Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Some Miscellaneous Tab Clearing

First, a few points:
I told you if you were worried about coronavirus, that N95 masks would be a good idea.
Turns out I nailed that, a couple of weeks before TPTB caught up to me.
I told you a substantial portion of US medical supplies come from China.
A week later, the CDC noted that supplies that won't be forthcoming from China could be a real problem.
I told you in 0.2 seconds that keeping 3000 people on a Plague Ship was world-class dumbassery.
A week later, with infections on the MV Death Princess proceeding at just about the exact nominal rate I suggested, TPTB suddenly reversed course, pulled their heads out of a tight dark place, and got right on that, by bringing everyone home.

Look guys, really, I am that smart a lot of times, particularly with home court advantage on subject matter, but let's get serious: I apply common sense and simple analytics (and you can too), whereas TPTB are hampered by the fact that most of the HMFICs are incompetent jackasses with middling 2-digit IQs and festeringly inflated senses of their own intelligence.
Forrest Gump is smarter than they are too. There's not much trick to this.

And if TPTB are running you back and forth like sheep, and spreading recockulous propaganda that shouldn't fool a child or a half-wit, it's to keep you off balance, panicked, and too busy to take a minute to think about things. You can learn not to do this, or you can live a short but interesting life.
As dinner for something higher on the food chain.

Next, there's been a good bit of back and forth in comments about cobbling together your own homebrew protective masks.

Let me be as subtle as a train wreck about that idea:
It's about like asking if you could solve your water supply problems by flying C-130s to Alaska, and bringing back snow to melt down.
Yes, you could do that, but if you had those resources, why in hell would you want to???

So yes, there's probably some way you could make a substitute filtration mask.
But if you could, why wouldn't just have done that from the get-go?
Because it would cost you $50-$500 a mask.
At which price point, you could be buying N100 powered NBC/CBRN respirators, and Level A Encapsulating Suits, and building your house to BL-IV laboratory spec.
And if you made a homebrew mask you'd need 3M lab space to verify that it worked.
And if you had a 3M science lab, you'd just stay inside, and skip having the mask.
And if you didn't have a 3M quality test lab, you'd be walking into a contagion plague with untested equipment, hoping it would work, and you wouldn't know if it failed until it was way too late.

Show of hands: how many of you would build or buy a "bulletproof" vest on that basis...?
Untested. It might fail. But if it did, you'd know right after the bullet entered your chest.
So, I've got those vests right now, for sale...any takers??
Beuller? Bueller...?? Ferris Bueller...??? Anyone? Anyone???


Lastly, one lone jackass (anonymous...color me shocked) piped up to cock-a-doodle-doo that the VA state senate voted down this year's attempt at an AWB, because of Gun Woodstock. How fortunate that it failed. But let's get serious: Gun Woodstock didn't get you there.

So, a few points:

1) If Gun Woodstock was such a good idea, why not hold twenty more of them?
You know why not: it accomplished nothing, and wasted a month's time.
2) If Gun Woodstock is what got the AWB killed, why didn't it kill it in committee, long before it ever got to the floor?
Because it accomplished nothing.
3) If it was all that and a bag of chips, why did all those other anti-2A measures not get killed too?
Because it accomplished nothing.
4) If Gun Woodstock was so effective, why was VCDL and everyone else tickled to death and shocked as bejeezus when the AWB was voted down?
Because they knew Gun Woodstock accomplished nothing.

Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.
Claiming that your Stupid Party did something is like being the seventeenth terror group to claim responsibility after a bomb goes off, or to yell "I am Spartacus!"
No credit for something that's not due you will be awarded.

