream.

Found a few I'm going to have to look up either because I missed them when overseas, came out when getting a baby sitter wasn't economically feasible, or didn't catch my attention enough to pay theater prices when they came out.

Given that we could spend a good solid week of movie "nights" (probably closer to 24/7) on ones we agree on, I doubt I'll be disappointed.