Friday, October 31, 2014

Oopsie! Pres. Obola's Sticky Fingerprints Found

h/t WRSA and Daily Caller
I'm shocked! Shocked, I say, to find out a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE of the CDC is being used to browbeat state perogatives to protect public health, and advance the White house's case in full stealth mode:
Ebola health care worker Kaci Hickox, who was released from quarantine with the support of the White House, is a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention employee, records reveal. The lawyer who helped earn her release is a recent White House state dinner guest.Hickox was released from Ebola quarantine in Newark, N.J., Monday afternoon after the White House pressured New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to release the nurse that was working in Sierra Leone with Doctors Without Borders. Hickox’s case for release was also bolstered by New York civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, who took on Hickox’s case.

Here’s an overlooked factor that could have contributed to her White House-backed release: Hickox is an official CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer who performed work for the CDC in recent months.
Hickox was a Class of 2012 member of CDC’s two-year EIS officer training program, according to the official program for CDC’s 2014 EIS Conference (p. 98), which was held from April 28 to May 1, 2014. Hickox was featured in a photograph in the program.
Hickox was listed as an “EIS officer” for the CDC in program materials for a CDC course she taught in July 2014. She was specifically listed as an active “EIS officer” as recently as July 18, 2014, according to CDC documents.

In Crybaby's case, that means her normal gig isn't caring for anyone; she performs a clerical function for the .gov during outbreak data collection. She is thus about as vital to the actual treatment of disease in that role as teats on a bull. Which also explains her tenuous attachment to the common sense realities of outbreak nursing. She's what military people refer to as a clipboard commando.
Whether she did that, or actual patient care nursing in Africa is an open question.
So she's not some poor, down-trodden oppressed worker whose "civil rights" have been violated. She's a federal government employee, who knows precisely the impact of the state directives and oversight she's challenging, with the help and support of long-time government operatives, and doubtless the direction and assistance of the White House. Which explains why Pres. Obola, unlike his photo op hug of recovered nurse Nina Pham, has no plans to come within a country mile of Nurse Crybaby: someone might ask about the direct connection, since he's ultimately her boss.
Pres. Barack Obama was in Maine on Thursday to campaign for Democrats, including the one trying to unseat LePage next week. A spokesman knew of no plans for Obama and LePage to meet. The president had no plans to meet Hickox.

Well done, @$$clowns, you're disregard for the "science" and total lack of concern for the rights and safety of the citizens of Maine, New Jersey, and any other state, are now a matter of public record.

And the same jackass who told you "Ebola is highly unlikely to come here" and "Any hospital can handle Ebola patients" and "We have long-standing protocols in place" and about 200 other lies, half-truths, and gross distortions, is her boss.

Thanks, Tom Frieden, and welcome back to the limelight. it's been almost a week since you've been caught stepping on your dick in public, so we were wondering where you'd gotten and what you were up to. Now we know.


Emily Disraeli said...

So Whinny bitch is a CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer.

In the old days we would have called her a Peoples political officer who made sure that the Communist party doctrine was closely followed.

Please remember,the CDC is privet organization with a .Gov mandate.

Can use say "deniability" boys and girls?

Aesop said...

Hardly deniable.
They're a government agency with a federal budget item line, and report to the H&HS Secretary.
They are no more "private" than the IRS.

Ex-Dissident said...

So here is the 64 dollar question: Why is the federal government, and specifically the CDC, so intent on ignoring time tested quarantine rules? Why do they want to spread this and other diseases?

Anonymous said...

Georgia guide stones were put there for a reason.
I can think of no reason that is not malicious, that fits the actions of our 'leaders'.
Incompetence does not hack it anymore, which only leaves malice.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Dissident, I think it's because they honestly believe that they can contain it over there and that staying away from people for 21 days is just too much for any doctors and nurses being sent there. For some reason.

Meanwhile this is the nicest written article outlining "As close to hopeless as possible" for actual containment without actually saying so that I've ever read. They cal for contact tracing, changing of burial rituals, case isolation in hospitals, and other things that may as well be wishing on a star when it comes to Liberia.

Aesop said...

Thanks for the link, but that Science mag model is already bullshit.
They predict 224 cases/day by Dec. 1st.
Unfortunately, Ebola is producing 239 cases/day right now.
(13703 cases on Oct. 27 - 7492 cases on Oct. 1 = 6211 cases ./. by 26 days =239 cases/day.)

I didn't bother to read any farther, because if they're four-plus weeks behind the curve, they're already barking at the moon.

Ebola is a 747 climbing to 40,000', and they're running alongside the runway trying to catch the plane.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that also, that in terms of numbers they were being AWFULLY conservative, but what popped out at me was that even with that sort of conservatism, their calls for things that are impossible to do in Liberia to contain it there wouldn't even guarantee an outcome is enough of an argument for enclosing those countries all together at this point and instituting travel restrictions.


Aesop said...

Yeah, they're the kid digging through the pile of horse droppings trying to find the pony.

Any efforts in Africa will be retrograde holding actions, trying to perform a orderly retreat, and keeping it from becoming a full-blown rout.

Given Africa's collective traditional competence at doing anything well, I expect the rout to commence by summer, if not sooner.

Icepick said...

I didn't realize Frieden had such short legs.

Icepick said...

Ex-Dissident, I believe that they don't want the quarantine for two related reasons. First, it would show that there's a reason to control who comes into the country. And second, it would show that maybe the borders could be controlled, if competent and forceful people were in charge.

In other words, this is a small part of their immigration amnesty program.

Plus, they probably really think they can control the problem. You know, like they controlled the Iraq situation, or the Ukrainian problem, or built a website, etc.