Thursday, August 3, 2017

You Magnificent Bastards!

h/t Kenny at Knuckledraggin...

BIRMINGHAM, AL,  (WKRG) — A Muslim civil rights organization is asking management at a McDonald’s located in Decatur, Alabama to identify and fire the staff who allegedly hid pieces of bacon in 14 chicken sandwiches ordered by a Muslim family.

1) If you work at MickeyD's you probably shouldn't oughta do that.

2) Given that this complaint issues from the Perpetually Offended, I doubt anyone actually did it; I suspect the chance it's a shakedown scam is about a 100% certainty.
(That'd be 1:1 odds for public school grads.)

3) I'm not an imam, but I'm pretty sure McDonald's isn't halal to begin with, since they prepare and cook the pork products right next to the beef products. Which once again reinforces my suspicion this is nothing but BS, in pursuit of a rent check.

4) But if someone did actually pull off the Great Birmingham Bacon Caper, STFU, eh?

5) And if you did do it, Real American Genius:

If I were that manager, I'm pretty sure I'd pin this act on Seaman Hornsby:


MarshFox said...

I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous response to my question, and I want to apologize for my tardy response(sometimes life tends to intervene when I try to shoot the shit with a fellow brother. Trying to get out of the Corps after 30 years is a lot harder than it was to get in all those years ago, good thing I have started this process a year out, but I digress. Pretty sure you wouldn't recognize the "Rock" now, I just got done an unaccompanied tour in 13 and it had changed since our last time there (accompanied 3 year tour leaving there in 01. The same goes for this place, I have been in and out of here since 88 and it has changed dramatically (war money). I tried getting stationed on the West Coast (29 Palms) but the monitor wasn't having it. I did get I&I in the PNW (Portland) just recently and now back here to finish up. Btw, do you still have your Wafarers, surfboard, and suntan oil, being a Hollywood Marine and all! Yeah, I know us PI guys had it easy. Thanks again for the courtesy, hope we can stay in touch.

Aesop said...

GoogleEarth has confirmed those changes to me as well, and I can't find the gun parks either place any more, though my barracks at Lejeune is still there.
But now with cubic acres of additional POV parking where once were front lawns dating back to the 1940s.
Pendleton has fared a tiny bit better, but the same largesse and transmorgrification is evident.

But I can still spot the former Jap pillbox on Camp Butler where I could check a book out from the base library and spend a Saturday afternoon soaking up the sun, reading about the battlefield I was sitting upon, and waiting for a long-distance line to call home. I haven't missed that place for so much as a minute.

Phil said...

I just laughed at loud at Mr. Fox's news that he got I&I in Portland.
My Dad was in the Navy and while everyone knows what R&R is, he told me once that he and his buddies called it I&I.

Intercourse & Intoxication.

Even if that is not what he meant I would still like to thank him for the laugh and a good memory of my Father.

Aesop said...

I&I is Inspector/Instructor duty, of an active duty Marine officer or SNCO, with a reserve unit that always needs some cadre-stiffening.

R&R is exactly the I&I your father told you about.

Anonymous said...


Was on the Rock in 71 prior to heading to RVN...lotsa protesting for return of it to Japan.

Beautiful place inhabited by Jap rednecks.


Aesop said...

They protested us, too, in the late 1980s. Seems like an island-wide past-time.