Wednesday, August 9, 2017

1,2,3,4, I Declare A Meme War...


And some people think I don't have a sense of humor...

Dear Kim Jong Asswipe:
Google "Syrian airstrike".
Then look up Saddam Hussein.
This is not going to end as well of either of those for you.
Our President is pissed off, not least of which because he can't nuke Congress, nor the mainstream media here. Nor ISIS nor AQ. (More's the pity, most days.)
You, however, have no such magical unicorn protection.
Consider your next move carefully.
And probably, when you get the urge to issue a statement, stifle it, STFU, and slink back to your porn collection.
Otherwise, the next thing you see is liable to be the Bright Light of Enlightenment, manufactured by Americans in Texas at Pantex, and specially delivered to you, not by the pizza guys, but by some quiet folks flying American steel and working for the USAF.
We don't think you want to go to Step Two.
Oh, and BTW, Happy Nagasaki Enlightenment Anniversary Day!

Best Wishes, Jackhole
- Aesop

P.S. Just kidding about the "Best Wishes". ESAD.

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