Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Gorilla, 800#, 1 each

h/t Silicon Graybeard

On SiG's blog last night, this excerpt and ensuing discussion, sourced to commenter and fellow-blogger LL:
"President Xi went on the record, essentially saying that it was an accidental release from their own bug factory yesterday. Some media outlets picked it up. If the White House suggests that it's an engineered product, I think that the DJI will tank and drag a lot of stocks with it."
RTWT. Including LL's original post on the topic.

That may be what happened, and what will, but I think ascribing this as any sort of admission by Xi - yet - goes a teeny bit beyond what can be sourced.

But there's a much bigger problem if the underlying assumption is true, and that China has let a bio-weapon slip past the goalie and hit the streets, worldwide.

Such would pretty much open the ball on economic and diplomatic sanctions and other retaliation against China amongst nuclear powers and expulsion from the UN Security Council, for openers. And then things get ugly.

But let's grant LL's premise, arguendo.

Nota bene the dearth of any authoritative scientific commentary from the CDC, HHS, ASAMRIID, Korea, Japan, Oz, Italy, or WHO, et al, about something that should be rapidly confirmable with nothing more complicated than microscopy and basic biolab analysis, and something that was or should have been known to them all nearly two months ago.

So there would be two possibilities:

A) TPTB are capable (and did) recognize an obvious bio-engineered virus escape into the world at large.
B) TPTB are not capable (and did not) recognize the escape of an obvious bio-engineered virus into the world at large.

Either way, the follow-on conversations should be breathtaking.

I'll grab some chips and a cold drink.
Talk amongst yourselves.

And we repeat for emphasis:
Regardless of the biological effects of this virus, and the potential for direct pandemic results, or not, the second- and third order effects are likely to be far, far more significant, far-reaching, and long-lasting.

If you aren't mentally playing 14D chess with this stuff in your heads, you're already behind the curve.


Grog said...

You didn't include the Russians in your listing of the group of officious wonks expounding on the various aspects of this, thank you, hearing that country being included in anything is getting old.

Another point to consider is what the impact on the production of stuff will be that is exported from China to all corners, and how long it will take for other countries to start making stuff that can't be imported.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see the first " unconfirmed reports " that this was done by western Intelligence Agencies ala Iranian centrifuges needing adjustment.

nick flandrey said...

Knowing what it was would explain the unprecedented reaction of .gov everywhere....


Spud said...

Well ,any rational thinking mind realizes that population reduction is the only solution, when faced with future resource depletion.
The 1% knows the 99% can use some trimming. Only unlike grass , where the top is cut. Digging out the roots kills the grass , thus requiring less water and food. Leaving extra for those 1% whom work so hard to capitalize and grow.
Useless eaters beware...

Bezzle said...

Elsewhere, the jokes are writing themselves.

Charles in VA said...

"I informed you thusly" - Sheldon Cooper

nick flandrey said...

So even the iranians have an effective and fast test? Jeez.


Aesop said...


You've missed a post or two here, have you?

Night driver said...

I have a few weeks ago decided that with 2-4 courses of Levaquin in my fridge and the "schtuff" I have in the closet (nebby and several boxes of drug plus inhalers etc) I could tough out the Kung Plague, and deny Corona Chan a victim.
(working on the Levaquin, since I no longer work with a couple dozen docs the sourcing is a challenge).

I mean, for a pair of retired -P's who practiced in a Cowboy environment for long enough, as long as we have the chems and gear (got most of it now) and we have lived the protocols, we can handle the part everyone is going to have to handle when they catch this bastard without going into the plague Pit called a hospital. We'll button up and handle it here in the house. Until nebulizer and CPAP are no longer the answer and my hands fall off while bagging the bride. THEN it'll be Plague Pit Hospital Time.

We GOT the MEDICAL stuff handled.

It's the damned follow on crap that scares me enough to fair regularly soil my small clothes (disregarding the IBS, even).

BUT damned if I am even anywhere NEAR as I was prepped for New Years Evil 20 years ago.

And catching up to THAT standard is about killing us.

It's the chaos and all-out nastiness that gets us right now.

Oh we'll figger out a way through it, my dad got hissef through WWII and he and mom (separately) got thru the Great Depression and shared keys to that, and her grandmom got her self through the GDas well and her mom got the family through SERIOUS Dysfunctionality so she has info we need so we'll hack and slash our way to the other side.

So much for Golden Years.

Yes, even if the Golden Gollum of Manhattan pulls rabbits out of his hat by the fluffle or herd the next 4 years are going to SUCK ROCKS !!

Night Driver

Bee Ess said...

