Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Venezuela: Adelante Socialismo!

So today, it's the secret police, rounding up the opposition in the dead of night and hauling them off to parts unknown.
Color me shocked wondering what took the Commies there so long to go all absolutely predictably jack-booted thug.

Next up: gulags, re-education camps, and the mass killings. In 3, 2,...

Dear Venezuela:
There's two ways this ends. With most of you dead, and the rest enslaved.
Or you sack up, gear up, stop yakking, and start shooting the bastards in the face.

No one else is going to do it for you.


Anonymous said...

They have far harsher firearm laws in Venezuela than we enjoy. http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/venezuela

Aesop said...

Then if they're going to be shot, just as well for a lion as for a sheep.

They have the disaffected members of the military and police, long-established rebel and narco-cartel insurgencies, three neighboring countries, and a prodigious open coastline for smuggling, all splendid means of acquiring the necessary tools for the trade.

And if the CIA isn't working on smuggling weapons and other materiel in by the metric fuckton, they're missing a golden opportunity.

Miles said...

Columbia has nearly the same stringent firearms laws as Venezuela - as a close acquaintance who lives there often relates to us - and FARC gave the Federales there quite a run for the COL$.

Domo said...

Theres no reason for the CIA to get involved
The Regime will fall on its own and Venezuela is so screwed even a US friendly regime would be of limited value

Let it burn

Aesop said...

Given their decades-long incompetence at anything worthwhile, I'd rather leave the CIA out, but the penny-pinching Scot in me want them to cough up some value for all the tax dollars we squander on them.

If they can't facilitate the locals bringing down a corrupt, unpopular, socialist dictatorial regime just across the Gulf of Mexico, by shipping in assloads of AK-47s and ammunition (the ones we grabbed when we liberated Grenada back in '83 should still have a good coat of cosmoline on them) WTF good are the knuckleheads at Langley?

But I'd be just as happy if some upstanding private individuals accomplished the same task. Whether out of hubris, or as part of plausible deniability.

If the last CinC hadn't been on the communists' side, we could have spent fifteen years waiting and preparing to exploit the current situation, and give Maduro & Co. a firm nudge off the precipice.

Subtly done or not, the point would be made, and the people there wouldn't be roasting rats and pigeons to survive.

Domo said...

"and the people there wouldn't be roasting rats and pigeons to survive."

Oh but they would
No nation has ever so systematically fucked itself as Venezuela

They have systematically robbed from everyone and laughed as they did it.

They dont grow enough food
They have no currency to import food
They cant borrow from the imf, world bank or anyone else, because they have defaulted on loans from all them and laughed as they did.
They cant do an "oil for food" because oil is in the toilet and they dont produce much oil
They cant produce more oil because they need money for new equipment.
But they stole the last wave of investment, so no one will invest again, and if anyone is mad enough to, the previous investors can sue them.

Its unprecedented

Aesop said...

They used to produce enough food for themselves.
And can again, provided they first round up the communists, and them shoot them all in the head.
Moderation in pursuit of liberty, let alone for national survival, is no virtue.