Saturday, August 12, 2017


Okay, so it turns out today was "B", not "A".

A lot of this is still hazy as I write.

What's clear is that somebody, currently identified as a white supremacist (whether it was or not), deliberately plowed the car in the above video into the counter-protestors out to harass the rally in Charlottesville VA today. The video above makes it clear this was premeditated homicide.

Either it was one of the main demonstration's monkeys (in which case they own it), or it was somebody trying to pin it on the main demonstration, (in which case, they still own it), unless like Dr. Kimball, they can track down the one-armed man who really dun it.

Best wishes on that. Not holding my breath waiting for the capture of that unicorn, but I suppose it's theoretically possible.

I've said, repeatedly, that rallies are stupid, pointless, rah-rah bullshit, which never get you anything you want, and frequently get you a lot of what you neither want nor need.
You can read - only about 5000 times in recent years - over on Remus' Woodpile Report, the perennially sage advice "Stay away from crowds."
You can read Commander Zero, in Notes From The Bunker, any number of times, regarding places where bad things happen: "Be somewhere else."
But no matter how many times some folks get a cluebat upside the head, they always think Things Will Totally Turn Out Differently For Me This Time, Because Reasons.

This incident, yet again, underlines that point.

If you went to this rally, you're now tarred as a murdering racist.
If you wished you could have gone to this rally, you're now tarred as a murdering racist.
If you drove the car in this video, you probably are a murdering racist.
And if you're not, you pretended to be one, and the victims are just as dead and injured, which would be the whole point of making it look like it does. (And I'm saying that last, hoping against likelihood that it wasn't exactly what it seems, and someone can prove it.)

And now the rally's organizers, and every speaker there, has succeeded in accomplishing nothing they wanted, unless they wished the entire world to believe they're all a bunch of murderous racists.

Nobody's going to hear what total shits the Antifa fascists were, because the video that's going to be played like Rodney King's beat-down is the clip of the Charger plowing into the counter-protest, and bodies flying through the air amidst the screams. If it bleeds, it leads.

You were playing the other side's game, and either you own the monkeys who did this, or you put yourselves in the position that everyone neutral or against you, and no small number of people who might otherwise support you, thinking your monkeys did this.
Genius forethought there.

Forget that the original fliers for this made it look like a Klan rally, with graphics design for the event  provided by Rahm Emmanuel and Donna Brazile. (Which, like seeing a rattle on a snake, let most people with any sense know to stay the hell away).
But you fixed that, toned it down, and tried to continue on with a rally to do...heaven knows what.
And now the entire event has blood on its hands.

Even if, someday, somehow, it comes out otherwise, the correction for that will not be issued by ABCNNBCBS, and the papers will put it on page D54, next to the foreclosure notices.

And you got the President, who you probably nominally support, in the position of hammering you for this shit. You've just provided rent-seeking douchecanoe Morris Dees and the SPLC with a tsunami of cash, starting now. And you've given real federal agents every reason to look at every frame of video, and start files on every person they can identify, and start infiltrating your groups, tapping your phones, and watching you like Al Qaeda, for the most noteworthy piece of domestic terrorism all summer. Usually it takes someone named Bundy to organize this many monkeys trying to copulate with a football; either Al on TV, or one of the clan from Bumfuck Gulch in NV in real life. But none of them are available this time.

Well-played, fucktards.

And what did you accomplish, before it turned into Death Race 2017?

Thought so.

And why do it in the first place?

Because the bunch of you were too stupid to learn the lesson most of us got from our parents when we were five years old:

Don't play in the street.

(Pray that God loves you, and they find out this was another nutjob Bernie supporter who pasted WhitePower stickers on a stolen car, and who had a multi-year blog crush on every Leftard cause since Lenin. Because if not, it's going to be a long, hot summer, all the way to Christmas.) 


Anonymous said...

Thank you, as always for your spot on perspective. It amazes me why some on our side organise these stupid rallies in the first place. A written petition with a million signatures would have 1000 times the effect in preserving any of these historic monuments.

SAM said...

It's all over the news here in the UK about the extreme right wing march. Odd it's always extreme right wing for anyone who is not on the left but I have never heard any one being called extreme left wing it does not matter what they do. It's never extreme left wing all ways peaceful marchers, I've heard this said on the news when in the film shown on the news the 'peaceful marchers' are setting cars on fire.

Anonymous said...

Talking to a friend this a.m., when the music stops (balloon goes up or shtf) I don't want to be on any side. I want to be left the hell alone. "Don't play in the street", I love it. With all the "Nice" France like bulldozing going on, who the hell walks in the street or without looking over their shoulder anymore? And yes, not a day goes by when someone in the fam leaves the house, avoid crowds and be aware of your surroundings. Of course the women nod and give you lip service.

RandyGC said...

I was actually enjoying watching the Aryan Sooper Men vs Anti-FA revolootinaries scrimmage (on TV from 500 miles away). Sort of like I enjoyed reading reports on the Iran-Iraq war back in the day.

But as the saying goes, it's all fun and games until some moron brings out the 2000 LB Kinetic Energy penetrator.

Anonymous said...

I am not willing to concede the public forum to the antifa fucktards. I'm not willing to huddle in my fortress of solitude. I don't share beliefs with the klan, and I'm not any more racist than realist. Where are the calls from the right that "I may not like what you're saying but I defend your right to say it" that we hear so often in regard to the left? Where are the voices condemning the counter-protesters for their presence and violence?

