Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What Are You Prepared To Do?

From comments today:
So then we stop the rallies, stop the demonstrations. People don't see us anymore, we cease all operations.

And then we do what? What's next? I know what THEY will do next. All Confederate Statues will disappear and then the statues of the Founders will disappear. Then ANY statue of ANY white person. Then streets will be renamed, schools, etc.

THEY are going to DO that. And some of them will also keep attacking random whites on the street, "knockout game" style.

What are WE going to do?
That's an easy question.
 "What are you prepared to do?"

By all accounts, most people are neither inclined nor prepared to do fuck-all.
Bitter or not, swallow that medicine, and move forward.

Do you live in the Blue hives?
Then street theatre probably isn't on the menu, nor should be.

If you aren't, then you can take a shot. You might notice that when Antifa tries things outside their comfort zone, it doesn't go well for them.
So you're not going to lose ALL the fights, nor even most of them. Berzerkely, Boston, etc., are probably not going to go well for you though.

In case this wasn't obvious, Charlottesville had an unfriendly mayor, unfriendly cops, unfriendly state police, unfriendly governor, and was ground zero for tens of thousands of leftists at the university. And it's a lazy two-hour drive from D.C.

Let's, by all means, hold an outright Klan rally there, and see how many normies are willing to get beat up for their right to free speech, shall we?
And BTW, let's do not one single fucking thing to think this through pro-actively, even though we'll have two months to get our shit in one bag.

And, oh yeah, let's have the whole fustercluck organized by an (until 5 minutes ago) Occupy! organizer and Clinton/Obama supporter.

That will turn out well. And when it explodes in our faces, let's let Lucy tee up the football for another try.

And another.
And another.

And another.

As I noted elsewhere, I have diligently perused every dead-tree and electronic list of pre-apocalyptic "Things To Do To Prepare For ________" that I could find.

By a strange coincidence, on exactly NONE of them, did I find listed nor explained, the entry "Protect Confederate monuments".
If your list is different somehow, explain that one to me. Please show your work.

The Leftards' 10-month crybaby hissyfits weren't working for them - not once - and in fact was making them an object of scorn, mockery, and public derision, including from their own nominal supporters, until dumbasses showed up to play the Washington Generals to Antifa's Harlem Globetrotters in Charlottesville.

If you ever saw "The Devil's Brigade", perhaps you can understand the disgust Pvt. Ransom's sprint and faceplant engendered from Col. Frederick on the return from the forced ruck march.
              It's also a great flick. Watch it. Again, if necessary.

Do what you can, not what you can't. And if you're going to f*** it up, for the sake of everything, try not to do your spectacular faceplant in front of God and everyone.

And that's directed at everyone to whom it applies, not merely you, Comment writer, although you asked.

You or whomever, read the four links I posted in this post.
(Just to make it easy: hereherehere, and here.)
Make a farking list.
Then make a no-shit analysis of what you can do, and from there tell me what you should do, to get to where you can accomplish what you want to do.
This isn't hard at all, if folks just go in order.

Then start looking at list of what to look at after you get beyond one person:
and here.

There are no short-cuts. Folks can continue to do this half-witted, half-cocked, and half-assed, and marvel at the results.
Or, they can do it by the numbers, and get marvelous results.
My suggestion only has a century or two or warfare ("a continuation of politics, by other means" -von Clausewitz) in support of the theorem.

And if all that is still "too hard", then by all means, go back to MYOB, and taking care of yourself, and solving your own little problems. Which isn't a bad idea for life in general.

But qwitcherbitchin' when things you want don't happen, like they won't.

You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

And my thanks to GVDL @ American Digest , and CA @ WRSA for the linkage.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to start making it a habit to drop in and see what you're posting. Might keep me from duplicating your effort with an inferior product.


The Gray Man said...

I deleted my last post because work is slow, and I had more time than I thought to read through all the links.

So, "playing in the street" doesn't sound like a good idea, unless you can win, which apparently requires a very tight-knit group of several dozen, if not a few hundred, highly practiced, fairly RICH people trained in dozens of various disciplines and aiming for one goal, and with plenty of time on their hands for travel.

Impossible. I know exactly zero individuals like that and despite my searches, have still found none. I highly doubt that I've come across more than a handful online, seeing as there doesn't seem to be more than two of us who can even agree on what we want this country to look like in twenty years. If anyone can get me in touch with a group of people like that, please let me know. As far as I know, none exists on the "right".

I can not bring myself to believe that my only chance to do anything worthwhile requires meeting these types of standards. If there is no place for a combat veteran with HUMINT background and an intense desire for liberty in this, whatever we call it, then 99% of us have no choice but go home and store up supplies and hope that everything gets hit with an EMP, because we lost this, whatever we call it, many years ago.

tweell said...