No No No. The REAL conspiracy theory is that the democrats did it on purpose to wreck the economy and oust Trump! Well, at least, thats the one i made up last week.

Aesop said...

That's not a conspiracy theory; the state dept. official in japan who sent active Kung Flu victims to the U.S. against direct presidential orders proves it's no longer a theory.

The Deep State has long since proven its willing to burn the entire country down to get rid of Pres. Trump. A few million dead is just collateral damage, and fewer people they'll have to gulag down the road anyways.

Anonymous said...

The Chicoms released it to create financial chaos to prevent Pres. Trump's re-election.
Population reduction is part of The Agenda and they are on board.
From their POV what's not to like?

Anonymous said...

It will never be admitted that this is a man-made bug. Why? Money. If it is an 'act of God' a lot of insurance policies don't have to pay out for death and economic effects. If it is man-made then insurance companies are likely to take a serious hit. The dollar cost is too high to admit man-made, if it is.

The Kansas Infidel said...

I subscribe to Another Voice of Warning (AVOW) and just received a text update from them:
[AVOW] CDC formally says now is the time for businesses, hospitals, communities schools & individuals to begin preparing to respond to coronavirus.

See raconteur post titled Top. Men.Well, gee Beaver, thanks for confirming your fucktard status. The CDC and WHO keep reminding us that gubberment kills more people than anything else through their incompetence, stupidity and resulting incompetent and stupid policies.

Greg said...

Guys, the how and why can be worried over later. The perps, if still alive, can get the rope and lamppost, later. For now, those with emergency preps should be thinking long term. I'm talking lots of heirloom seed from seed suppliers and gardening tools. Canning jars and lids. Print hard copies of instructions. No way out but through.

Anonymous said...

gonna hit the US just in time for summer. fuck it, I will shore up some extra supplies. get ready to catch up on some reading. gonna rain, put your tubs out.

Adino said...

Nation states need to die to bring forth regional governance.

Regional governance will die to bring forth global governance.

There is no human cost Lucifer's children will deem too small to achieve said governance.

Know your enemy.

The real 800# gorilla would very much prefer you not acknowledge or notice him, and would rather you focus on the expendable agents.

John said...

I'd be looking a lot closer to home for the "creator" than over on far-flung shores.

Getting the vialed virus from Point A to Point B isn't a problem at all. Besides, the U.S. had 300 DoD personnel engage in another one of those fabled "Joint Exercises" in, coincidentally enough - Wuhan, right around 21 days before "Patient Zero" showed up. And how many Bio-4 level labs do "we" have in Georgia and the neighboring "Stans" all the way to the Chinese border? What were in the those vials that left the AMARID-sponsored lab in Ottowa, Canada for China last year? As is often written on this blog, "Do your homework."

After all, does wreaking havoc on your own people and starting an event such as this in one of your prime industrial manufacturing centers make any sense when the "New Silk Road" was coming along just fine? All they had to do was what they had been doing for the last number of years: Wait and let the U.S. implode.

Ask this one question prior to lining up the prime suspects: "Cui bono?"

nick flandrey said...

CDC is laying the groundwork for local and regional quarantine and Non- pharmaceutical Interventions, outlined in this PDF....


Listen to today's call. The Dr is relating how she is having conversations with HER FAMILY about them getting ready for significant upsets in their lives.


They are literally telling us what's coming. Get your preps in order.


nick flandrey said...

She literally said, "Now is the time to start preparing."


Wyomarine said...

Nobody wants to admit the US has been playing the part of the "evil empire" for a long time now, we even helped in the overthrow of the Czar, along with dozens of other countries since then.
But here's the other side of this emergency, there's a shit load of money to be made now. We're talking big bucks, like huge bankster guys and their friends at big pharma. First you shoot someone, then sell him medical help before he dies. Pretty slick, huh?

Anonymous said...

Let the angels handle the tares. As to Rev 13, check out Webster's definition of "corona", it is a crown. The 10 crowns sit on 10 horns (powers, the economy maybe) but, it is one of the seven heads which receives the deadly wound and the heads are mountains (Nations), Rev 17:9.
It is all about preparing the world for a false messiah. Then the shooting will stop and the truthing begins.
Thomas a Bibleater

Stilicho said...

The best theory I've seen so far is that a bioweapon that developed its affinity for asians and chinese in particular due to being developed in part by experimentation on political prisoners, escaped the Wuhan lab through carelessness (or someone selling experimental animals for meat.

Anonymous said...

Word. Ignore the finger-pointing. Ignore the glass teat in your living room or man cave. Start caching more needful things asap. Follow accepted protocols. Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig. - DWEEZIL THE WEASEL.

