Monday, August 21, 2017

McCain Torpedoed By Incompetence And Stupidity

Sorry, folks, I meant this one, the USS John McCain , not Senator Braintumor McCrazy:

Many aboard are dead and missing. Prayers for the families, of course.

Because this exemplar of the most nimble and agile ship in any fleet got hit by a tanker (and the entire conn crew was apparently working with a severe handicap, mentally).

But the Metaphor Prize Committee has met, and announced we have a winner.

Say, Navy, how's that Diverse, Gender-fluid Crew(tm) thingie working out for youse?
More collisions and deaths in a year than we had in the past twenty?
Even back when the Soviets were ramming our ships?

And that whole one-serving-admiral-per-commissioned-ship policy is paying vast dividends as well, huh?

Go, Navy!

Note to CNO: If our fleet is ever attacked by an enemy equipped with nothing but tankers and freighters, you guys are in a world of shit, huh?

You might want to have a Coastie cutter tag along with the capital ships when deployed, for lifeguard duty.

Otherwise, you might consider going back to being a fucking military navy, just for the novelty.


Anonymous said...

How can you expect them to waste time on such umimportant things as navigation, ship's handling, and emergency actions when they have to learn so much about inclusiveness, consent and self-esteem?

Mark D

Signifying Nothing said...

We basically are the Soviet Navy at this point, just much smaller. All political indoctrination, little useful training or motivation. I'm sure the Zampolits in the fleet are helping raise awareness of diversity during the stand-down.