Friday, February 14, 2020

Dinner With Old Friends

Lobsters, just sitting there all day eating things best unmentioned so I can now
eat them.  And if God hadn't intended us to eat cows, he wouldn't have made
them out of steak.

My blog homework is done: though I may add to them, the weekend's posts, for a change, are in the can already. I had my semi-annual check-up this week, and the doctor was ecstatic. It's Friday night, the bank account is fat, and I'm hungry. So I'm off to enjoy a nice dinner with some old friends, namely Mr. Steak, and Mr. Lobster, and I bid you all a pleasant weekend, and to enjoy an equally fine meal. Treat yourself special once in awhile. It's unlikely most times that anyone else will.


FredLewers said...

Surf and turf. What a fine meal. Around here, BBQ brisket and fried catfish is how we eat surf and turf.

Anonymous said...

Guten Appetit!

DAN III said...

How do you get all that down in one sitting ? Looks great, but too much for me.

Glad you can be an occasional glutton ! 😁

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Aesop. Enjoy your weekend. Ohio Guy

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing that in two weeks as a special occasion celebration for myself. Enjoy yours. I'm going to enjoy mine.


Adino said...

Wouldn't have made 'em out of steak.