Anonymous said...

"The best theory I've seen so far is that a bioweapon that developed its affinity for asians and chinese in particular due to being developed in part by experimentation on political prisoners, escaped the Wuhan lab through carelessness (or someone selling experimental animals for meat."

There's an even better theory:
that a bioweapon escaped the Wuhan lab through carelessness (or someone selling experimental animals for meat.

Strike all that middle stuff. This started with Asians but seems to show no affinity for them. See Iran. See Italy (322 cases now, 230 just yesterday and only about four a couple of days before that). 11 of our military stationed in the ROK have come down with it and just three days before the DOD announced that none of them had it.

Anonymous said...

Just to add, I'm not a virologist but I'm not sure how they could recognize the difference between a natural viral mutation and a man made one? During the anthrax scares a while back they suspected it was "weapons grade" due to the size of the particles. The smaller particles were isolated...in the case of a virus how could they tell?

nick flandrey said...

If true this is one answer to Cui bono? Or at least, who desperately doesn't want to get f'd...


Worldbank bonds, a bet that there wouldn't be a pandemic. If one is declared, bondholders get nothing.


Anonymous said...

CRISPR gene editing software leaves a "fingerprint" in the genetic sequence.

Anonymous said...

TL;DR, I'm not sure it's possible with viruses.

I'm not a virologist either, but I am a pretty hardcore biology geek. Traditionally, the "weaponization" of a biological agent refers to the delivery method. Rift Valley Fever, for example, is spread by mosquitoes and can be weaponized by the targeted release of infected mosquito vectors. Viruses that spread by human to human contact are avoided because of the risk of pandemics.

Genetic manipulation of a virus is not very useful because viruses are very specific. You couldn't make HIV airborne, for example, because you'd have to restructure it's protein coat so it could survive in open air. However, altering it's protein coat would fundamentally alter it's virology, it would not be able to bind to and infect cells in the unique manner HIV does.

I really think this is just a bat-flu that jumped to humans. Only a slight mutation is necessary for a mammalian specific virus to spread to a new mammalian host. I suppose the Chinese could have encouraged this mutation, but why? How did they plan to weaponize a human-human transmissible virus without causing a pandemic?

Anonymous said...


Aesop said...

"Traditionally, the "weaponization" of a biological agent refers to the delivery method."

Um, no.

Weaponization in biological terms refers to everything done to make an agent more transmissible, persistent, virulent, or effective as well.

Delivery means, yes, but also anything else you do to it from its basic form.

It's simply the biological version of strapping nails and screws to a bomb to generate more mayhem, which is the kind of thing man has done to everything since Cain slew Abel.

Grog said...

Aesop, yes, I did miss those.

Bezzle said...

> The Deep State has long since proven its willing
> to burn the entire country down to get rid of Trump.

We must get over this "excitable 8yo professional wrestling fan" phase of political naivety in this country. It's no longer 1971, and we're not reliant on either Tricky Dick or Pinko Cronkite for the fake news.

There is only one "deep state" and it is *global*. It is a hydra whose thousand heads all talk-trash each other incessantly but otherwise work together seamlessly to rob the entire planet blind. Each one is simultaneously a "face" and a "heel", pretending to be so much different from each of the others, while in actuality being virtually indistinguishable.

~ ~ ~

Presidents have four primary functions (aside from loudly bloviating):

1: Signing legislation. (Observe that Trump has vetoed nothing important.)

2: Executive Orders. (Observe that Trump has not E.O.-nuked anything important, for example ObamaCare.)

3: Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. (The troops like Trump, oblivious to the fact that they're still in the same places doing the same things they did under Obama, Bush, and Clinton.)

4: Submitting personnel recommendations for legislative approval, such as Bill Clinton's go-fetch-&-bury-Vince-Foster's-body-while-you're-at-it punk-in-training to the Supreme Court while the Democrats pretended to hate#MeToo the guy whose appointment was in all likelihood Trump's payoff for being gift-wrapped the Presidency with a lovely billion dollar's worth of free publicity in the first place.

...and that's it. In the 21st century, presidents exist as figurehead lightening rods who claim all of the credit and eat all of the blame, while the bottomless swamp carries on as usual. (Surprise Quiz! Name the chaircritter of the Senate Appropriations Committee. DING! Time's up. Get it wrong? Join the other 99.99987% of Americans who have no idea who truly rules them, including me, who just had to look it up myself now, and Alabamans, who probably know who one of their senators is, but not what he does, as an errand-boy *himself*.)

