Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Common Sense Breaks Out; CDC Nowhere Around

After watching neighboring THP-Dallas exhaust all other options, Baylor Medical Center's ER, and others they run, have gone to simple commonsense isolation precautions:
Walk into the emergency room entrance at Baylor Medical Center in Frisco and you’ll face a locked sliding glass door, with a sign attached telling you to knock.Dave Williams, a radio news anchor on KLIF-AM in Dallas, says he noticed the chance during a trip to the hospital on Saturday.
Williams recalled, “She said, ‘before I can let you in, I need to ask a couple of questions. Have either of you been in contact with anyone who has had Ebola?’ No. ‘Have either of you been to West Africa recently?’ No.”
Another sign posted on the door tells those who have traveled internationally recently and who show a variety of symptoms, not to enter patient-care areas.
In other words, recognizing the obvious, they've decided not to kill their triage nurse and everyone in the waiting room if someone comes in with Ebola. Almost like someone there had some medical education or something.

No one could find the Ebola Czar anywhere to issue a comment.


GamegetterII said...

"No one could find the Ebola Czar anywhere to issue a comment."

Flounder must be at a Toga party.

A Texan said...

I'm half surprised that no one from the government filed a suit against them for discrimination.

People were looking for leadership. They not only got none, but the statements and actions from those who are supposed to lead were/are so in conflict with common sense that people are (finally) starting to just ignore the government and do what they know to be right. Maybe we have a trend here - and I refer not just to how this Ebola outbreak is being handled.

ASM826 said...

So they've created a zone just outside their doors to infect anyone who comes after the first ebola patient? And this helps how?

Aesop said...

They aren't walking every other patient, staff member, and visitor through it, for starters.