Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mandatory Isolation For U.S. Troops Ordered

PENTAGON (AP) --- Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday approved a recommendation by military leaders that all U.S. troops returning from Ebola response missions in West Africa be kept in supervised isolation for 21 days.
The move goes beyond precautions recommended by the Obama administration for civilians.

Note that no tantrums nor crying have been observed as a result.
We've quarantined actual heroes before, and that's just how they roll.



Sueshe said...

Marburg virus outbreak in Uganda

Anonymous said...

Hey look! AP finally put out a story that everyone else has known for some time! We're not prepared for small even clusters of Ebola here.

I'm in shock. Actual reporting.

Meanwhile good for the military for doing what's right even f the rest of our government are acting like a bunch of inept gadflies. "Science" my left cheek. The science is scary. Here's some "science" to shove up some behinds (if not into actual brains)

The "science" behind the Reproductive Number of H1N1 vs. Ebola should be enough to have people running for the damn hills, seriously. If they understood math, that is.

Aesop said...

Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled by the sense of an unseen undercurrent possibly shaping events. First there were the increasing number of states enacting protocols, however inadequate those may be, which are in contradiction to the Federal suicide policies.

Then the Joint Chiefs announce their own independent policies. Followed by the administration's Hagel pronouncing, yeah sure…fine…that's okay with us…military is a completely different situation than civilian. (if I have all that right).

An imaginative scenario popped into my head, featuring dialog such as, "The choice is yours Mr. President. You can have the 101st Airborne on the White House lawn, or you can stand down and leave our decisions unimpeded by your political posturing."

It isn't speculation to say that the real games of power happen in secrecy, and it's the fallout that the public witnesses. I'm not qualified to have a sound opinion as to whether or not that scenario may have happened (or is happening, or will eventually happen).

I'm very curious to know, Aesop, if you have any thoughts along those lines..?

A Texan said...

My mother was recently in the hospital for about a week (pneumonia, not Ebola). During that time, she became pretty friendly with a couple of the N.P.s. One of them was ex-military, and not more than about 7 years out of service. She asked him, point blank, "If you were in that contingent going to Africa, and were ordered to go into quarantine for 3 or 6 weeks upon leaving, what would you do? What would the rest of your fellow soldiers do?"

He indicated (not unexpectedly to my mother or anyone else with any life experience) that the military regularly does field training that involves sleeping outside, sometimes with a tent and sometimes without, in all kinds of weather. He said that they'd follow orders like that with no whining of any kind.

Clearly, nurse whiney pants was never in the military.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else really weirded out by the pictures of nurse whiney pants asleep on the SOFA like a kid home sick from school? Supposedly it's a 3 bedroom house. Why sleep on the couch? Why publish pictures of yourself sleeping on the couch?

Maybe she's fatigued and achy?