We already gave some pointers on doing some things that would actually be effective.
Well, lo and behold, some people in VA decided to use their heads for something other than a hat rack, God love them:
On Saturday, Feb. 15, more than 500 people showed up to the militia muster call in Bedford County to volunteer their energy and their skills to the cause. As advertised in the flyer for the muster call — which was posted on Facebook on Jan. 30 — registration for the militia was open to all able-bodied residents between the ages of 16 and 55.
According to the flyer, “This muster will be a historic event and will demonstrate the will and resolve of the people of Bedford County and the Commonwealth of Virginia to defend their rights, resist tyranny, and secure for themselves and their posterity those liberties that have been purchased with the blood and treasure of generations of Virginians.”
Attendance records for the hundreds of interested residents will be brought before Bedford County administrators so the group can be formally recognized as the Bedford Militia. After gaining official recognition in the county, the members of the Bedford Militia can bring their unorganized militia up to par with the guidelines of Virginia Section 44, which covers unorganized militias as well as the National Guard and the Virginia Defense Force.
Wes Gardner, a member of the Bedford Militia, says, “The Attorney General saying that they’re going to enforce the law and if there’s any sheriffs that won’t enforce the law that they’re going to remove those sheriffs, well this is a community effort to protect the community, including the duly elected representatives, including the sheriff.”
Attention whores need not apply. Go, Bedford Militia.

So, what never-before-attempted magic did that group use to organize this historic assembly?
What one weird trick was so effective at actually doing something that would, no shit, halt unconstitutional tyranny from occurring?

They put up one m*****f***ing Facecrack post!

Mirabile dictu! Facecrack?!? Who KNEW you could talk to people on social media, without requiring a parade permit, a podium, a PA system, a month's organizing, or chartered busses a month in advance?!?!?
Holy Shit, Captain Obvious! Local, Local, Local WORKS!!!!!

So, next question:
In less than a month, without any asinine Gun Woodstocks, 90% of VA counties became 2A sanctuaries. So, besides Bedford County, there are only 94 other counties, and 38 independent cities in VA. 90% of whom are 2A sanctuaries.

So...why in blistering fuck are just about all 142 of those other municipal entities sucking hind tit on this, and why haven't 90% of them announced similar militia musters for, oh, let's say...THIS EFFING WEEKEND?!?!?


If someone runs for office in Bedford County next election, d'ya think that those 500 patriotic Virginians in Bedford County just might be a by God political force to be reckoned with? That will metastasize into 5000, or 50000, votes? From here on out? For county sheriff? For state assembly? For state senate? For governor? For Congress? For the US Senate? For POTUS?

So where are all the swinging Richards who showed up for Gun Woodstock, in all those other counties? Don't they have Facecrack? Twatter?? The internetz???
Or are they all just one-shot Johnny, "I went to da Gun Woodstock, my work here iz dun!"

If they're serious, they should get cracking.
If not, they should STFU, and just roll over and see how it feels to live behind enemy lines, and watch their birthright get voted out from under them by invading liberal hordes.

Look to Bedford County.
You like liberty?
You want freedom?
That's how you get liberty, and keep your freedom.

Learn THAT lesson, and stop half-assing this.


James M Dakin said...

I'm sure I'll get shouted down and ridiculed, but Yankee Marshal just did a video on why the gun bill was shot down. I'm not 100% sold on his reasoning, but it is a darn good guess if nothing else. To me, the man makes a lot of good points. And he has a sense of humor, rather lacking with this subject matter most places.

Anonymous said...

A question about masks. Again. In photos from the 1918 pandemic you see health workers and the public wearing what look like cloth masks. Were they of much use then? I'd imagine they would help keep you from touching your nose and mouth. Not much help with your eyes. And they were probably burned or more likely boiled in water after each use.

Better than nothing for the times? Or did was it more psychological. I did do a quick Google search on the efficacy of masks for that time but nothing obvious turned up.

Just a general question. Thanks for taking your time to explain things clearly here.

Charles in VA said...

@ Aesop,

"So...why in blistering fuck are just about all 142 of those other municipal entities sucking hind tit on this, and why haven't 90% of them announced similar militia musters for, oh, let's say...THIS EFFING WEEKEND?!?!?


I do not speak for the citizens of VA, but since I AM one, I'll take a crack at that point.

Just how long did it take from posting that Facefuck call until muster time? I confess I don't know...but I'm betting it was PDQ.

And that right there answers your question...in part. We can form lines MUCH faster than either the Nat'l Guard OR the State Police combined, and in MUCH larger numbers...and what's more, we know it.

