Friday, October 24, 2014

With a Rebel Yell - Updated


A health care worker arriving from Africa who was placed in mandatory quarantine as part of a new policy by the governors of New York and New Jersey has developed a fever.

The state health department said the woman had no symptoms upon arrival at Newark Liberty Airport, but on Friday night she developed the fever and is now in isolation and being evaluated at University Hospital in Newark.

University Hospital released a statement saying, "The healthcare worker Governor Chris Christie indicated earlier today would be -quarantined because of a recent history of treating Ebola patients in West Africa had no symptoms upon arrival at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier today. This evening, the health care worker developed a fever and is now in isolation and being evaluated at University Hospital in Newark."
UPDATE: False Alarm.

Open Pool in Comments:
As we wait for the blood test results on this one, how many more Ebola cases before HopeyDopey finally declares an absolute travel quarantine from West Africa, or gets dragged out of the White House and carried off in a tumbrel cart to the guillotine?
Place your bets, the wheel is spinning...


Anonymous said...

I guess if she tests positive we'll be seeing a twitter apology from "Dr" Yasmin........

Oh wait, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Twits on twitter, what a surprise.


GamegetterII said...

My guess is it will take at least three more cases that are not doctors or health care workers.
Remember-Ebola nurse II still has people either under "self quarantine" or under watch or whatever in Ohio.
1 person with Ebola infects at least 2 other people. Duncan infected Ebola nurse #1 and Ebola nurse #2-seems Ebola nurse #1 has not infected anyone else. However-she did not fly from Texas to Cleveland,drive/get a ride to Crackron -(Akron)-wander around NE Ohio for 4 days, then fly back to Texas while symptomatic.
Dr. Douchenozzle in NYC likely infected a few people-maybe even a whole lot of people.
NIH,CDC, and Ebola czar Flounder are going to use Nina Pham surviving and being released from NIH as "proof" that we can handle Ebola here.
After a few more people take a handful of aspirin or ibuprofen,lie their way through the "enhanced security screenings" at whichever airport they fly in to-aqnd infect a few of the locals-then,and only then will the morons ban anyone who has traveled to or is from W. Africa from entering the U.S.

That's my 2 cents on the subject.

(by the way-the link under moar,moar,moar" is broken.)

Anonymous said...

'Course, we might see some more cases sooner if the pix of the cleanup crew are exactly what they seem.

But that will be homegrown and not import.

Looks like Mali will be getting some undeniable cases soon too.


Anonymous said...

More... more... more... when it is time for napalm, there is no time left for face palm.
Either the fedgov does what needs to be done to protect the uninfected, or - per the founding documents of this country, the people do what needs to be done to protect themselves from the fedgov AND ebola.... there's going to be a fight.
Let's win.

Anonymous said...

Two links for your pleasure (the first contains a lot of news and rumors beyond the headlines):

Percy said...

Not to be political about this, which would be idiotic, except that it seems to be in the minds of the wizards in control of NBC and CBS news, I note this morning that neither NBC nor CBS news on-line -- at this point at least (7:28 a.m.) -- has any mention at all of the quarantine actions taken by Governors of New York and New Jersey at their major airports. None.

Why not? I mean, who's shitting who here?

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 01:39
I have to sleep occasionally, but clearly Stupid never does.
Thanks for the links, you just saved me looking for today's first story.

Percy said...

OK. NBC is on it now (7:48 a.m.). But still not CBS. What conceivable explanation is there for this nearly 24 hours after New York and New Jersey took action on this?

Percy said...

Last on this from me. Found it now at CBS on back page of CBS news under Latest with time of 5:14 p.m. yesterday. Not major news to them, I guess.