Friday, August 11, 2017

Rant Of The Week

h/t to WRSA

From comments to this thread, a work of pure exasperated genius:

So at some point we, the “Freedomistas”, “FreeFor”, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, whatever the FUCK we are labeling ourselves this evening, are going to have to decide who Trump is: Is he just a pawn of the deep state/Marxists being used to con us into thinking we got our man in the White House finally, or is REALLY our man in the White House being surreptitiously attacked from all angles and needing our support. 
Which is it? Because this mixture of “Trump is good” vs “Trump is bad” articles are fucking confusing. We constantly hear about the need for unity and coordination and teamwork among whatever the hell we call ourselves today, but we can’t seem to find a clear message to unite under. 
Constitution? Nope. Cue the articles that derisively spell it “Cons-tee-too-shun”, for some stupid fucking reason. Ok, scratch that. Apparently Constitutional principles are out. 
Trump? Nope. Half of us worship him and the other half wants him dead. That’s out.
Oathkeepers ideals? Nope. The Oathkeepers said something or did something that one time that some of us sort of didn’t like so we hate all of them now so they’re not allowed in our clubhouse. 
What about creating militias? That’s not going to work because for every freedom blogger that writes about militias in a somewhat decent light, there are fifty more of them who write massive articles for no other reason than saying “you suck and can’t do anything you’re proposing to do”. So scratch that idea. We ourselves have painted even the very CONCEPT of militias in a bad light, to the point where leftist writers don’t even have to anymore. 
Half of us swear by having a homestead/base of operations, while the rest claim that being anything less than permanently mobile is a deathwish, and anyone who disagrees with whatever we think is not just wrong, but a complete retard who will die, and deserves to. 
Pick even one single name to discuss, a name of a person who is a prominent name in the “freedom movement”, whatever that is, and 90% of the comments will be negative. We hate everyone. We hate our own like-minded people for one little thing they might have said or done one time, and now they’re permanently out of the club. 
I recently read an article from someone who claims to be freedom-minded, and who has been linked on this blog at least once. The writer went down the list and named a bunch of people who should basically be expelled from the movement. The list basically included 90% of the prominent names in the freedom movement. What? Then who do we have? Basically the only people left were Matt Bracken, Dave Codrea, Kit Perez and Claire Wolfe! Everyone else was basically persona non grata. 
We need to unite around something, and not being a Marxist isn’t good enough. Is Trump on our team or not? Do we give a damn about the principles in the Constitution of not? Is a militia a decent concept or not? We need to start answering some of these questions soon, like now. The opposing team has united fully behind Cultural Marxism. 
The question: What are we going to unite behind?

10/10. The first step in finding the right answers, is asking the right questions.

And in case no one told you, most of the loud and truly obnoxious @$$holes are the batshit-crazy OCD/Tourette's mo-fos who've been waiting for the moment when they could camera-bomb any given movement for their fifteen minutes of fame. Don't let their inevitable appearance distract you from doing what you know is right, or what needs to be done, and if they get too obnoxious to tolerate, go back to taking care of yourself, or else make the effort to fisk their stupidity, if not tie and gag them.

Remember, the bigger the party, the greater the likelihood that someone shitting in the punchbowl is just an uninvited gate-crasher.

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