The 2nd part of the answer is that the vast majority of Virginians in flyover Counties are level headed folks, not the toothless goons the elitist cock knockers take us for. This may have been the Big Dance, but it certainly wasn't our first.

And while you can rightfully claim that we didn't KNOW to a certainty that the Richmond knob shiners would back down...yeah...we really kinda did. See, we KNOW the meaning of unConstitutional here in the Old Dominion. And the knob shiners are just smart enough to KNOW that we know.

So until they can figure out how to move ALL the State Reps and Senators to Commie jurisdictions, they still have to answer to their constituents in those flyover Counties. Those turncoat Dem Senators who slammed on the brakes? Yeah. They REALLY like their money and power as it turns out. So...leverage.

And we STILL have the NRA/ILA court battles to fall back on complete with injunctions. In short, we will outlast the bastards now as in the past. We may lose one day, but it ain't THIS day.

And on a tangential note about the recockulous VCDL demo...

As you know, I was with you in opposition to it from the beginning. That having been said, in hindsight I think it actually DID help the cause somewhat. Not as much as at the County level to be sure, but every little bit helps. We will never to be able to say with any certainty what psychological effect it might have had on the Richmond know polishers...but I CAN guarantee you they neither liked nor appreciated it one bit.

That wraps up my singular cricket chirp on the topic, and I hope you don't find it obnoxious, as that was not my intent. It's just the way I see it.

Charles in VA said...


sorry for the typos. It's time for a new keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Taken from /pol/. This is interesting regarding how contagious this thing must be.


Watch this nurse. This is posted by a CCP-approved news source. She is performing TWO SEPARATE clean procedures. The normal is one, even for Ebola. That means the virus is super contagious. They will literally use one decontam procedure to remove one set, destroy the covers, move to a different location and perform a separate second decontam procedure. I have never seen this. I used to work in a high security biolab. I'm not saying this virus is deadly, I am saying that evidence indicates that it is super hardy and super contagious

Helo Bubba said...

Having lived through the LMFIC times, I applaud your reference to the HMFIC’s that are supposed to know what’s going on. Hopefully, the changes in practice are LMFIC driven.

tk421a said...

I'm seeing a lot of stuff on the N-95 face mask as a protection for the Kung Flu. The reality is that wearing one of these masks is nothing more than a feelgood measure.

With an N-95 mask on, the eyes are still a gateway for airborne viruses. When you pull the mask down and chat on your cellphone you are contaminating all around your nose and mouth. When you put one on and breathe, odds are you will feel escaping air from around the mask. These points where air escapes also let in air and potentially any airborne viruses.

The only real reason for wearing aa N-95 mask is if you are infected, this will reduce the chance of spreading the Kung Flu. You are much better off simply washing your hands often and keeping your grubby fingers away from your face.

Charles in VA said...

@ James,

I watched that guy's video and quite frankly there are holes in his logic wide enough to drive a Ma Deuce through. The largest one being that the longer the gun grabbers wait, the worse off they are...which is precisely why they wasted NO time after taking office to try and ram this shit through!

That being his main argument, I have to call BS on him.

Also his lisp and Trekkie T shirt did not inspire confidence AT all. The guy is bush league peanut gallery material.

Aesop said...


But thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

While VCDL WAS tickled, they were not totally "surprised" because they've been in that damn building in force every freaking day since. P'raps they were surprised that several dhimmicrat legislators voted against what heretofore was a solid partisan bloc, but they've been "workin it" as they always have.
That big brand-x organization up in Fairfax? Not so much
But again, dunno what got those reps to turn coat...VCDL? "Gun Woodstock" ? Rather doubt it's neither and it might be elements of both.
Boat Guy

Charles in VA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James M Dakin said...

Charles, why do the commies lose if they wait on the ban? They have been at it for a century and are successful in a 19 steps forward, one step back sort of way. The lisp is from a mini-stroke, I believe ( it really messed up one eye for a time, can't say for sure the lisp is new or not ). The shirt because he is a nerd and proud of it. I used to be a nerd, luckily outgrew it ( mostly ), but am not ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Wow chas, another example of your badassery. What a stud.
Otherwise keep a respectable tone to your comments, dipshit or the grownups are gonna send you away.
You keep paying for Wayne's shoes and suits numbskull.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

I think Chucky needs to go back to his office in the beltway and STFU.

