Monday, February 24, 2020

The Empire Strikes Back

From Comments, the FedIdiots have responded to Costa Mesa's federal lawsuit and the resultant temporary summary federal injunction last week that kept FedGov baboons from dumping 50 coronavirus infected persons into a totally unsuitable and unprepared abandoned Camp Retard in the heart of Orange County CA today.

Allow me to summarize their case to the federal court:

I've gotta say, it's a pretty ballsy move to respond to the court by inferring that the judge who slapped you silly in the first place should lift the injunction, based on the contention that she was a clueless moron for issuing that injunction.
"Your Honor should lift this injunction, because the court was clearly deranged when it issued it. We therefore request that you ignore the pointed questions from the Boobs of Boobville in daring to question our supreme right to do whateverinhell we wish, without any public input or oversight whatsoever, because FedGov. Signed, Poindexter X. Busybody, Federal Bureau of Asininity"


I'm pretty sure that's a great way to get your case thrown out of federal court so hard and fast it doesn't even hit the courthouse steps before it lands in the gutter, and to ensure that the injunction will become a permanent stay.

I could be mistaken, though. Perhaps they've found a federal judge who enjoys being told that she was unequivocally stupid and clueless when she issued her previous ruling.

Go, Team Fucktard!


George True said...

I suspect there is more here than meets the eye. As Aesop has indicated, a location such as Travis AFB is a near ideal location to quarantine people. It has everything going for it. It is isolated, and there are plenty of unused complexes on the base to house the people. Complexes that have running water, flush toilets, sanitation, etc. And security. High fences all around with armed guards 24/7. No unauthorized people can get in, and those in quarantine are not able to say eff this and just walk away.

By contrast, the OC location has been abandoned for almost ten years. There is no electricity. There is no running water, potable or otherwise. The toilets do not flush. There is no onsite food prep or sanitation available. And there is NO security. No fences or guards. It would take a lot of effort and TIME to get it even minimally habitable. It would also take a lot to create even minimally acceptable security around the facility. And it is in very close proximity to thousands of houses, neighborhoods, and people.

And yet CDC apparently wanted to move the people in IMMEDIATELY, with the facility in its current as-is condition. Which begs the question...WHY ?? Sheer stupidity is certainly in evidence. But I embrace the power of AND. What CDC attempted to do was galactically stupid AND there is something else going on here as well. Perhaps someone in or connected to CDC has a financial interest in this abandoned facility. Perhaps CDC has effed up the quarantine and containment protocols so badly at Travis that the Air Force is kicking them out, lest the entire base becomes contaminated. Whatever the reason, there is more than just stupidity in play (panic?) when CDC wants to do an immediate stealth relocation of the patients to an uninhabitable and unsecure facility.

Aesop said...

All 24K gold points.
It reminds me of Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan in the shower, musing, "How do you make someone want to get off a nuclear submarine..."

So, why would some want to leave 5-star security on a perfectly-situated former SAC airbase, to bring known infectious personnel to a totally unsuitable location with no security, amidst a population equivalent to 10% of the entire country?

Nothing short of deliberate pandemic comes to mind, to monkeywrench the 2020 election, but we can easily test the theory.

Let's see how they react if we change the site selected to Santa Monica Airport, Beverly Hills High School, or any number of closed hospitals in Hollywood/West L.A. instead, and watch the resultant hijinks.

Anonymous said...

In Eastern Europe that building would be a smoldering ruin right about now. If there were an investigation nobody would know anything and it's amazing but true, nobody rang the Fire Brigade either. Very strange

Anonymous said...

When they announced this there were, I think only about 15 confirmed cases in the US. But they wanted to move 50 patients. Really? I certainly believe their published numbers.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on this align somewhat with GT @3:39 PM. In my opinion, DoD is (begrudgingly?) ok with hosting quarantine until someone comes up positive and then needs treatment. I think DoD wants no part of that and instead wants to reserve medical assets for their own people & mission, therefore...if someone turns up sick, they bet moved on out right quick. I think there are some "lead agency" (CDC?) vs. "supporting agency" (DoD) issues also creating friction here.