Saturday, February 15, 2020


h/t WRSA

Don't worry.
Unlike every invention in human history since rocks and pointed sticks, small hobbyist-level drones will not be weaponized.

No one will ever use the fliegenden flammenwerfer to start brush fires, set oil terminals or LNG facilities on fire, or burn down the houses of opposition leaders at night when they're sleeping in them, let alone use them at protests either for or against the government.

Never, ever, ever.

And no one will ever make one and use it on, say, homeless mega-encampments.
Or from merchant ships, against Somali pirate motherships.
Or on groups of illegal aliens crossing the border.
Or on gang bangers selling crack on the corner.
Because that would be double-plus ungood.

The "experts" have proclaimed this as unpossible.

Sleep tight, America.

Personally, I want two dozen of them.

Napalm for the common man.
That's the Second Amendment, chickadees.

Picture a few of these zooming down on the redcoats at Concord Bridge, or the BATFE cattle car at Waco, and tell me I'm mistaken.


MachtNichts said...

This has to go into the Guiness book of records for an invention for the retarded among us who even contemplate using it.
The 'unpossible' is sure going to happen with this one. Pick your target.

Trying to understand what's happening all around is getting more difficult by the day.

Anonymous said...

The Santa Anna winds should prevent idiots from using a drone like this burning down half of LA County. But if you can put a flame thrower on it, then a simple Molotov Cocktail would be even easier. This sounds a lot like the evolution of military aircraft in WW1, and the folks in the Middle East are probably going to be the biggest innovators since they are doing the most warring.

I saw that Israel is fielding a laser anti-drone system.

Aesop said...

I'm far more concerned they'll use it to burn and blow up half of L.A. Harbor.

Anonymous said...

Envy is a terrible thing - and I'm now envious. I think a couple dozen would be a good start.

Jack said...

I really want one. More than one really. If roombas weaponized with claymores were possible I'd have those too.

George True said...

I showed the beautiful video of the Throw Flame XL-18 flamethrower to several of my leftist co-workers. When I told them it was less than $3000 and that there was no background or identity check required and that anybody, literally ANYBODY could legally buy one, they became badly triggered.

Triggering leftists. Umm ummmm good.

A Texan said...

I also want a few. To kill bees and wasps.

Charles in VA said...

@ Aesop,

I have to wonder if you realize how truly screwed you are geographically as well as politically.

Do you not see the Gov't/Tech industry/public utilities/ conspiracy mounting against you in CA?

As I see it, a reasonable man would be running away from Cali like his hair was on fire and his ass was catching!

You got some State pride thing going on? Because I was born and raised in VA. We've got more National heritage here than you could shake your willy at, and I'm looking to bail on this shit hole ASAP!

Consider this a reality check from someone who actually cares.

Make arrangements.

Charles in VA said...


Dude, I SO envy you the experience of freaking out your leftist co-workers! I've been retired for some years, and THAT is the single most thing I miss about being employed!

Screw the money! I just loved hitting them back with the truth. Seeing the stupid looks on their faces was a daily joy to me.

It's a shame there won't be any stupid people in Heaven, but I'm sure God will make it up to us somehow!