Unknownsailor said...

"The largest one being that the longer the gun grabbers wait, the worse off they are.."


Every minority in US supports gun control by huge margins. They also vote Democrat three to one.

Given another 15 years, provided nothing changes with immigration, and you will see the 2nd Amendment written out of the Constitution, and there won't be a damned thing you can do about it.

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXvxXyssP-A

LISTEN to what he is saying. Everything he says is backed by unimpeachable data.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks nostradamus, like we have no say? Fifteen years, huh?
Whatever. Got some stock picks too?
Boat Guy

Hiding in the Bunker said...

Re: masks. I had ordered some N-95 Isolation Masks from an online medical provider before most people realized the Whu-Flu was a thing. They ran my credit card and promised 2 day shipping. I had ordered 2 cartons (600 masks per carton), because my daughter had just completed cancer treatment which included a lifetime dose of targeted radiation and was attending a major uni with a huge Chinese foreign student population. 2 days after my shipment was supposed to arrive, I was told that my cartons of masks I had paid for at $39 per carton would be "unavailable" as they were being commandeered for medical staff, but then was offered the "opportunity" to buy 1 box of 50 masks for $50. I declined. Our dentist who is aware of our situation donated a few boxes to my daughter. We have in our TEOTWAWKI a carton of the non-medical N-95 type masks, Moldex brand, that I guess will do in a pinch. I plan on not needing to use them and have already begun avoiding crowded spaces as much as possible. I am retired now so it does make it a bit easier to go out when the stores etc are empty.

From Twitter: "At my hospital we tested for a suspected case Wednesday. Results was supposed to come back Saturday but we haven’t heard. 1 ER doc, a nurse and 2 techs are under quarantine for 14 days right now. This was told to us by our head Quality nurse. Person came through ER sent home quarantine".

Knowing the staffing bench that has to be kept in rotation to keep an ER or an ICU at operational tempo, at what point, if this is the protocol, does this take an ER offline if "x" number of staff are also in self-quarantine for 14+ days from contact with a suspected but not confirmed NCV-19 patient? This has the potential to go sideways, quickly. And more data coming out regarding the latency period is trending towards the asymptomatic infectious period can be much longer than 14 days - yet the CDC is skipping around, happily handing out "all clear" letters to people who were at March AFB in quarantine for only 14 days. Top.Men.

lineman said...

Ahh he just can't help himself its like tfat and gringo rolled into one... Maybe he will throw in a little Haxo for good measure a little later...I noticed they are getting a little smarter by trying to ingratiate themselves with the host before shitting all over the board...

Hunker in the Bunker said...

Regarding home preparedness: I share some of our thinking not to try and be a know-it-all (far from it) but to share some of my ideas in the hopes that it helps someone else think about their planning and preparedness. I get alot of good ideas from the posters here and at WRSA and they have helped me out tremendously in the past.

FWIW, right now is the time to make a survey of your TEOTWAWKI pantry and figure out what you'll need 3 months from now that might not be on the stores shelves. Every time there's an inbound weather event, the locals in our area go bananas and strip the store shelves clean, while we're happily whipping up a crockpot meal and maybe a loaf of homemade bread to go with it. This week we've taken advantage of Target's paper goods sale to stock up on TP, paper towels, Kleenex anti-viral tissues, antibacterial wipes etc. I also ordered Clorox institutional grade hydrogen peroxide cleaner online from Amazon. I prefer the hydrogen peroxide over the regular Clorox bleach as it doesn't degrade fabrics. The large refill jug size was going for about $17 on Amazon and it lasts a long time. Also took the opportunity to stock up on our dwindling supply of 91% rubbing alcohol and 3% hydrogen peroxide as well as more disposable gloves. I use disposable gloves for meat prep at home routinely anyways. Our local grocery store had Gatorade BOGO and also added some Pedialyte for the grandkids. A quick survey dictated some plus-up in bone broths and cooking stocks as the main things we tend to go through more of in the winter months. I do make my own bone broth, but it is nice now that the ready made in tetra packs or frozen is readily available.

