Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Art Imitates Life

Antifa Organizers Announce Plans To Disrupt Neo-Nazi Rally Or Whatever Is Going On That Day 
BERZERKELEY, CA—Vowing to derail whichever event it is by any means necessary, local Antifa organizers announced plans Monday to disrupt an upcoming neo-Nazi rally or whatever else is going on that day. “We will stop at nothing to prevent these vile fucking neo-Nazi hatemongers from gathering, or, if not them, someone else,” said Sarah Jackson, 26, adding that the only way to end the spread of fascism is to physically confront Nazis, peaceful right-wing protesters, or just random people going about their daily lives. “We need to tell these Hitler-loving fucks or whoever else is standing there, ‘Get out of our city!’ Remember, we’re talking about white supremacist terrorists, people running errands on their lunch breaks, or a group of tourists, so if we have to throw a punch or two, then so fucking be it.” At press time, black-clad Antifa demonstrators screaming “Fascists, go home!” had swarmed a Scandinavian street festival.
Spread the news far and wide, boys and girls:
When acclaimed satire site The Onion satirizes what you do by simply and factually describing exactly what you do, you're over, except as a punchline.

If folks would just stay the fuck out of Antifa's way and let them hang themselves, you'd not only get to sit back and laugh about it, it would come to a grinding halt far more quickly, and the crescendo would be the rubber bullets of the police doing the work.

        Phoenix rioter in viral video arrested.

So yet again, Stop. Playing. In. The. Street.
Because: Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a strategic blunder.

I hadn't seen anything that funny since this trip down memory lane:


loren said...

The dickheads will keep at it till a whole crowd of them get hit by some dude with an AR. Then the calls will come in to ban "assault weapons"
In 3, 2, 1........

A Texan said...

Then the trick is not to use ARs, or any guns for that matter.

Last I looked, wrecking bars wielded by guys wearing helmets, body armor and (let's not forget these, folks) CUPS are a pretty fearsome weapon...especially if there is a degree of coordination between people on our side. No guns needed.

RandyGC said...

Staying out of their way means they will (as "revolutionary" types inevitably do) turn on themselves when they run out of targets, going after any of their own not sufficiently ideological pure. That's what I call entertainment!