Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Antifa: Night Of The Long Knives

     An extra from the remake of Road Warrior, the Cowardly Lion,
     and Skinhead O'Connor's little sister will be staying in
     Berzerkeley soon, as guests of the county, for a little longer
     than they had originally planned.

The Party's over. Antifa has been volunteered for some front-axle seats under the DNC bus. They're currently about one step ahead of the posse, and like all iterations of socialism's useful idiot street thugs, they always take it in the neck once they've outlived their usefulness. Which, apparently, was early Tuesday morning.

Item 1:
Berkeley Mayor Calls for Antifa to be Classified as Crime Gang After Clashes at Weekend Protest
Item 2
 Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement denouncing the violent protests carried out this weekend in Berkeley, California:“Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts.  The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted."
Similar denouncements have followed from the Sacramento Bee, the Chicago Tribune, and New York Magazine. In what must surely be the most profound coincidence in media history, all these denunciations and repudiations came on nearly the same day, in five different cities across the country, and just a couple of weeks after the Leftards cat-called and howled because President Trump pointed out that the violence in Charlottesville earlier this month was perpetrated by thugs on both sides, and to no small degree by the Antifa thugs disrupting a permitted rally with an unsanctioned and unacknowledged (by Leftards, and their media whores, but I repeat myself) violent riot.

So it looks as though, yet again, the media and the DNC is eating yet another shitburger after trying to tar the entire right-wing half of the country as a bunch of racists, and pin the Klan Klowns on Trump.

No word yet on when similar denouncements might be expected from any of Antifa's Republican admirers, like Speaker Quisling Ryan, or GOP senators Bitch McConjob, Braintumor McCrazy, Ted WTF Cruz, Lindsay Grahmnesty, or his sidekick Marco Polo Rubio. One can perhaps forgive some debauched Roman emperor for wanting to appoint his horse to the Senate; the animal would have the virtue of being the only horse's ass in such a body with a biological excuse.

For those on the right fringe who were agitating to totally go full retard

in the wake of Charlottesville, here's reason eleventy-nineteen why they need to STFU, go home, and spend some quality time in the porcelain thinking room prying their heads out, because the blockage is constipating them at both ends.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a strategic blunder. - Everyone with a three-digit IQ

Oh, and one more thing:


Non-Spinning Regular Tie said...

But let this be no reason to let the DNC or MSM off the hook. Their utter spinelessness and grovelling is showing. The ruthless Left abandons some of its foot soldiers because they're finally feeling the repercussion. Good.

As ever, good call on the Charlottesville aftermath. Thanks for the level-headedness.

Jim Scrummy said...

Just remember, leftards-marxist-DNC never ever stop. This is just a pause, until something "new" the Soros stooges will come up with next.

Aesop said...

I can deal with their non-stop agitation.
But not with their non-stop agitation to turn a culture war into an actual one.

I think somebody tallied both the optics, and the military math, and decided discretion is the better part of valor.

Or they just don't want a front-row seat in a tumbrel cart once the blood-letting begins in earnest.


edutcher said...

Here's a thought.

Since these morons are recruited, indoctrinated, incited, and paid (or told they will be paid) by Dr Evil, and may make Congress less Demo rather than more next year, one wonders how long it will be before the Demos start denouncing the Last Nazi.

Aesop said...

One can hope someone sends Soros to Camp Eichmann, but I doubt they'll bother.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would take the Dems to turn on Antifa when the latter started attacking journalists. You can't have the side show freaks abusing your allies in the press, lest the press turns on you.

Miles said...

This is utter hypocrisy from the proggies, but that shouldn't be surprising.

As long as ANTIFA and their ilk had remained more or less constrained and followed the lead of the politicians, nothing would have changed.

But now that they've become a political liability for the next series of elections to get on or stay on the government gravy train (which today is the primary purpose of all national politics), the demoncrap party and their boot licking lackeys in the press are kicking them under the bus as fast as they can. 

However - and I hope I'm wrong and most of these idjits participate only because they get paid - these radicals have their own political agenda and have been given a taste of power and notoriety.
I don't think they're going to willingly give it up.

Anonymous said...

Young people won't get the skin head o'conners little sister reference. The look that she was going for and pulled off quite well was nega sonic teenage warhead from the dead pool movie. Thats my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Journo-list is alive and well