Friday, October 24, 2014

Comedy Relief: White House Edition

White House Rodeo Clown Press Secretary Josh Earnest, today:
"The only way to eliminate the Ebola risk to the American public is to stop the outbreak at its source, and that’s what we’re working to do.  In addition to that, we’re obviously taking the necessary precautions here to contain an outbreak in the United States.  We continue to believe that risk of that is exceedingly low because of the way that Ebola is transmitted and of the modern medical infrastructure that we have in this country."

Word to your mother, Joshie:

The Ebola outbreak in Africa continues to spiral out of control, and the sum total of the entire world's efforts, including ours, has been as effective as spitting on the tracks to stop a freight train at full speed. It's doubled again since September 12th, and spread to three new countries since that time. So far.

The entire Ebola outbreak in THIS country has been BECAUSE of the government, not in spite of it, and every American infected with Ebola to date was taking advantage of the most up-to-date standards of medical protection available in the world, and yet they all still contracted the disease.

So if transmission vectors and medical infrastructure is your big defense plan, we're all completely F*****. 


A Texan said...

Every single person now infected in this country is infected because of this administration. Duncan only came because they let him. This idiotic, arrogant and non-caring doc in NYC was only able to wander around NYC like a tourist on holiday because they let him. How many similar carriers are here now, or will arrive in the next 2 months is anyone's guess - but they will all be here/get here because they let them do so, and all of those infected because of those new carriers will be the administration's fault.

Stopping this is simple: ISOLATION!

First, isolate the major center of the disease by forbidding people to leave. If that literally means bombing runways, mining harbors and shooting people - well, I'm sincerely sorry, but the 99.99% of the world's population that isn't infected has rights, too. Since we have no cure or vaccine (or, if we do, both combined can't hope to compete with a geometric progression on level 15), this is the only solution. This, of course, doesn't mean that we don't try to help those afflicted now - but do so with airdrops of supplies and clear instructions in multiple languages and pictures. Help them, but stay safe.

Second, isolate EVERYONE coming out of the hotzone, and do so THERE. Set up single-wides like they did for the astronauts after they landed on the Moon, and make them stay there for 6 weeks. Don't like it - tough shit! YOU chose to go there and knew the risks. Since catching Ebola was one, and that's arguably worse than being confined for 6 weeks, too damned bad.

The Black Death killed 1/3 - 1/2 of Europe's population in the Middle Ages, and millions of others in Asia. We can't allow that to happen now...because with the mutual dependence we have between and within nations for bare necessities, any pandemic will create huge problems related to production and delivery of food, water, medical supplies and care, electricity, etc. Those alone could kill 90% of a nation in 6 months, WITHOUT a pandemic virus trying its level best to run up the score.

Asswipes! They just don't understand the implications of this, nor the simple math of a geometric progression.

Anonymous said...

Because... napalm. There are already more bodies than they can burn, that number grows faster than we can read and type. How many die EVERY DAY? Isolate, drop supplies, and pray; but make the necessary changes to KEEP THE INFECTED THE FUCK AWAY FROM THOSE WHO ARE NOT INFECTED.
For God's sake, can anyone grow the balls to make the difficult decisions? Trust me, make me the Ebola Czar and I will have the job done in a week. Hell, I'll even apologize in advance.
But this idiocy is waaaaay more simple than they are making it. Easy, really. Not nice, harsh.
Sorry, reality is like that sometimes. We're done here.