Do not pick fights you cannot win. Observe the Trump rally in Phoenix last night. Antifa had 7200 RSVP and 500 showed. The police were against them, and many Trump supporters were armed. The left got shut down quickly.

A Texan said...

"Do not pick fights you cannot win. Observe the Trump rally in Phoenix last night. Antifa had 7200 RSVP and 500 showed. The police were against them, and many Trump supporters were armed. The left got shut down quickly."
Yup. The sage advice that I got when I was getting married was "Pick your battles - CAREFULLY!" It is very, very sage advice...and, yeah, I'm still working on it (sometimes it is a matter of one step to the side, 10 steps back, one forward - such is living with the non-logical).

Anyhow, I have yet to observe a really successful "right-wing" (what I'd prefer to call "pro-freedom") rally. Oh, sure, we can have a President (or candidate to become President) come in with mega-financing, legally-armed security, etc., etc., and he can speak for a while without being pelted with bags of urine or cement-filled soda cans - but that doesn't work for us when we have less resources. It doesn't help that organizing ANYTHING pro-freedom means dealing with a bunch of individualists that can't fall in line any more than it is possible to herd cats.

I don't know the solution, but I do know that continuing the same series of clusterphucks isn't working out too well for our side.

Aesop said...

When you half-ass the prep, you get half-ass results.
If you're lucky.

And if you're catching on to the fact that you shouldn't be playing in the street until you've got an organization with far more utility than being wasted on street theater, you're starting to get the point.

People who play in the street were idiots at 5 years of age, and they're no brighter now.

Signifying Nothing said...

Just 2 points to throw out:

1) If getting out in the street, have something specific that requires "direct action". General freedom and right? The entire normal portion of the country supports that, no need for a spectacle. Want to protect Confederate monuments in Obamasberg? Probably not a good idea.

2) Note the importance of funding and planning. Most on the right have detected interlocking organizations and individuals such as George Soros that fund, organize, and direct Antifa, BLM, FreePalestineForMoslemKillers, etc. If you want to have something more than a mob, be able to organize as your opponents do. Or stay home.

Aesop said...

Definitionally, street theater is always just a mob.
It never accomplishes anything worthwhile until it becomes a revolution, and even then the blood in the streets is overwhelmingly that of the mob.

I'm still waiting for anyone, from any event, to explain what exactly they proved with any of this, that did not involve thuggery for its own sake at the root.

There's nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot. - Inspector Harry Calahan

But a thug is just a thug, and a mob is just a mob.

RandyGC said...

When you listen to fools, the mob rules...

The Gray Man said...

Well I can tell you what they UNINTENTIONALLY proved. They proved that the governor, mayor, state police and local police will OVERTLY and PUBLICLY side with and coordinate with violent AntiFa and BLM groups to get legal demonstrators badly hurt.

Now bear with me for a second before anyone starts yelling about how they already knew that. Fine, so YOU and your friends may have known that they were willing to do that, but there is a LARGE percentage of the "right", or "FreeFor" or "liberty movement" or whatever we're called who are very "pro-cop" by default and who think that the local governments and state governments are minimally involved in what's happening, or covertly involved in simply influencing it occasionally.

This event proved without a doubt that those entities are able and willing to act overtly and publicly to HARM our side, whatever "our side" happens to be.

Aesop said...

True enough.
because they didn't pay attention in Berzerkeley, three times, or Boston, or, or, or...

And they proved it by getting the shit beat out of their followers.

The difference between that, and the experiments of Dr. Mengele, is difficult to record with existing instrumentation.

If someone wants to award them with a prize for pushing people into a bowl of shit, and somehow coming out with a (smallish, and shit-covered) plum, go ahead on.

"For conspicuous perfidy and duplicity..." doesn't seem to me to have a very heraldic ring to the requisite citation.

Night driver said...

CLEARLY, boss, you aren't using the same definition for Street Theater we used in 71 and 72.

We actually scripted actions/discussions/orations and involved passers by.....

Aesop said...

Improv is still theater, and it happened in the streets. QED.
Recent events are what happens when amateurs pull it outta their @$$#$ spur-of-the-moment.

James said...

I actually viewed Boston in some ways a win,the police were not handcuffed and thus no one was badly beaten that I know(still,came close a few times)and not 100's of thousands of dollars in damage.That is one reason I went to Boston,to see if that was allowed and how the press would tell the story.I also learned a few things about myself and about large/potentially hostile/violent crowds,so for me personally a win in the learning dept.

Anonymous said...

I had not read this but literally posted this exact thought to my fb page....freakin dumbasses think they a hero for pickin a fight
.....my question to them was do u wanna win or do u wanna fight.....
Go figure half cocked rednecks cursed me and called me a coward.....lol pure idiocy