Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beware Weaponized Autism

h/t Peter, @ Bayou Renaissance Man

Apparently, Antifa and their scumbag buddies tried to go after 4chan.
This was a foolish choice. (As Shia Labeouf could tell anyone.)

So through their gamer allies at 8chan, today was posted the current list of every identifiable person connected with Antifa, BAMN, etc., and every bit of personal info about them, including business addys, occupations, facebook accounts, etc.

Leftards: You've been doxxed!

F**k with people at your peril, commie idiots.
BFYTW isn't the tame RINO lapdogs with whom you've become accustomed to toy.

These dogs bite.


Jim Scrummy said...

Instead leaving sleeping dogs lie, the Soros Antifa/BLM/commie kiddies poked a polar bear. Doubtful these kiddies will learn their lessons.

The Gray Man said...

Bunch of people on there claiming the list is fake. Are those just leftards trying to discredit the list?