Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dear NYFC: Who Left The Bag Of Idiots Open?

The preparedness of New York City officials and workers to deal with Ebola has once again left much to be desired as a hazmat team sent in to decontaminate the apartment of Craig Spencer, the first person to contract the deadly virus in the city, was seen leaving his apartment with sealed barrels, but wearing no protective gear. The men were photographed exiting the apartment without gloves, face masks, or anything else to protect them as they loaded the barrels with possibly contaminated goods into the back of a truck.
Please, by all means, go to the linked DailyMailUK article for the multiple photographs of this Clowncarnucopia of Fail.

Especially moving are the shots with numerous Big Horseapple bystanders wandering through the procession, faces buried in their smartphones, tweeting to their crosstown pals, in total obliviousness to walking through a hazmat cleanup. (The one small orange cone wasn't really a lot of help there, either.)

I didn't think it was possible to make the folks in Dallas pressurewashing the vomit look brilliant by comparison, but once again NYFC takes the cake:
that city's collection of 60-IQ assclowns puts every other city's 70-IQ assclowns to absolute shame.

Walk tall, you bunch of public school dropouts. You are, beyond any doubt, the stupidest collection of morons ever assembled in one place in all of human history. It's only a wonder you don't all require iPods with a twelve-a-minute loop tape to remind you to breathe 24/7, and if you hadn't mastered the use of your elbows, your knuckles would certainly drag on the ground. Thank God you had the surgery to remove the prehensile tails, or you'd never have gotten your pants on.



Anonymous said...

Have you had a chance to read this yet?

Aesop said...


It's interesting background, but nothing new or newsworthy.

Bioresearch has gone on for decades.

Tyler was careful to note there's no actual evidence pointing to this current crisis being anything but another naturally occurring outbreak.

And there likely never will be. The US military is actually pretty good at keeping the important secrets.

If anything, it points out that finding a vaccine would probably have been a much better use of government research dollars than spending money on NASA Outreach To Muslims, or pimping the failed Global Warming/Climate Change agenda hoax.

Anonymous said...

Following Cracked's Axiom, exactly 100% of all headlines that end in a question-mark are false.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a hazmat team, it was just a gang of robbers carting off all his stuff and now they will sell it and expose unsuspecting people to ebola!

Emily Disraeli said...

I agree with anonymous that it wasn't a HAZMAT team but a gang of thieves. Come on, this is New York, you know very well that when they got back to the base they popped the lid on those barrels and steal everything in it. New York New York, you just gotta love it.

Unknown said...

"finding a vaccine would probably have been a much better use of government research" than teaching sanitation hygiene or clean foods or why some are fat and some are buff or if massages are worth it...problem reaction solution.
If these make sense.