Thursday, August 10, 2017

Position Improvement

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"Every moment one is not in the attack should be spent improving the current position. Dig, wire, mine, and reinforce, until the next offensive. This is the heart of warfare." - every field manual and treatise on military philosophy ever written, worth the ink and paper to record it

Embedded in a post at JJ's blog was the masthead poster for this post.
I heartily agree with the sentiment.

However one feels about President Trump, we can agree, unlike the Lefty lunatards, that the president ultimately cannot effect much change, nor should he. Overwhelmingly, what he does for posterity lies in things like appointments to SCOTUS and the federal judiciary, so his influence is mainly indirect, and frequently removed in time and space. (Witness how much mischief the last few @$$clowns in the office have hamstrung us downstream through secondary and tertiary effects.)

But Pres. Trump is, nonetheless, a welcome respite (and probably not much more, mind) from the previous downward progression of the United States into tyranny, slavery, rebellion, storm, and bloodshed, probably all of those concurrently when they happen.

We've had our fun watching an unending series of nothingburgers the Leftards and their media wing over at ABCNNBCBS have breathlessly assured everyone, mostly themselves, would herald Trump's Final Undoing, only to watch again and again as he has thwarted their predictive idiocy with the grace of a matador and the battlefield acumen and luck of Robert E. Lee.

But prudence and common sense reminds us in the still moments that such can not go on unabated, and even should he be re-elected, and emerge from both presumptive terms unscathed, one day January 20th, 2025 will dawn.
Let's recall furthermore that Trump is no spring chicken at 71 years of age, and powerhouse and force of nature though he be, we've all seen age progression on how 8 years serving in what Harry S Truman called "the crown jewel of the federal prison system" wears a man down to the nub. We could be looking at a Pence presidency pretty much on any given day, and whether we shall, God alone knows.

Ditto the economy, booming though it is at the moment, could all unwind in a day - the moment enough of the headless chickens who dictate such things all crap their pants and begin to run around the financial barnyard hither and yon. That could be any moment, from now until time beyond the ability to intelligently forecast.

Add in the usual unknowns of the sanity - and manifest lack - of other countries, and their leaders, and you have little to help you sleep soundly at night upon consideration of the prospects, pretty much for the rest of your life, for anyone old enough to notice.

Knowing, therefore, that all such things as the current moment are fleeting, even the pause in Big Gov's quest to return us one and all to serfdom in perpetuity, it behooves sensible folks to continue their everyday preparations to resist the storm everyone can feel in their bones, even when the sky is literally or metaphorically clear for miles.

Do you have a financial cushion? Cash savings, precious metals, barter goods, a bombproof diverse skillset and backup occupations and revenue streams - all of the above?
A nearby or current piece of defensible and arable land, with water, good soil, sunshine, etc.?
A like-minded tribe and/or neighbors to make a small community (or a larger one) militarily, politically, and economically viable going forward for months, years, and decades?
Personal preparations, consisting of self defense, water, shelter, food, power, transportation, medical needs, technology and tools, and the flexibility to apply all of the  preceding in circles outward, from self, to family, to tribe, to community?

Anything not in your immediate control, from bank accounts and ATMs to grid power or water, to police/fire/EMS, is simply a future point of potential failure. If it holds, good for you, but Hope Is Not A Plan.

Summer's coming to a close. So make some hay while the sun shines.
There's no telling when the seasons of life will change, or how long the winter we all dread may last.

And when it hits, if you're lucky, you're going to get one good chance to stave off the Hobbesian nightmare of a life "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" for yourself, and anyone you hold dear.

Get busy, and get it right.

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