We have a giant All American pressure canner which I will convert to a homebrew autoclave if it becomes necessary, and a small UV-C sanitizer suitable for barbers or nail salons to sterilize equipment with that I currently use to sanitize cell phones, keys, sunglasses etc. I just recently purchased a small portable wall plug-in UV-C room sanitizer for my spouse to use when he has to travel and stay in hotels. The one I purchased, Germ Guardian, seems to do a good job and emits negligible ozone. Costco is currently selling a 2 pack for about $46 online the last time I checked.

I should add, I try and prep EVERY winter/spring for someone to come down with a flu or flu-like illness and try to have an ample supply of what someone would need to stay hydrated, nourished, comfortable etc. My concern this season is the unknown ("I don't know what I don't know) and the potential for supply chain disruptions.

I would urge people to do a review of what they think they will need and look at procuring those items now. Even if supply chains aren't disrupted, take the opportunity to have what you anticipate you will need in house so you don't have to be in with the crowds being stupid and perhaps contagious. The N-CV19 isn't the only thing circulating at the moment, and you don't want to already be run down fighting off one of the other things going around if N-CV19 does come knocking in your neck of the woods.

Our plan is to already self-quarantine as much as possible, but the spouse still has to go out into the work world. Fortunately his line of work has minimal public interaction.

Anyone who believes the numbers being churned out by the CCP on this is a fool. I fully expect the CDC to goom this up big time.

Stay safe and stay well, all. Thanks for your updates Aesop, I will continue to check in with you. I hope all goes well in your neck of the woods. Cheers~

Hunker in the Bunker said...

Reply to Anon @11:16
Yes - watch how China is responding, not what they are saying/reporting.
There is also video on Twitter of "animal waste" portable incinerators being trucked into to hospital parking lots. One of my children is a DoD trained Mandarin linguist and he has been translating some of the video and commentary being posted on Twitter. It's not good.
I plan on preparing for the worst, and if it turns out to be a nothingburger here, I'm happy.

Robohobo said...

I have a goodly supply of Hibiclens. When Corona Chan lit up I immediately ordered N95 masks. Within a week Amazon canceled the order with NO alternatives. That is even before your 1st warnings!

Add pain to insult, I am now chemo path! The CCP deserve any canned sunshine they get. Over and over and over!

Stealth Spaniel said...

Okay, my turn to ask the teacher a question. What about Lysol Laundry Sanitizer? Is this a good idea to start using now, or save it for "the panic"? I'd like an idiot list of good or must stuff to have in case of pandemic. While my bunny gun is ready to deploy in defense of a secure domain, I'll need more than ammo to survive Kung Flu.

Anonymous said...


Time stamped to the relevant point. Then look at the date this was uploaded. Then go back and watch the whole thing. When you get a bit "whoa there Tiger. That's a little crazy" Look at when this was uploaded and look at what's going on right now

This was a bioweapon attack on China. Who did it? The list of nations capable is remarkably small. That list gets awfully actionable when the Chinese examine the evidence.

I hope ya'll got deep larders

Charles in VA said...

Still LMFAO at you NRA haters!

Hey! Where were YOUR 2A groups 100 years ago? Oh, that's right. They didn't exist!

And at least Wayne LaPierre DIDN'T get suckered into an interview with BORAT like Van Cleave.

But by all means...rah, rah, rah. Sis boom bah! Jump on the hate wagon over one pissy little scandal that you measure by your own short sighted ignorance with no regard for history, tradition and accomplishment.

If your families had the same level of intellect as you, we'd have no American Government today. You'd all be speaking German or Russian.

Too bad you all didn't exhibit the same level of "moral outrage" for 8 years of Clinton, or 8 years of Obama...both of whom the NRA fought every step of the way.

So I'll remain a proud Life member of the NRA and continue to laugh at you bigoted self righteous morons till the day we all die.

Charles in VA said...

@ James,

I never said he should "be ashamed". I said I had no respect for his crackpot theory. If you do, that's your business. And if you were so confident in his position, why did you start off your introduction of him with a disclaimer?

Charles in VA said...

