Thursday, August 17, 2017

No Shit, Sherlock Award: NBC/BBC Discover Violent Facist Antifa At Charlotte

h/t Hot Air

After only five days, including three days of castigating President Trump for "racism" for pointing out what was obvious from only every account to date from Chrlottesville last Saturday, both NBC and the BBC decided to, y'know, watch their own effing video feeds from the scene and have discovered, that, um, well, y'see, there may possibly have been a few Leftard...uh, violent m*****f*****s swinging pipes, throwing rocks, bottles, paint, and shooting pepper spray into people's faces at Charlottesville, exactly as described by the President in the zoo of fucktards pretending to be reporters at Monday's presidential press conference.

Both NBC News and the BBC have put out videos offering fact-checks on some of President Trump’s claims about what took place in Charlottesville. Both agree there were violent anti-fascist protesters who came to the protest looking for a fight.

Here's your sign.

ABCNNBCBS: Too Fucking Stoopid to watch their own video until the President calls them on it.

NBC should just change it's name to the Duh! Channel, move to cable, and get it over with.
Here's their five-days-late-and-a-dollar-short half-assed mea culpa for stepping on their dicks and lying about it for the entire week prior, from yesterday:

After noting they stepped on their dicks, they rushed in to try to double down on their narrative, but they can't undo the lies they've already told, except to keep repeating what they have got, which is one retard in a Charger going lethal.

Well-played, shitheads.

Like that undoes the violence the president described on both sides, despite the fact that one side had a permit to demonstrate, and the police and Notional Guard, on orders from the race-baiting mayor of Charlottesville, and the race-baiting Gov. of Virgina, abdicated their duty, and refused to intervene, and in fact actually created the violence by unilaterally vacating the court-ordered protest, and forcing the protesters right into the opposing Antifa thugs, and achieving the violence it was their job to prevent.

The most violent thugs in Saturdays melee were the Governor of VA, Clintonista fuckstick Terry McAwful; the Mayor of Charlottesville; badged thugs on the Charlottesville PD and Virginia State police; and their goose-stepping communist supporters wearing the uniforms of the 29th Infantry Division and ancillary units of the VA Army National Guard.

Let's play a tape from Nuremburg circa 1946 about "just following orders" and see if it works in 2017.

Congratulations, Leftards: you wanted another Kent State massacre, and once again, it took the GOVERNMENT acting in concert to bring it about.

I'd bother to castigate the BBC in detail, but those left-wing limey sons of bitches have had their heads up their asses for so long, I'd need a megaphone shoved up their butts to get the message through anyways. Not So Great Britain deserves all the Awful that a state-run media delivers.

Lesson #10,627,119 in proof of the premise:

                                 ABCNNBCBS is Fake News.


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