Thursday, October 23, 2014

Travel Moratorium in three, two...?

Dr.Craig Spencer, 33, a recently returned volunteer with Doctors Without Borders, was rushed to NYC's Bellevue Hospital after experiencing a fever of 100.3 and nausea, ten days after working with West African Ebola victims.
Clad in hazmat suits, FDNY hazardous materials specials sealed off his fifth-floor apartment. Cops blocked off West 147th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam after he was taken to the hospital, witness Oscar Nunez said.
“EMS HAZ TAC Units transferred to Bellevue Hospital a patient who presented a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms,” the Health Department wrote in a statement. 
Buckle up, sportsfans. Chapter Two is 12 hours and one blood test away, with additional stories arriving 150x/day at five major US airports.

It's a good thing we're keeping that door open, so aid workers from Ebolaville can rapidly get home after working over there, huh?

No word on whether HopeyDopey is still "cautiously optimistic"...

UPDATE: Touchdown for Team Ebola!
So the next question is whether they fly him to NIH, Emory, or U.NE, or if they decide to try their hand at not replicating the THP-Dalls Assclown Parade.
And how long before four networks, the NYTimes, and 435 congresspersons and 33ish senators all begin shitting kittens: because it's always funny until it lands in NYFC.


Yojimbo said...

Dear Raconteur,

I found your site through Western Rifle Shooters and The Burning Platform. You seem to be the go-to guy for up to date Ebola news. What do you make of this from Prison planet - ? It makes sense to me, but the implications are hideous. Thanks. Yojimbo

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the above---Alex Jones is sort of tin foil hat....but he does nail it on many occasions.

Looks like the Obola stooges are trying their best to make ebola go away before the election.

AESOP===what do you think of these breaking stories?

Ex-Dissident said...

Not if Obola can help it. No bans to West Africa because it might be bad for African economy, America be damned.

Aesop said...

I doubt the wilder ones, but they do a good job of defining how bad things are when we have to think about them and investigate to be sure, because TPTB are doing things every day that we would have concluded six or ten years ago are completely insane.

Spencer's case is just the latest in a never-ending chain of Next Outbreaks, until we stop letting anyone come here without an absolute, mandatory pre-entry quarantine if they've had any contact with the affected countries.

The consequences from just Duncan are liable to tally $1B in total costs, and we're not even out of the woods on that case yet.

And if we get a real outbreak, not just a Index Patient, but something like 10-20 simultaneous or near-simultaneous cases in one area, the result will be nothing short of catastrophic on multiple levels. And all that would take is one guy coming here, spreading the disease, and then dying in obscurity before all the contacts start popping up, and this goes full retard in about a day.

A Texan said...

Ok, he is positive for Ebola.

BTW, Aesop, don't hold your breath waiting for Obola to shut off traffic from West Africa. You assume rational and moral behavior, where none has been shown before.

Aesop said...

Actually, I assume 435 congresspersons and 33ish senators up for election in 11 days, which presidents ignore at their eternal peril.

A Texan said...

Again, don't hold your breath. This guy marches to his own drummer. He also is psychologically incapable of admitting error. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

So much for MSF's vaunted perfect record.

Bezzle said...

Fucking Alex Jones garbage -- why does anybody still listen to that asshole for *anything*?

No, the guy in NYC is not bleeding out his orifices. But that's what infowar's headline would have you believe.

GamegetterII said...

"And if we get a real outbreak, not just a Index Patient, but something like 10-20 simultaneous or near-simultaneous cases in one area, the result will be nothing short of catastrophic on multiple levels."

Still could be cases from Ebola nurseII,who knows how many the Doc in NYC infected-we could see a bunch of cases from Ebola nurse II real soon-or...we get lucky and she didn't infect anyone else.
The Doc in NYC sounds like a moron-or just a sick who wanted to go do a few things,and share what he brought back from Guinea before he croaks from Ebola.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, about a week ago one of your pieces had a URL link to an article with a picture of three docs suited up, and I remarked at the time that their eyes weren't sufficiently protected.

-- I could swear that one of those docs is our NYC guy.

(If you could find the pic again, it'd be easy to clear up.)

Aesop said...

I've linked to between 50-75 stories on Ebola in the last week or two, enough to write a graduate thesis.

I'd also be surprised if a volunteer doc who was in Africa until 10 days ago was coincidentally in a news article. (Certainly not impossible, just an unlikely coincidence.)

The only story I can recall (which pics I've seen used about 200 times since)
is the one with Smart Nurse and Nurse Dumbass both simultaneously showing the right and wrong way to suit up for Ebola, and they were both from a NYC hospital, IIRC. That one was
back on 10/9.

If that isn't it, I've got no idea.

Percy said...

Maybe this has been presented here before, but, in light of the fact, according to a more recent report, that this victim's temperature was only 100.3 degrees, not 103, I thought to go over it again.

We seem to be ignoring two things:

1. Drexel University's analysis showing there is a substantial chance (up to 12%) that a person infected with Ebola will not present symptoms within 21 days after exposure. See: .

2. The New England Journal of Medicine's report that 12.9% of infected Ebola patients never exhibit a fever above 100.4. See: .

So our airport checkers of travelers from infected West Africa and the CDC, and therefore just about everyone else, are using inadequate and inaccurate measures to determine who has the disease and for how long exposed persons need to be monitored and show no symptoms before it can be assumed they are free of it.

More joy!