Friday, August 18, 2017

Lessons From The First Battle Of Show-asses, Pt. II

Dear racist Fucktards:
This was you. Friday night, and Saturday morning.
Not a "few bad apples". Y.O.U.
In Southern parlance, "All Y'all".
Period. Full stop.
(If you are one of the oblivious dipshits who showed up to protect monuments and heritage, and found out after the party started you were foolishly stumbling into co-starring in a Klan march, well, sux to be you, and shit happens. Learn a lesson, and don't get fooled again.)

You @$$holes do indeed have a right to espouse your vile toxic filth in the public square.
Just as every sensible person other than you is free to recognize it and call it vile toxic filth.
If that leaves a mark, take it as reality slapping you in the back of the head.
Your alt-right privileges are over. Get back into your cesspit, and pull the cover down.

You WhitePower national socialists represent nothing but a retarded adherence to the failed idiotology of your spiritual brothers, the anti-national socialists of Antifa. You are peas from the same pod, and co-turds in the same punchbowl. And you need to go away, never to haunt the public square again.

Now, to the nuts and bolts of the rat-killin'.

For those of you stupid - yes, I said stupid - enough to continue to play in the streets, in some misbegotten and manifestly false belief that it does anything but piss everyone off, (because, seriously, how's that tactic been working out for the loonie Leftards since last November 9th?) and sway no one not already convinced, while leaving you open to public ridicule and physical violence, try to muster a few wits in how you go about it.

If you cannot afford a legal team (nota bene that was "team", as in multiple constitutional lawyers, not some guy from The Matchbook Cover College Of Night School Law who does contracts for local landlords), to protect your group's interests like a Rottweiler on crack, before, during, and after - and no, the ACLU helping you out doesn't count - you are already too short for this ride. Get back on the porch.

If you don't have a media plan, including a media-savvy, literate, erudite, camera-worthy designated spokesperson, and cannot and do not promulgate your message, talking points, and produce your own media of the event before, during, and after, while instructing everyone who participates that they are NOT that spokesperson, and are to refer all media requests to your designee, you are too short for this ride. Get back on the porch.

If the leadership doesn't have a sterling reputation and documented history of support for right-wing causes, the event is a fail. (The two @$$clowns running Charlottesville were apparently connected to such Leftard nonsense as Occupy!, etc., until five minutes before launching this last week's stupidpalooza. And nobody knew, noticed, or thought that was a red warning flag last Saturday. Doh!)

You damned sure better put out the word that anyone who breaks out a Confederate flag, swastika, KKKlan hood, or any other jackholian paraphernalia will be ejected from the rally, and handed over to the tender mercies of the Antifa folks on the periphery, on the day.

For some of the salient other details, I refer you to a detailed post on the topic, exactly none of which was apparently easy enough for anyone stupid enough to do Saturday's rally to find, let alone heed. Well played. Starting with the total failure to know what was going on at the site, with the police, the Left's thugs, or on the streets in general, before, during, or after. Instead of walking zombie-like into the pre-located boxcars barricades, helpfully surrounded by the police and the communist mob, without any idea how they'd gotten there, nor how to get out once they got in. Genius, right there.

BTW, a dress code of polo shirts and slacks, or even business attire, wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings or your own visuals. Tea Party rallies seemed to conspicuously lack a body count, and got a rep for leaving the venue cleaner when they left than when they showed up. Learn a lesson.

If your clever plan is to take who you get, and "Just show up", and see how that works out, you're too short for this ride. Get back on the porch.

If you're going to engage in the general idiocy that is street theatre, you can be the Harlem Globetrotters, or you can be the Washington Generals. There is no third option, and no shortcuts to aceing the performance. Plan the work, work the plan. Practice, practice, practice. And you'd better science the shit out of it, because from here on out, showing up includes no guarantees that you're ever going to make it home.

So if you're contemplating showing up, and any of these points are hazy when you do due diligence, and ask in advance (you're gonna do that, right? RIGHT?) about the particulars, that's a good day to clean out your garage, or re-arrange your sock drawer.

Show up or stay to play, but FFS, Stop. Dicking. Around.
Amateur Hour ended last Saturday morning, at about noon EDT.

And you'd damned sure better get that memo.


Retired Spook said...

When the people who halfway believe what you're saying still think that you're an idiot, it's time to change either your message, or your delivery. Not too many other options, are there?

jim rock said...

You have a way with words, Maestro.

Anonymous said...

100% agree. unbelievable, i bet the leadership of both sides, the left and right are talking. they both want bloody battles to bring about a splintered country. I bet the government wants bloody battle so they enforce martial law. let them kill each other, it will be near me soon enough. as for now, i got a harvest to pick and canning to do.