Thursday, August 31, 2017

Because Common Sense, Isn't

You would think that someone would learn after the first grab at the hot stove bare-handed.

In some extremely rare but unfortunate incidents, you might find a person with two burnt hands, rare as that would be.

But in a triumph of hope over the wisdom of experience usually only found in people with multiple serial marriages, there are still some Baby Ducks nominally on the Right, who still want to hold a RALLY, so they can press their faces on the griddle.

God alone knows.

Once more, for the Special Ed short-bus wannabe "leaders".

1) If you're announcing this on the Internet, to God and everybody, months in advance,
You're doing it wrong.
2) If you're letting in anyone who shows up,
You're doing it wrong.
3) If there's so much as one Nazi flag,
You're doing it wrong.
4) If there's so much as one neo-Nazi flag,
You're doing it wrong.
5) If anyone, anywhere, even one time, gives a stiff-arm Nazi salute, or goosesteps,
You're doing it wrong.
6) If there's so much as one Confederate flag,
You're doing it wrong.
7) If anyone shows up in a Klan Klown robe, hood, etc.,
You're doing it wrong.
8) If there's almost any flag at all besides Old Glory,
You're doing it wrong.
9) If anyone is carrying any signs with "N-----" on them,
You're doing it wrong.
10) If anyone is carrying anything profane, sacrilegious, or generally assholish,
You're doing it wrong.
11) If they're wearing camo, fatigues, uniforms, or anything that even vaguely looks it,
You're doing it wrong.
12) If any of your ralliers are chanting any slogans from the above dickhead groups,
You're doing it wrong.
13) If anyone is making any gestures, hand signs, etc., from the above dickhead groups,
You're doing it wrong.
14) If anyone has any of the previous crap on shields, banners, or anything else visible,
including patches, armbands, slogan buttons, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, or tattoos,
You're doing it wrong.
15) If you don't look like a bunch of polo-shirted weekend picnickers, or better yet, people wearing suits, ties, and dresses, on your way home from church, temple, or court,
You're doing it wrong.
16) If anyone in your rally has blue, purple, pink, or any color hair they or someone in the world was not born with, or any face, neck, or other visible tattoos that cannot be covered up, because the message of your rally is more important than their personal self-expression,
You're doing it wrong.
17) If you're doing this in a blue city, county, or state,
You're doing it wrong.
18) If you don't, and tell everyone else in attendance to, ruthlessly throw out anyone doing 1-17 above, and hand them over to the local Antifatheads on the spot,
You're doing it wrong.

If you swim in the toilet bowl, you will be treated like a turd.

If you have a short memory, write that on your palm with a laundry pen.

I'm not wasting the bandwidth to post the detailed clowncarnucopia of photographic fail examples of all that asshattery, but quite simply,

EVERY mother-effing thing you do, say, wear, carry, wave, shout, gesture, ad infinitum, will be photographed, videoed, recorded, blown up in HD pixelated glory, and rebroadcast, examined, nit-picked to death, and danced around after the bonfires are lit at your feet.

It only takes about 2 seconds of digging and mouse-clicking to document this.

Anybody ever posted to embassy or liason duty, Panmunjon from 1953-present, the Berlin Wall, or along the East German Border from 1946-1990, anywhere in the Guantanamo Naval Base, or who ever visited a foreign city on liberty ever, in uniform or civvies, knows all these rules by heart.
You other FNGs, listen the EFF up.

And that's just the bare minimum ante on personnel inspections before you step off on your march's first step, even on so-called "friendly" territory, because the media are not your friends, and seldom are TPTB, including the police, ever, when you're holding a march/rally/public show-yer-ass-festival.

To date, I have seen exactly ZERO marches that could even pull that off, going back to the 1960s, let alone the copious other preparations you should - indeed must - be making prior to, during, and after any such public displays, everywhere, in all 50 states. And after the above 18 notes, it only gets harder, as I've only noted again and again going back 18 months.

When you're banging your heads against a wall, it feels so good to stop.

So stop.

(Unless you're an actual Nazi sympathizer, in which case, please, ignore the above, and go into Berzerkeley, Frisco, Detroitistan, Bahstun, DC, Philly, Chicongo, etc., and get your heads broken, and your asses handed to you on platters. Please. Over and over again. Because I never get tired of watching you maimed and bloodied.)

Let Antifa garner all the ridicule, scorn, derision, laughter, etc. even from their own finally-embarrassed side, and stop pining to be rolling in the same shit-wallow they inhabit, as if you were a whiny jealous little brother playing "Me too!"

Now, if you want to announce phantom rallies, that no one's coming to, in places you'd never show up in a million years, to draw out the Antifatheads, embarrass them, wear them out, and give them the opportunity to show their asses by rioting, arson, and their usual jackassery, by all means, do that.

Think of it as buying a drum set for the kids of those cousins you really don't like.


George True said...

Aesop: Amen,and amen!

I invite you to check out an exchange I had with someone at William Lind's website, 'Traditional Right'. On August 23rd, Mr Lind put up an article entitled 'The White Right Rises'. In the comments section, I exchanged views with a member of the League of the South who was one of their organizers for Charlottesville. I politely tried to explain some of these concepts to him that you have expounded here. He wasn't having it. In fact, he considered their rally a complete success. He was and still is totally blind to the harm they did to their own cause. I guess it's really true that you can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

@ George;
As an old gentleman from Mississippi once said to me "You can't even insure against stupid."

Regards from Georgia, overhill

Anonymous said...

First time replying here. You struck a chord, and whacked the nail head.
Thanks for posting this.
It seems to be a trend in patriot and heritage web-land that they can't look at the big picture, and analyze a single picture (the one posted above).
People, and "Mr. Famous Author", are hung up on the Lone Nazi Flagman.
"Lookie, his flag is fresh, his pants are new" etc.
The whole thing was hijacked and/or engineered.
The torch march was picture perfect reverse propoganda.


Papa said...

George True,
Spot on, and Amen to you and Aesop.