Wednesday, October 29, 2014

California Says "Me Eleven!"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California health officials on Wednesday ordered any recent travelers to the state from an Ebola affected country who have had contact with an infected patient to be quarantined for 21 days.
Sorry, President Obola, but when you've lost Governor Moonbeam and the leadership of Califrutopia, you've lost the ball game.
"Quarantine" is the new black.
Suck it, @$$clowns.


Anonymous said...

Hotel Kalifornia.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kalifornistan! We will quarantine anyone from a third world cesspool that has been exposed to ebola with the exception of illegal aliens who will promptly be given drivers licenses and voter ID cards.

Andrew said...

Of course, I assume this is still on the "honor" system, if one flies in from Plague-Land, and they check the forms correctly like Duncan, they're in like Flynn?

Unless they worked with Doctors Without, Borders, then Quarantine away.

Secret Code:

nsaryrig secrets. Sounds like a tell-all book about a Chinese politician.