Saturday, February 15, 2020

Even Obozo Wasn't This Stupid

Let's be serious though. Like Shrills would take the warm-bucket-of-spit job to run with a guy who's polling at less than 3%, and has less chance of getting nominated to run for president than the Harvey Weinstein/Bill Cosby ticket.

This has to be either National Lampoon or The Onion, trolling ABCNNBCBS, or else George Stephanopolopolopolopolous and Michael Moore drunk-texting NPR and MSNBC after splitting a case of bad tequila.

Reliability Factor: 1
Comedy factor: 11


Charles in VA said...

Locomotive Breath!

Charlie broke the handle, and the wheels, they won't stop turnin',though they would slow down!

You CAN'T stop the Trump Train! The throttle's stuck wide open for full burn.

There's NOTHING the DNC can put on the tracks that's going to stop that inertia. It isn't cosmically possible.

Sorry, Man bun wearers and strap on lesbo's. You're all in for 4.5 more years of shrieking at each other in vain. The "normies" and "boomers" and "deploreables" drink your tears like they were Maker's Mark! We'll all be drunk on the failure of your ambitions!

And...we're NOT SORRY!

James M Dakin said...

Yes, let us all celebrate King Trump, in charge of the end of the economy, the death of oil fracking, and the Beer Virus pandemic. That will show the communists! I wouldn't wish Hilary on anyone, generally, but for this douche, Soros, ex-wife #2 and Satan, I'll make an exception

Charles in VA said...
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James M Dakin said...

You have your fun thinking a politician ever gave two craps about you, and I'll have my own fun always being right.

Charles in VA said...

Oh, James!

You REALLY think that I ever thought ANY politician EVER cared about ME?

You really are a babe in the woods! How have the wolves missed you this long?


I live by my own rules, and while those rules largely coincide with Gov't dictates, it does not follow that those values are my own. I hide them when they're not.

It's also a HOOT that you actually BELIEVE that you "are always right"!

My God! That sort of arrogance can hardly exist in rarefied air, let alone down here in the dirt where we live.

Here's a thought...


That having been said, you're a fool not to realize you're living in the best of all possible outcomes.

millerized said...

March 3rd, she/he will announce. That's the only way he'll ever poll above 3-5%.
And $2B is a lot of money to throw at an election.
Even if you'll only be prez for a few months at best before you put 2 in the back of your head in the bathroom off the back of the oral office.
(and if he/she doesn't announce, we've only lost the comedic gold that would come afterwards.)

Charles in VA said...


you're greatly mistaken in your estimation of this scenario. It's one of two inevitable outcomes...Bernie being the other possibility.

Queer boi, Butt Plug is the outlier as a distant 3rd possible outcome, but I see the Bloomberg Clinton (switch the names as needed) ticket as being the most likely outcome.

Bernie IS going to be screwed again by the DNC (hilarious!)..which ONLY leaves ONE realistic possibility...Bloomberg and his money. Biden has always been a joke and everyone knows it.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Peter B said...

Steve Bannon thinks Bloomberg doesn't want to elected President, he wants to own the Democrat Party. The Dems will continue the kangaroo court in the House and keep calling for impeachment.The idea is to let the clown show continue, and have a brokered convention run Hillary.

By some strange coincidence, there is growing talk of a brokered convention on the Left.

Charles in VA said...

@ Peter,

Steve Bannon has been suspect in my mind ever since he took advantage of the mentally impaired Glenn Beck during the infamous 912 "movement"(ironically encompassing the same time period that Andrew Breitbart was murdered. Has NO ONE put these puzzle pieces together before? Bannon HAD Breitbart murdered)...which it was exactly...a "movement". A Bowel movement. A giant SHIT on America's gullible middle class. A YUGE distraction from Freedom. Hell. I fell for it myself for about six critical months! It sat comfortably back into the ass fucking from the IRS and smiled contentedly with no complaint in any measurable way.

In short...regardless of any connection to The Donald (which is at BEST disturbing), Bannon is NOT to be trusted by ANYONE possessing the least modicum of common sense.

He is a buddy fucker of the First Order! For Christ's Sake! Just look at the cocksucker's face! Look into his God Damned eyes for one second and tell me I'm wrong! I suspect that he might even be a Fallen Watcher! A direct subordinate Fallen Angel to Satan himself.

