Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ABCNNBCBS Wets Self, Threatens to Crap Pants Too

h/t WRSA

After between ten months and two years of non-stop unprecedented attacks on the president, and outright shilling for violence, a coup, and his assassination, the President paid them back, a little, in Phoenix yesterday, and the press, once again, is now losing its collective mind (metaphorical as "mind" and "media" in the same sentence may be). And what's running down Chris Matthews' leg (and a few thousand of his fellow communist colleagues') is far likelier to be feces than a tingling thrill.

Because, surprising no one, the education failure J-school grads can dish it out, but they can't take it.

From the relevant Breitbart article:

“That is dangerous rhetoric. It just is. It is dangerous. Something is going to happen,” a distraught CNN reporter Chris Cillizza said on-air. “You cannot vilify the Right like this. I know I’m a reporter, but you cannot do this with anyone and expect no consequences.”

Just kidding. Silly Cilliza didn't say quite that.
I took out “media” and inserted “Right”.
Funny how when their ox is likely to get gored, they start shitting themselves and whining for circumspection, responsibility, and accountability, something they have yet to display once in most people's living memory.

Sauce for the gander, @$$holes.

A couple of you traitorous anti-American m*****f*****s get the shit kicked out of you for what you are, and you might start acting like the virtuous impartial relayers of events you pretend to be, and whom you’re supposed to be.

In an apocryphal story from Soldier Of Fortune magazine back in the day, during a raging firefight between communist Sandinistas and pro-democracy Contras in El Salvador, some local reporters somehow got themselves trapped by the ebb and flow of the combat, right in the middle of the shooting match, between both sides.

They waved handkerchiefs and yelled out "Periodistas! No Fuego!" ("Journalists! Don't shoot!")

Whereupon, the combatants on both sides yelled back at them "Mentirosos!" (Liars!) and resumed the shooting both ways, with renewed gusto, and not a few rounds directed at the erstwhile Impartial Arbiters of Truth.

Journalistic ethics is an oxymoron, and has been since at least the 1950s.

It will continue to be be until the tally of their teeth on the ground gets to the point where self-preservation leads them to stop sitting on the scale, and actually tell the impartial truth.

Until then, “What is the frequency, Kenneth?” should become the order of the day.
At least in the media's head.

Or, you jackholes could, perhaps, start practicing impartial, y'know...journalism.
Just for the novelty, if nothing else.


The Gray Man said...

Here here. These journalists are working harder (and are more effective) than anyone else to push us into a full blown shooting war. They can not keep pretending to be non-combatants. Words, ideas and philosophies are almost as deadly as the actual bullets flying through the air.

Sort of.

RandyGC said...

Interesting you mentioned a story from the Contra wars in this context. It was my (very peripheral) involvement in keeping an eye on things down there that sealed my attitude that "journalists" were "spies we are not allowed to shoot...for some reason".