@ lineman,

It's only good manners to compliment your host when you see they've done or said something right. And contrary to your opinion, it is also good manners to be honest in disagreement.

Your petty post is itself a fine example of "shitting all over the board". At least have the common courtesy to address the person you're trashing.

I also love it when people who don't run the site threaten to kick you off it. That's not a dik move power play at all.

Charles in VA said...

@ boat boi,

I'm pretty sure we already covered the "bad ass" issue. And out of curiosity, are you the "grown up" that's going to send me away? Cause that sounds pretty bad ass to me! Not to mention "respectful".

Hypocrite much?

Charles in VA said...

@ James,

"Charles, why do the commies lose if they wait on the ban?"

For the same reason your guy stated in the video. RGB has very little time left. Trump WILL get another 4 years, so she gets replaced by another "conservative?" if she retires/expires.

How do they "win" by losing, James? Where's the honor or credibility in running tp to the line and then suddenly backing down?

No. The REASON (the ONLY reason) they backed down was because they KNEW they'd lose the cushy job they just worked so hard to acquire! In order to really profit from a position of power, you have to hold the position long enough to sell favors...and those 4 schmucks don't have tenure yet.

They aren't afraid of a court battle, win OR lose...because they don't foot the bill if they lose.

Is any of this making sense to you now?

McChuck said...

It doesn't matter in the long run that the VA Dems backed off this time. They are the enemy. They have stated their goals and intentions. Everything else is merely tactics.

Charles in VA said...

@ unknownsailor,

"Every minority in US supports gun control by huge margins"

That's just not true and I think you know it.

Black Americans are proportionally represented in every 2A organization I know of, and I don't know a single black that is not a gun owner.

So you're gonna have to put up or shut up on that claim.

Charles in VA said...

@ McChuck

"Everything else is merely tactics."

Yeah...LOSING tactics!

I don't know what it is with you people. You act like you think issues are argued once and settled forever. Life doesn't work that way. You'd better warm up to the fact that you'll be fighting this issue and others for the rest of your life.

At least on this issue you know who the enemy is.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah numbskull, " fought them every inch of the way" like cutting that deal with shumer. As merely one example.
Boat Guy

Reltney McFee said...


"I told you a substantial portion of US medical supplies come from China."

Because you wondered about "JIT + ChiCom suppliers + Coronavirus = ?"

Then, you personally conducted reconnaissance to gather data regarding potential answers to your calculation, and then found yourself directed towards a particular subset of potential answers.

And, then you told us.

Just as if you were a professional, and about SCIENCE!, or something.

Thank you.

Aesop said...

"I'm gonna hafta science the shit out of this." - The Martian

paladin3001 said...

A very scary video about the Diamond Princess from an infection control specialist in Japan.

Charles in VA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James M Dakin said...

Charles- the communists are worried about honor or credibility? None that I know of understand the concepts. And it isn't just Old Crone in the Supremes that is the issue. As stated, the one guy ( Roberts? ) could vote either way. As I said about the video the first thing, I don't agree with the argument necessarily, but it brings up another point of view. And the current NRA leadership are Quislings.

mac said...

Well put it this way a virus is second only to Prions as the smallest infectious agents hold cloth up to the light if you see little holes in it then things to small to see without an electron microscope are going to make it through, not all of them which could help but probably enough to make you sick.

Charles in VA said...

@ James,

I get that you might not like the current NRA leadership. I'm not overjoyed with them myself at the moment. But to trash the entire organization is to insult 3+ million members and completely disregard their 150 year history and their many accomplishments over that time.

It would be like trashing the Marine Corps just because you got in a bar fight with one drunken jarhead.

As for the rest of your comment, all I can say is we here in VA are enjoying a 2A victory, for whatever reason and for however long it lasts. Whatever you want to attribute it to is really of no concern to me. I'm apparently not changing your mind, and you're certainly not changing mine.

That having been said, I think we can now move on to a new topic and hope for agreement when we find it. If it's worth talking about, you can believe you'll get my honest opinion on it.

Anonymous said...