I'm also not stupid, and while I wouldn't be caught in a march, I'm glad someone besides the left is willing to do it.

As for "owning it", well, it takes two to tango. Those antifa assholes could have stayed home too. If they weren't there, they couldn't have been hurt (see previous advice 'don't be there.') They came looking for trouble and loaded too, watch the video.

Why is it always OUR side that can't go out in public, that can't speak their minds out loud, that gets shouted down by the left? We get enough of that from the media, we don't need it from 'our' side too.

And it sure looks like violence IS THE GOAL. If not why all this talk about "accountability folders" and building databases on local fuckweasels? What are folks gonna do, send them coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond?

This is just the tiniest taste of what it's gonna look like if half the people on the 'internet forum right' get what they expect. Dallas and sniped cops. Car bombs in front of Wall Street restaurants. Houses burned down. Jihadi tactics against crowds.

So embrace the new reality, denounce it EVERYWHERE you see it and walk away, keep trying to moderate, or find your own path.

But get ready for more, neither side has had enough yet.


Aesop said...

Nobody's "conceding the public forum". Just saying avoid lose-lose venues where the only good move is not to play.

Was anyone swayed by either side? Fuck no.
Did the organizers come off looking reasonable, or get tarred as racist murderers? Killer Klan Klowns for the win there.

No one's saying you can't go out in public, nor speak your mind.
So, why go to a city that doesn't want you, in a state where the governor hates you, and telegraph your moves a month in advance so the fucktards can be all set up waiting for you on the day???
Head, meet brick wall. And it feels so good to stop.

Violence is the last thing we want, but it is still on the list.
The point is not to go somewhere where it's the only thing on the list, and then pretend we were just holding a peaceful protest. I've tangoed with the Leftards in person, a decade ago: the lesson is, if they know where you're going to be, plan to go where they can't follow, and don't know about in the first place. Divide their forces; pull five protest permits, but concentrate all your people at one, and leave the other four vacant. This is kindergarten-level strategy, but it's kicking people's asses.

And I'd be sad about the whole thing, but the people organizing the march put Klan Klown David Effing Duke on the podium; if that isn't a clear sign to stay the f**k away, nothing is.

The cute thing about a real war is that no one has to tell you it's happening.
It's the John Brown halfwit jackholes who try and jumpstart one who end up making asses of themselves, like in this instance.

And if someone wants to start a terror war, it's going to be neck-level rivers of blood, and there'll be only one side left standing when it's over. No truce, no ceasefire, just zeroing out one side or the other.

That's what I fully expect if/when things really do get sporty, and this kind of idiot savant stupid street theatre is a waste of time, resources, and anything else you can think of. In one move, this has gone from face-punches to a body count, and it left the other side looking like victims, which energizes their base and drains ours, while giving the .Gov a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge excuse to start going all tyrannical, to "maintain civic order". Like they needed the nudge.
It also kills any momentum for anything else going forward, because the next ten things will be rigged to fail, and the other side only too happy to help that along, cheered on by the media, the official PR wing of the Democrat/Communist Party.

That's the trifecta of fucktardery, and the only reason to comment on it at all is because I'm too far away to kick people in the crotch and then throat-punch them for doing it in the first place. It's pure, undiluted shitheadedness, and the mother of all cock-ups, by people without the wit to take their pants off before they crap.

And that's being too kind, by half.

In the Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes Sweepstakes, yesterday's incident was the Grand Prize Winner.

A Texan said...


I always advise my kids to think and plan. I start them out slowly, pointing at our dog in the cage.

"Why do you think she's in there, and we're out here? Why, when she has bigger teeth and claws, is faster, has a better sense of smell and hearing...WHY?"

"Cuz we're smarter?"

"Yeah, no damned kidding we're smarter, by orders of magnitude. So smart, that we've been at the top of the food chain for millennia, and the only competition on the whole planet is other people...and if you want to succeed against them, you HAVE to plan ahead, which involves thinking. And you have to have Plans B, C, D and E, because I absolutely guarantee you that Plan A is NOT going to work out. Those other plans ALSO require thinking. Oh, and here's the best lesson in thinking: observe what you and others have done that didn't work. Then avoid doing those things again, which puts you ahead of about 80% of the other humans out there."

That's the whole problem with the chest-beaters out there (and a LOT inhabit WRSA, love it as I do for a lot of the great information it has) - they don't THINK, they just react. They think that beating their chests harder than last time will work better than last time, when it clearly won't. They don't understand (or maybe aren't capable of understanding) that the wetware between their ears is infinitely more powerful than their arms (attached or purchased) - but only if it is used as intended.

Aesop, please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I stopped visiting this blog, but I am glad I found it again. Gonna be a long summer.

Aesop said...

Welcome back.
Pull up a chair and sit a spell.

Anonymous said...


I found your blog via WRSA, and I appreciate the work you do. Really good stuff.

Now that it looks like we may be on the short march to national self-immolation, there are questions that keeps nagging me.

Specifically, if it really hits the fan, how would other powers (read: Russia, China) work to turn it to their advantage? Related: If things REALLY got bad, and it looked like real nut jobs (with the ones I'm thinking about being hostile to Russia) were about to get control of the nukes, how would THAT play out?

The apocalyptic part of me is thinking that pre-emptive EMPs and depressed trajectory SLBM strikes on political and military centers of power could be in our future. That's probably just some anxious BS that could be cured by Xanax, but my mind keeps going there. If you have some thoughts on this, would you mind sharing them?