Monday, October 27, 2014

Crybaby 1, Fat Ass Idiot 0

New Jersey has decided to release a nurse who was fighting an order that forcibly quarantined her after she returned from Africa where she treated Ebola patients.
The release was announced this morning after Kaci Hickox, hired a lawyer to sue over her mandatory 21-day quarantine. Shortly before the decision by the New Jersey Health Department, the nurse said she hopes "this nightmare of mine and the fight that I’ve undertaken is not in vain.”
Hickox, who has tested negative for the lethal virus, was isolated under New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's policy of a 21-day mandatory quarantine for health care workers returning from helping Ebola patients in West Africa.

Any resemblance of $#!^ Chris Christie says to actual governmental policy is purely coincidental.

Apparently all you have to do to pull his pants down and take Christie's lunch money is whine at frequencies that make dogs howl in South Dakota.

Well done, Gov. Assclown, you've just lightened the GOP field for the 2016 elections by 350 pounds, and put 317M Americans at risk. But don't let that trouble you or anything, we're just pawns in game of life.


A Texan said...

What great leadership? What happened, Ebola Caesar, uhh, Dictator, uhh, propagandist, uhh Czar Klain got to you regarding some withheld federal funds, or some NSA wiretaps that you'd rather have kept under wraps?

What an idiot - politically being the least offensive and least important. Even if the original quarantine order had a gaping hole in it (it depended on people telling the truth to inspectors regarding contact with Ebola patients), at least it was SOMETHING that could be used to limit the general population's exposure. Now? Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Great!

On a lighter note, at least the (5-minute) video at the bottom of this article can bring a bit of gallows humor into our lives:

Karl said...

Her NJ quarantine would have lasted longer if she had a concealed weapon.

Aesop said...

Maybe she actually does.
We'll find out in another 18 days.

Anonymous said...

A question Aesop: what's the source of the 10/25 photo of She Who Was So Grievously Mistreated?

It's just odd how that photo is so in the style of show-biz 'head-shots'. Character actors, those relying less on beauty and charisma, will often have a portfolio portraying them as cops,nerds,um...nurses,etc.

Aesop said...

That was from newsfeeds, but they got it from the UTA PR piece on her.
Google Mimi Special Snowflake's name, look at images, and you'll find a baker's dozen of promo shots of her.
That'd be rare for the average nurse (for example, there are precisely zero such pictures of me anywhere, and I'm not on FB etc.), even with FaceSpace and such, so clearly, she was a Special Person to whom the rules ought not apply, with prior government work experience, hence her pique at being treated like one of the common folk.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aesop. That clarifies nicely.

Poor baby had a 'nightmare' experience. My personal calibration on the nightmare scale is a very different one.

Ed Grouch, MD said...

I should note that this nurse bases part of her claim on the notion that she has "tested positive".
Most viruses require fairly high viral loads to produce symptoms in humans. Ebola, not so much.
Turns out that the virus is undetectable by any means prior to symptoms, even if you have it. The counts are just too low. Even if you do have symptoms, you still may be below the detection threshold of the test, and as standard procedure you should be retested 3 days later.
I know this because of the following article:
(please see Figure 3).
And how did I find that article? Oh, no place special. Well, perhaps special. Oh, fine, it was the CDC website.

So her claim that she has "tested negative" means precisely jack, and squat. And how is it that the geniuses at the CDC don't know the basic facts from their OWN WEBSITE?

Against stupidity, the very gods themselves contend in vain--Friedrich Schiller

Aesop said...

Thanks again, Doc.

The dearth of familiarity by officials at the CDC, and most other "experts" on the matter, with the actual CDC publicly posted info is incredible, and the stupidity incapable of measurement with existing instrumentation.

Percy said...

Latest on nurse Kaci.

Kaci Hickox . . . tested negative for Ebola on Saturday and was being monitored in isolation at University Hospital in Newark. A statement from the state's department of health said Hickox remained symptom free for the last 24 hours.

"As a result, and after being evaluated in coordination with the CDC and the treating clinicians at University Hospital, the patient is being discharged."

"After consulting with her, she has requested transport to Maine, and that transport will be arranged via a private carrier not via mass transit or commercial aircraft. She will remain subject to New Jersey's mandatory quarantine order while in New Jersey."

But not after that, I guess, unless Maine gets in the act.

Let's see. They're going to let out of the tent, but no one is confident enough that she's actually free of the disease (and can't give it to others) to permit her to travel with the public.

Say again?

Grouch, MD said...

Lol. Oh, shouldn't be laughing. But the bit about stupidity to great to be measured with existing instrumentation is just great.

Robin Datta said...

Concealed weapon ... undetectable until it goes off ... 50+% of rounds lethal ... secure transportation to the border ... let loose in another state ...

This s**t gets wierder and wierder ...