Donald Trump may have been chosen by God to fill the role, but God isn't the only player at the table. Wake up folks!

Shit IS raining down on you whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

And good luck with all of this, because there's stumbling blocks aplenty.

Charles in VA said...

Also @ Peter,

No offense to you personally, my man. You provided me with the opening and I leapt into it without hesitation.

God bless you for opening that window!

It seemed to me to be important to point out these things.

Anonymous said...

I always believe in never underestimating your enemy. That said I hope they do it.

Charles in VA said...

@ anonymous,

you sound like a right wit! I concur totally! Let'em burn!

Good on ya mate!

T-Rav said...


I think there's a definite possibility that Bloomberg is out for greater control over the Democratic Party, not to get into the WH directly. (Although that said, I know several well-informed persons who are of the opinion that Obama's '08 run was initially intended to set him up for a later run at the presidency; which is to say, events don't always care about your intentions.) If that's the case, we'll likely find out what talks louder among the Dems: money, or the cancel culture. If Bloomberg does become a permanent big player despite his "indiscretions" in recent years, it's the former.

Anonymous said...

I think Scott Adams has the right take on the Bloomberg Clinton foo foo Raw.

It is putting his name out there on a slow weekend. Everyone is talking about it on the news, blogs, all over. Bloomberg and Vice President talk makes him sound more like the front runner and more inevitable. He is getting free publicity just like Donald Trump did in 2016. I suppose the MSM think they owe him a little too.

Bloomberg and Steyer between them have spent several HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars on advertising that is filling their bosses' corporate coffers, so throwing a freebie weekend of publicity to Mini-Mike isn't the worst thing they could do. Too bad Steyer isn't smart or cunning enough to do the same, you can tell he doesn't have the right political instincts.

Badger said...

Trial balloon, with the Daily Mail as the willing billboard.
Move along folks.

Bezzle said...

Calling it now: Trump vs Bloomberg this November. Two fake-Republican New York billionaires is just the way the Shadow Party rolls.

All is kayfabe.

The Gray Man said...

The Daily Mail? You spelled “Drudge Report” wrong. It’s been blasted on the front page for at least two days now.

The Gray Man said...

If the Commies don’t rig their own primary again, it’ll be Trump v. Boinie. And Boinie can’t beat Trump.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get cocky. Pride goeth before the fall.
The malignant NYC troll would not succeed in a free and fair election, that much is obvious. No guarantees whatsoever that this election will be either.
Boat Guy

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Charles doesn't know how good they are at cheating. Aesop can tell you all about orange county. How did democraps win the gubernatorial elections in Louisiana and Kentucky, no one is talking about it because the LSM has wised up not to advertise.

Anonymous said...

Do not count against asymmetrical options. There is nothing off of the table, there is nothing too extreme, nothing that fits "oh, they would never do that". Scalise was not James Hodgkinson's only target; he would have continued until he could not. There are many more Hodgkinson's and Lynette Fromme's waiting for encouragement.

Virginia Granny said...

In 2016, there was whispering about Bernie running as a 3rd party candidate because of the unpleasantness with the Dems. I haven't heard anyone mention it recently, but if he is screwed over again (esp. by Shrillery et al), it's a possibility that his minions would insist that he stick it to the Party and run as a Independent. That would ensure, more than anything that the GOP could do, President Trump's re-election.

As that famous war-fighter said, "If I can think of it, the enemy can think of it, too."

Anonymous said...

The DNC is all out to stop Krazy Bernie from getting the nomination. Therefore I will be voting for KB in open primary. If KB wins in the primaries they will really have to cheat hard to deny it to him. If he is the candidate, good on us. If they manage to cheat him out of it the Bernie Bros will be pissed off. Good on us. If KB goes 3rd party good on us.

Virginia Granny said...

My family also intends to vote for KB in the upcoming Virginia primary.

In Virginia, anyone can vote in either primary but only in one of them, so you have to pick your poison. We are Libertarian/Independents who would otherwise vote for Trump, but he's the only candidate for the Repubs, so we will vote in the Dem primary and support Bernie just to piss them all off.

I love watching Dems' heads explode. Plz pass the popcorn.