If the nra really did what needs to be done you wouldn't need them.The history of their efforts is pathetic"compromise".You could look it up,but as a LIFE member perhaps you already know.The last I heard the leadership(ha) was in turmoil and many members were leaving.IMHO they showed their final true colors at the VCDL rally in Richmond,which was basically not at all.I find that funny when the multimillion HQs is in Fairfax.

Mark Kaulius said...

First, thank you for your effort in keeping this blog site active.
Second, I don't always agree with what you say (okay - fair disclosure about <5% disagreement) but I do love you pithy shots back.
Now, to the subject at hand. I have been saying for some years now that the State Legislature or County Officials could authorize the formation of militia units and proscribe standards and uniform and equipment requirements for volunteer members.
At the same time, sheriffs could form posse's and appoint deputies with similar requirements as the militia (or greater or lessor, YMMV).
An individual could be in one or the other or both.
I could say more but gosh look at the time...my afternoon nap beckons.
Damn, I love being retired. Esp on cold snowy days like this when I get to watch the cowboys and ranch hands stagger into the big house kitchen for lunch and dinner.....all wet, cold, miserable, and tired. ROFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

@charles. I am not sure you can call it a victory. It is the only piece of gun legislature that has been pulled. Everything else is still on the docket or already passed. In my personal opinion the awb bill got killed by democrats worried about losing their seats and not much else. I imagine the bill will be put forward next January and as long as they remember not to shove it in folks faces it will pass unannounced. Its kind of like how effective bundy ranch was for all of 18 months when big gov came back for round two.

OvergrownHobbit said...

Thanks to those who left answers about my questions viz reusable home-made fabric masks. My sisters and I were able to scrounge some masks for the Aged Parents and send to them. (We had the gloves and assorted sanitizers covered.)

It's too bad that you cannot make your own with some handiwork and know-how. It feels un-American somehow! :-)

For another down and dirty picture of how First World people with First World Kit handle disease outbreaks, Here's one nurse's tale:


It's pretty coldly obvious that the tipping point in replacing 1st, with 2nd and 3rd world people is going to eliminate those responses.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for recognizing our work to create the muster here in Bedford County. Yes, there are many of us that read your blog. Like you said, it didn't take much to be honest. Just a close knit group of guys that have had enough. We have been lobbying at Lobby day for years now, went to the rally, sent our emails, made our phone calls and we have been training with a more quiet and smaller group for years now.

We decided it was time to make this happen. We put out the flyer which was a copy of the Floyd County muster flyer (which happened back in Jan), and then started posting it in every convenience store, fire station, YMCA, etc we could post it. Called the news media and sent them the flyer, told them what was going on, etc. Some of our team met with the Sheriff and his team and he was very supportive and glad to see we were organized, had thought through everything and he saw no reason for him nor any of his deputies to attend after he learned of our intentions and why we were calling it.

With that, we borrowed a PA system, had some signs made to place in the roads to direct people, found more volunteers, created our muster cards, had hats made for sale, and made it happen. Again, the work of a dozen focused men to create this and then about 25 of us (men and ladies) on the day.

Now what? Now, we go to the Board of Supervisors and make this an official militia so there is legal weight to it. We have training scheduled for the next two months already, we have emails and info regarding next steps ready to go, we are looking for more trainers and land to train on. We are meeting with the Sheriff again and keeping a dialogue open.

We are also organizing the Campbell County Muster as well (adjacent to Bedford County) and hoping for the same turn out.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment. Mafz isn't always hard (even Common Core grads should get this). There are 3142 counties and county equivalents. ONE has actually called for their unorganized militia. Only 3141 left. Let's get on it.

Wes Gardner (Yes the one in Va) said...

Thank you for covering our event in Bedford.

We are currently involved with groups putting together militia efforts in the following counties as well:


And a few others in the early startup stages.

We are sending a very clear message to Richmond and the rest of the country that we will not stand by idly as our God given rights are trampled on.

Also, you hit the nail on the head! We are going to be a mobilized force that can work diligently to put forth strong candidates that will truly represent the commonwealth.

These forts will help to ensure that Virginia remains a great place to raise a family, start a business, feel safe from crime, experience the birthright of freedom that was born here.

We will continue forth and carryon the fight.

God bless you
God bless America