Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Are We There Yet

h/t Tam

From the blog Misfires and Lightstrikes today

Gun writer and bon vivant Jenn Jacques was let go from last week, and from what I understand, the site itself might be going away very soon as well. 
Not all that surprising. They won. We have a pro-gun President in the White House, nominally pro-gun Republican majorities in Congress, and the balance of power will be maintained (or improved upon) in the Supreme Court. The future that BearingArms wrote about happened, and now they (along with a host of other gun companies) are not really sure what to do next.
We haven’t hit that “dot com bubble” yet with gun culture, because since 1994 (or even earlier…) our culture hasn’t been based around expanding our rights and welcoming new people into the fold, it’s been built on fear and defensive warfare that bitterly clings to what few rights we had left.
Well, true enough, things are good, but they're far from excellent, let alone perfect.

Over a quarter of the American population (26%), some 86,000,000 souls, live behind the modern anti-gun curtain of states like MA, NFY, NJ, MD, IL, and CA. The answer to that isn't for them to move, it's to pull down the statues of Lenin in those places. "Run Away!!" was a funny Monty Python strategy, not one for serious men. See the preceding post.
And only 1/4 of the country are Constitutional Carry states.
So at best, the glass is 3/4 full.

Where to next?

Give a holler when Constitutional Carry is the law of the land in 50 states, with both the GCA of 1968, and the NFA of 1934 revoked in toto.

Then, and only then, we're back to where we ought to be, and can turn our attentions to other things - for awhile.

Meantime, it's far too early to declare "Victory!" overall, and retire from the field, and it probably won't be happening in my lifetime, if yours.

Total victory is always a long campaign.

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Retired Spook said...

But as TR has been quoted as saying "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." We're going to have to eat this elephant in the traditional, time-honored manner, i.e., one bite at a time.