Friday, October 31, 2014

No Public Contact - Updated! Twice!!

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who insists she is Ebola-free after a stint in West Africa helping people suffering from the deadly disease, can probably continue to ride her bike and go outside, but movies, shopping and riding the bus are out under a court order issued Friday by a judge in Maine.
Hickox had said she will defy the state's effort to impose a 21-day quarantine on her, prompting state officials to go to district court, where Judge Charles LaVerdiere ruled Friday that the nurse must face some restrictions. But the judge's order bars her from using "long distance commercial conveyances or local public conveyances," forbids her from showing up at shopping centers or movie theaters and mandates she maintains a three-foot distance from others when outside.
"This decision has critical implications for {Hickox's} freedom, as guaranteed by the U.S. and Maine Constitutions, as well as the public's right to be protected from the potential severe harm posed by transmission of this devastating disease," LaVerdiere wrote in the two-page decision.
Violate that one, MiMi Crybaby, and your next stop is the Graybar Motel.
Hopefully this gets the whiny self-entitled little jackass off the front page, and back in the oblivion she so richly deserves. Then maybe the media will start asking what her bosses knew, and when they knew it about her little crusade against common sense.

And in an epic move, the judge reversed HIMSELF.
I'm sure bending the entire stet over for the unelected minions of the CDC will sit real well at the State House and higher courts in Maine. Not.
So now Round Seven, at Tuesday's hearing.

Details, details:
Update II: Oh, BTW, MiMi Crybaby's roommate in Africa developed Ebola, from unknown contamination source. So maybe that explains the big pissy hurry for her to scurry back home to the USA and go hide out at the farmhouse.


Rob Crawford said...

Three feet? That's about six feet too close for aerosol transmission.

Anonymous said...

Twenty feet according to the UK Ministry of Defence.
If this goes down I will be enforcing my own fifty foot exclusion zone, and trespassers will be shot. I will then use my hazmat suit to bury the.

Aesop said...

That's 20' too close, but look at the bright side: she gets to see no one, go nowhere, and it gets her off the news pages every time she thinks another bicycle ride stunt is a good idea.

She's just been made irrelevant to the story (good) and Maine has re-asserted it's right to decide in matters of public heath (better). And if she violates this order, she gets arrested (best of all).

I daresay her very existence proves that the CDC budget is $65-90K too big already.

Irish said...

Aesop, what, in your opinion would be the reason they seem to be so stupid, naive or shrewd as trying to start an epidemic here?

Thanks for your insights so far.


Icepick said...

Anonymous, you should nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Aesop said...


I don't think they were trying to START an epidemic here. I think they're just so convinced of their own BS that they honestly thought they could MANAGE one in the "highly unlikely" event that it broke out.

This is the same Technocrat Competency Myth hubris that brought us the Titanic, Hindenburg, Challenger, and Chernobyl.

Nature always gets a vote.
When you get too big for your britches, the irresistible forces of Nature send you a reminder.

This one just happens to be a potentially world-changing pandemic, rather than a mere local catastrophe with minimal implications for outsiders.

I also think an intelligent response would and will interfere with their ongoing plans for Amnesty/Open Borders, and they're so focused on that they can't recognize that they've set the lab on fire and it's out of control.

Like Sterno bums starting a brushfire, they're too drunk and stupid to think about what they're playing with until the whole world is in flames.

Elections have consequences, Example #2008.

Cate said...


Cate said...

Sorry, click-able reversal link:

Judge rejects Maine’s bid to restrict Hickox’s movements

Aesop said...

So he reversed himself?
Brilliant, and tres PC.
He just bent the State of Maine over, in deference to the unelected bureaucracy at CDC.
That'll sit well with the state's elected assembly, and higher courts. Not.

But there will be a full court hearing on Tuesday, and she still has another week on restrictions and monitoring after that.

If this guy tries to gut the state's ability to protect the public's health and safety with quarantines, he's going to be as popular as the district attorney in Miracle on 34th Street.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think they were trying to START an epidemic here...."

-- Of course they are: it all fits. Frank Marshall Davis Jr. is a figurehead president who's been tasked with dissipating American power his entire political career, and fronted by "Leftist" organizations which are actually controlled by old-line eugenicists.

How else do you explain a black president selecting some no-name asshole without medical experience, but who IS on record blabbing that overpopulation is his number one concern, as his Ebola czar overseeing the uh, plight of the "overpopulation". Klain wants Africans to die on a scale that would beggar the imagination of a KKK Grand Wizard, and *he* gets tapped?


A Texan said...

He reversed himself.

Sounds like Roberts with the Obolacare decision - someone got to him. IRS? NSA? FBI?

He kicked it upstairs to let them worry about their own files.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you for taking this meeting on such short notice Your Honor.

I just wanted to share some photos with you. Here's a nice one of your beloved dog…oh, your grandchildren, so lovely. Here they are at the playground, at soccer practice, ballet school.

Anyhow…I'm hoping we can arrive at a more congenial and consensual posture on a certain matter."

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" Mao Zedong.

Kath said...

There are now reports that her room mate in in Africa tested positive for Ebola. Fox is saying she died, but everyone else is just saying she tested positive with no idea how she got it.

You can't couldn't sell this in a fiction story as believable...

Cate said...

Just saw this on Drudge but can't get link to work. Then Firefox crashed while I was trying to post it here. lol, not that I believe in conspiracies or anything. ;-)

State of Maine Document Reports Kaci Hickox's Roommate in Africa Developed Ebola

Irish said...

Thank you for the response Aesop.

Please keep up the good work.