Friday, August 11, 2017

There Are Only Two Genders: Men, And Not-Men

                 Stick to pin-up calendars, not combat, ladies.

Washington Examiner link : warning : auto ad-spam one, exactly, another attempt to infiltrate the SEALs by the estrogen-burdened gender commandos has failed:
A woman aiming to become the first female Navy SEAL officer quit about a week into the initial training, Task and Purpose reported Thursday.
The unidentified female candidate dropped out in early August during a three-week course in San Diego that began July 24. It was the first assessment of potential SEAL officers before they can be sent on to more grueling courses, according to the website, which cited "multiple Naval Special Warfare Command sources."
Two women, whose names were not released to protect their privacy, entered the famously difficult SEAL training program this summer more than a year and a half after the military allowed female troops to serve in combat roles.
The candidate who dropped out was enrolled in the Navy SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection program. If she had completed the program, she would have faced an officer selection panel and the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL program, or BUD/S, a six-month training course for the elite special operators.
Ensign Noload Couldnthackit couldn't even make it through a week - a farking WEEK! - of pre-BUD/S, which is merely a warm-up and conditioning program to get SEAL candidates barely prepared for the actual horrors of First Phase BUD/S training, which is actual SEAL school. So the chicklets are still 0/0, lifetime, and can't even reach the front door. How apt.
My compliments to the BUD/S Officer Selection and Assessment folks, officer and enlisted, for not greasing the standards to slip in Ensign Wannabee.

So, as only 30 years of military physiological studies, all human experience, and the testimony of hundreds of male and female military members have predicted, G.I. Jane was nothing but the pre-literate fap-dreams of Hollywood scriptwriters with a fetish for dominant women. In real-life, G.I. Jane turned out to be Private Benjamin. Thank heavens she figured it out before she got herself and her teammates killed.

Turns out the bell was mightier than the vagina.

So after how many attempts can we stop feeding the imaginary beast that women can cut this gig?

If women in the services want equality, there's a simple way to get it: eliminate the female PFT/PRT readiness standards, and have them pass the service-wide male tests. We can discuss what to do with the softball-team sized contingent we get each annum at that point, but combat won't even be on the table.

Until they're ready to walk in the door and stay in on a level playing field, they're nothing but Special Snowflakes who've been molly-coddled for half a century of social experimentation, and it's time to end the joke, and quit playing SJW games.

The boss isn't amused.



tweell said...

I'm surprised the SEALs weren't ordered to lower standards like the Rangers were.

Aesop said...

They probably were, a year ago.

But as we Deplorables were told by HopeyDopey hisownself
"Elections have consequences."

Challenge accepted, libtards.

Anonymous said...

The logistical aspect of shipping all the extra toilet paper alone should exclude the fairer ones from being in the armed forces.

Anonymous said...

so even the best female recruit can not make it thru PreBUDs. Here's your sign. waste of time and took a slot, could of have another male in the roster who could have moved on to the next evolution. we will never know. feel goodyness mak'n us weaker.

Anonymous said...

I went through jump school parachute training in 1969 as a 20 year old in great shape as I had just left basic training at Fort Bragg from May till June. Hot months. The parachute school damn near killed me with their run you till you drop training. Hundreds of push ups a day for screw ups. I personally have never met a female that could have made it through that. We lost about 25 per cent of the men who started. It pisses me off to hear the commercials on the radio with a woman making a phone call to a friend saying that she is flying over Fort Benning on the way to a drop zone.