Friday, August 25, 2017

Anecdotal Data Point: Leesburg VA

h/t Old NFO

Just a little tidbit for folks to play with, mentally:

"From this last weekend, in Leesburg,VA there was supposed to be yet another protest -

For those unfamiliar with the Leesburg Confederate statue that has people upset sits on the grounds of the loudon County Court house which, in turn, sits in the NE quadrant of King St. (Route 15) and Market St. (Route 7).

Across King St. from the statue is The Downtown bar, known for its clientele who favor 2-wheel transportation. Bar window sports a sign "Better here than across the street." My information came from a friend who had "ring-side seats".

Sometime in the morning a van passed north on King and a cellphone was held out the front passenger window. Photo recon? Who knows?

At any rate the customers in the bar and the deputies on OT rolled out. Bikers on the sidewalk, deputies on courthouse grounds.

About 10 minutes later same van followed by another were waiting at King/market intersection. they made the turn on northbound King...slowed van slid open its side door...and quickly shut it. Both vans picked up speed. As they passed Cornwall St. a troop of fell in behind them. Lead bikes were LCSO officers. Vans were followed to Point Of Rocks Bridge and the MD state line.  
Thus ended the Day Of Action in Leesburg.
Van plates were run: rentals.
Note the last line, above... 
Where does it end? Personally, I think it is liable to end much like some of the European countries, where either law enforcement, or locals take care of the problem themselves. And antifa disappears from that area for a generation..."

Pity somebody didn't follow then to their terminus, and get all the data and pics they wanted.
Something for people to think about.

And allies are where you find them.


RandyGC said...

Maybe someone did follow them and is very carefully not advertising that fact. But I was always an optimist

Rich Jordan said...

"If you see something, say something" say the PSAs about being watchful for suspicious activities. I hope someone called the MD state police to report the activities and license plates.