Trump, Pence, Pelosi, Biden, Bloomberg, Pocahontas, and Sanders behave like cartoon characters because that is *all* that they are: actors hired to smash each others faces into the cotton turnbuckles and occasionally jump off the ropes to crash onto the announcers' balsa-wood table. It's been this way since at least 1963, so nobody has to assassinate anyone ever again, and thing'll run so much more smoothly now, capish? (Only expendable "little people" are whacked now, after their usefulness is over, and as a periodic reminder for everyone else to stay in their lanes.)

If you're seeing anything relentlessly spammed on either the establishment press or the alt.media, let alone both, it's bullshit theatrics. The only true things are those things that are not talked about at all.

~ ~ ~

The third wave of the "quantitative eased" stock-market boom off the 2009 crash low is now (likely) over, and we're entering the fourth wave. But the fourth wave is merely corrective, and anybody dumping equities will get killed with the fifth wave takes off to burn the margin-shorts. It'll be a summer in a few months, a cure for this minor flu bug will suddenly be announced, the DJIA will rocket a thousand points in one day as the world's trading ports resume business, and any poor bastard all-in upside-down in the stock market will be creamed down to his socks. Don't be that schmuck.

Anonymous said...

"I suppose the Chinese could have encouraged this mutation, but why? How did they plan to weaponize a human-human transmissible virus without causing a pandemic?"

Why indeed. Why have the bioweapons lab in the first place? But it's there.
Have you ever been to China and seen the way they do things?

I lived in Asia for a year (spent two weeks in China)
It would not surprise me AT ALL if a virus accidentally "escaped".
Some idiot lab worker might've even surreptitiously sold an infected lab animal to the market for an extra 5 bucks.
Look up "gutter oil".

Anonymous said...

Reason I suspect this was man-tampered: The Chinese reaction. It was immediate and way, way out of proportion for what would be expected for some strain of new cold virus of unknown etiology. They whole country went into quarantine and lockdown almost immediately. This reaction is unique to my lifetime.
“We can’t trust what China says”
Of course we can’t…but we can watch what they do.

nick flandrey said...

@mike, that's all well and good, but most of what you mention can be avoided by simply choosing not to play in the casino. If you never short the market on leverage (something 99.9% of the people in the US don't even know the meaning of) you can't get rotorootered by mysterious global forces.

Your understanding of the market says you've played their game. Don't.

You really think Trump was "giftwrapped" the presidency?

Don't let yourself be distracted. Don't give them space in your head.

And keep in mind that today we consider the flu an annoyance because we can manage all the opportunistic crap that tries to kill you while you have it, and because MOST of the people who were REALLY susceptible to it didn't live to reproduce and have us as descendants.


BTW, doesn't MATTER AT ALL what regular flu does or doesn't do. What does THIS virus do is all that matters. The POTENTIAL is the issue and Chinese numbers aren't the guide. The numbers ex-China are bad. Exponential growth, and proportionally higher deaths are what we're seeing in these very early stages. The potential for a zombie apocalypse is high, and no matter what shadowy forces benefit in the long run, if you're not one of them (and we aren't) you ARE going to feel the crash. You can get ready, or not. I know which one I'm choosing and I know which one I'm PROMOTING. Because every other prepared person out there is one less zombie trying to kick in my door and steal MY stuff.

nick flandrey said...

The delay was likely them in the denial phase, hoping it wasn't true, verifying the release.

As soon as they were sure, they had the massive reaction.


ThatWouldBeTelling said...

nick flandery, you don't think they'd verified it enough by January 10th when they started publishing gene sequences on the standard Western web sites? Three days later Thailand confirmed its first case, and other ex-PRC cases followed.

The only way your thesis makes sense is if they were in denial about how transmissible it was. They were officially claiming it wasn't human to human (H2H) for some number of days, note the 40,000 family communal dinner on January 18th trying to break a world record. On the other hand, the mostly powerless mayor of Wuhan said he wasn't allowed to talk or take actions about the virus at that time.

But there is no reason to believe, bioweapon, or lab mistake, that they really knew straight off how bad it was, unless it had been tested on humans. Denial or ignorance, or both? At this point, "What difference does it make?", SARS-CoV-2 is what it is, all energy spent right now on this issue is seriously not relevant.

nick flandrey said...

Yep, bygones....


Wyomarine said...

Look at the comments here and elsewhere, the masses are still expecting honest answers from their elected officials and .gov agencies, the fact they're being lied to sends them into instant denial. Anyone questioning the fedgov narrative is a pariah to the masses, just another conspiracy theorist who they've been told to ignore. Meanwhile the media spins more lies to cover fedgov's ass. The masses will continue to watch monkeyball, and follow the TV as their god, media news is truth and we're the bad guys.